Cardiac Rehabilitation For Coronary Artery Disease Patients- A Literature Review

Background and purpose: This literature review objective is to appraise the outcome of Cardiac Rehabilitation for (CAD) patients. Methods: This literature review constitutes the articles which were published in 2017-2022. The evidence search was performed on Google Scholar, PubMed database and Web of science. Results: According to 34 studies incorporated in our literature review shows that cardiac rehabilitation has led to enhancing the well-being of patients suffering from (CAD). We performed a literature review of different articles, including seven studies that were randomised control trials and seven studies that were systematic reviews, and three studies that were meta-analyses providing evidence on the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation and its recent advances in (CAD) patients. Discussion: This literature review, according to selective studies, demonstrates that routine exercise habits act as a precautionary regimen in patients suffering from (CAD). It has led to enhancement in cardiovascular strength and decreasing fatness in a healthy population. Exercise Based (CR) has also shown remarkable outcomes in enhancing the well-being of patients suffering from (CAD). Keywords: Coronary artery disease, cardiac rehabilitation, home-based cardiac telerehabilitation, exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation.

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