A study on the trend change of background music used in a shop - Focused on Background Music of Starbucks -

The purpose of this study is to analyze the musical characteristics of Starbucks' background music, which is considered one of the most successful examples of emotional marketing, to reveal musical factors that have a positive effect on customers and to find out the trend change of background music used in a shop through differences from existing studies. For the analysis, the researcher visited the Starbucks store and collected 91 songs to be used as samples, and based on previous studies, musical elements such as tonality, tempo, genre, instrumentation, lyrics, and release year were set up as analysis items. Based on analysis of each item, playlist created by Starbucks had a high proportion of the latest pop song which is in tonal ambiguity and faster than medium tempo and a music with and lyrics. These results are contrary to the existing background music theory, which is known to have a positive effect on customers, such as major, slow tempo, and lyricsless music. They are also different from previous studies on Starbucks background music, which mainly consists of old pop song and jazz music. Therefore, it was seen that there had been a change in background music of Starbucks' store, which is believed to reflect the purpose of customers' store visits, age groups, and musical tastes due to a shift in generations. This study is meaningful because it is the first attempt to specifically analyze the characteristics of Starbucks' background music through various musical elements and examine changes in the trend of background music based on this. The musical elements used in the analysis will also present a new theoretical standard for background music research.