Welcome to the latest Scilit feature update, ushering in a wave of enhancements to enrich your exploration on our platform. Here's a detailed overview of the exciting Newly Added Features:

1. Article Similarity with Machine Learning: Explore the realm of interconnected knowledge through our newly integrated Article Similarity feature. Powered by advanced machine learning operations, users can seamlessly discover relevant articles and open-access content directly linked to a specific article of interest.

2. Organizations Rankings: Experience a fresh perspective on organizational impact with our diversified ranking system. Unveiling a multi-dimensional approach, users can now explore rankings based on total articles, open-access articles, citation metrics, top-cited scholars, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)-oriented articles, and International Collaboration metrics.

3. Compare Functionality in Scilit Rankings: Navigate the publishing landscape effortlessly with our enhanced Compare function. Users now have the ability to readily compare the performance of different publishers and journals, gaining valuable insights into the scholarly landscape.

4. New About Section: Elevate your overall Scilit experience with the newly introduced About section. Access news, knowledge, and contacts effortlessly, providing a centralized hub for enhancing your understanding and engagement with Scilit.

5. Include/Exclude in Publications Search: Empowering users with greater control, the Include/Exclude feature on the publications search allows for fine-tuning search results with ease. Enhance your searching experience by precisely including or excluding specific criteria, streamlining the retrieval of relevant information.

We are committed to continually improving your search experience on Scilit, and these updates are designed to offer a more intuitive, comprehensive, and user-friendly platform. Dive into the enhanced features and discover a wealth of scholarly content with greater precision and efficiency.