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New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences
EISSN: 25478818
Total articles: 1,252
Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences
ISSN / EISSN: 13059076 / 1305905X
Total articles: 1,015
World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues
EISSN: 13090348
Total articles: 469
Global Journal of Foreign Language Teaching
EISSN: 23012595
Total articles: 214
International Journal of Learning and Teaching
EISSN: 19864558
Total articles: 191
Global Journal of Business, Economics and Management
EISSN: 23012579
Total articles: 187
Contemporary Educational Researches Journal
EISSN: 23012552
Total articles: 179
Global Journal of Psychology Research: New Trends and Issues
EISSN: 23012625
Total articles: 154
International Journal of Innovative Research in Education
EISSN: 24218162
Total articles: 136
Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies
EISSN: 23012617
Total articles: 130
Global Journal of Arts Education
EISSN: 23012560
Total articles: 111
Global Journal of Guidance and Counseling in Schools: Current Perspectives
EISSN: 23012609
Total articles: 109
Global Journal of Computer Sciences: Theory and Research
EISSN: 23012587
Total articles: 107
Global Journal on Humanities and Social Sciences
EISSN: 24218030
Total articles: 107
New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences
EISSN: 2547880X
Total articles: 90
Global Journal of Sociology: Current Issues
EISSN: 23012633
Total articles: 84
World Journal of Environmental Research
EISSN: 23012641
Total articles: 78
International Journal of New Trends in Social Sciences
EISSN: 25478842
Total articles: 57
International Journal of Emerging Trends in Health Sciences
EISSN: 25478850
Total articles: 40
International Journal of Special Education and Information Technologies
EISSN: 25479199
Total articles: 32
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