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  • Last update

    Update: Scilit Rankings was last updated on 21 February 2024

  • Open Access

    Open access figures include gold and hybrid open access models, but excludes green open access.

  • Countries

    Countries are matched from affiliation data or via matching institutes from affiliation data of publications. Currently the number of publishers making affiliation data openly available is still limited.

  • Total Articles

    Total number of journal articles published within the edition year

  • Total OA Articles

    Total open access articles within the edition year

  • 5-Year Cited Articles

    Number of articles published in 2019-2023 that received at least one citation in the same time period

  • 5-Year Citations

    Number of citations in 2019-2023 to articles published in the same time period

  • Top Cited Paper

    Number of Top 1% papers compared with the citations received within the same field and edition year

  • Top Cited Scholar

    Number of scholars based on the Top Cited Papers published from 2013 to 2022

  • SDG-based Articles

    Number of journal articles classified by Sustainable Development Goals within the edition year

  • International Collaboration