Can clinical evaluation by physiotherapist forms early detection of breast carcinoma?

Introduction: Modern living associated with greater health hazards including cancers. Among which breast carcinoma ranks with higher prevalence in adult women. Physical laboratory investigations and screening. Early identification to a larger extent can influence better outcome and longevity especially for breast cancer subjects. Objectives: As physical therapist frequently involved in treating neck and low back ache as first contact healthcare expert, this research highlights importance of patients with chronic neck pain to be screened for lymph nodes, other related complaints like stiff neck, increasing atrophy, constant continuous pain, most of these could be related to malignancy while these subjects can be referred to physician or oncologist for to be detected and treated with due medical care for an enhanced post onco surgical living standard. Materials and methods: 59-year-old diabetic subject with chronic continuous neck pain with nodules over posterior cervical spine was referred to undergo mammography by physiotherapist through physician. She was diagnosed later with hyper metabolic malignant lesion of left breast and underwent modified left radical mastectomy. Later, she was getting treated for her physical functioning in improving QOL were discussed with due evidence for the period 2020 to 2022. Results: With lesser follow up post mastectomy and early identification by physiotherapists remain key component of this research. Findings of this research can form foundation of onco physiotherapy in early clinical screening and referral to medical expert. Conclusions: If adhered can become novel means of physiotherapy evaluation as red flag and could be included in every patient physical evaluation in future.