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, Garuda Ginting, Fadlina Fadlina
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science), Volume 4, pp 50-56;

Confidential text data is an important matter that needs to be protected and kept confidential. Secret text data is a treasure where many people who want to try to find out first find out its contents. Therefore it is not uncommon for crimes to appear intentionally committed by irresponsible people. With the increasing number of people who commit crimes who deliberately steal confidential data and damage confidential text data so that it can harm certain parties. There have been several attempts to deal with the issue of security of confidential data sent over the internet, including using cryptographic and steganographic techniques
, Nelly Astuti Hasibuan
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science), Volume 4, pp 57-62;

The Regional Song Game is a game that educates players to hone the ability of knowledge about folk songs in the form of questions given the Regional Song game. With the game Regional Songs, players can expand the ability of players about the knowledge of regional songs. Aside from being a means of entertainment, games can also be an exciting learning medium and do not make players bored, so it becomes a pleasant learning atmosphere. The linear congruent method (LCM) is a random number generator method that is widely used by computer programs. The application of the Linear Congruent Method (LCM) in the Regional Song game is intended to randomize the questions that will be displayed by the Regional Song game. Regional Songs Game is an application designed to provide insights about folk songs for the players. This game aims to reintroduce folk songs to the people lost by the ages.
, Guidio Leonarde Ginting
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science), Volume 4, pp 45-49;

Competition of fast food restaurants at this time is getting tougher, this can be seen from the development of several fast food restaurants or fast food restaurants that exist, including Kentucky Fried Chicken, California Fried Chicken, Mc Donalds, New York Chicken, and Texas Chicken. This makes all restaurants competing in attracting consumers to buy products from the restaurant. Various efforts have been made ranging from opening branches, offering saving packages to consumers, and adding new types of food. Fast food can be interpreted as food that can be prepared to be served and consumed in a short time and can be eaten quickly. Ordering food and drinks is preferred at the current restaurant. The process of choosing food and beverage menus that are currently running at Garuda restaurants is still using menu books, menu books containing a large number of food and beverage menus, many menus are a problem for consumers because consumers find it difficult to find food and beverage menus quickly. And for the way to choose the menu itself, still see the list of food and beverage menu
, Efori Bulolo, Imam Saputra
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science), Volume 4, pp 35-38;

Random numbers can be generated from a calculation of mathematical formulas. Such random numbers are often referred to as pseudo random numbers, random numbers are used for various algorithms, especially cryptographic algorithms such as AES, RSA, IDEA, GOST that require the use of Middle-Square Method random numbers which is very useful for adding research references to algorithms concerning random number generator and better understand how random numbers are generated using the Middle-Square Method algorithm. Both data collection and report making as for the objectives achieved in the form of understanding random numbers and knowing the algorithm process, compile a program designed to be used as an alternative to random numbers for various purposes, especially in cryptographic algorithms.
Aida Sopia, Muhammad Syahrizal
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science), Volume 4, pp 39-44;

Office stationery (ATK) is now a necessity for almost everyone, especially for corporate instances or educational institutions. The need for office stationery is often an unexpected need to buy, this is what makes some educational institutions overwhelmed in doing their work, when they find out their office stationery is out of stock, so it is not uncommon to make work in company or institutional instances education is not completed on time, one of the ways to be more efficient is by implementing data mining to predict the purchase of office stationery (ATK) at the company or educational institution's intents, especially at the AL IKHWAN Middle School in Tanjung Morawa. The Naive Bayes method is used to analyze data in pattern recognition and predict purchase of office stationery (ATK) at AL IKHWAN Middle School in Tanjung Morawa. The data needed is the data for the purchase of office stationery (ATK) last month as test data, calculated from the date of the first purchase until the expiry date of office stationery (ATK) at AL IKHWAN Middle School in Tanjung Morawa. The results of this study are to be able to predict whether the office stationery (ATK) at AL IKHWAN Middle School in Tanjung Morawa can be bought back, or it can still be used for a long time, and if more than four types of stationery at the AL IKHWAN Middle School in Tanjung Morawa the lack of writing instruments from the two then the purchase of new stationery is feasible to do, from the amount of data occurring out of stationery
Rian Syahputra
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science), Volume 4, pp 1-4;

Text compression is used to reduce the repetition of letters so that the storage space used becomes smaller and transmission becomes faster. Techniques in text compression that can be used are using lossless compression. Lossless compression is a type of compression where when the decompression process occurs no data is lost. The Even-Rodeh Code algorithm is a lossless type of compression algorithm that replaces the initial bit code of the data with a code from the Even-Rodeh Code algorithm so that it can produce smaller data sizes
, Nelly Astuti Hasibuan, Rivalri Kristianto Hondro
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science), Volume 4, pp 12-19;

Assignment of workers is something that is needed by the company. But in reality the company is difficult to place its employees in each allocation. However, with the development of existing technology, this can be minimized by calculating the cost of each work and each allocation by utilizing existing data and extraction to produce new knowledge. The application of operational research techniques using the Hungarian method and tested using a system or application as a decision tree to assign some decent workers to be placed on jobs within the company. Therefore the author took the initiative to make a thesis entitled "Application of the Hungarian Method in Assigning Ciptaland Development Workers". The assignment process can show every worker by the company. So that Ciptaland Development can be a reference in making decisions in assigning and allocating workers. In this study, an Assignment model was made to determine the allocation of workers who were fit to be placed. This method is quite efficient in the allocation of workers. In applying this hungarian method can provide solutions or considerations for companies in making decisions
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science), Volume 4, pp 20-28;

This study aims to describe the management of the allocation of village funds in physical development in the village of Siborna, Panei Subdistrict, Simalungun Regency and to identify inhibiting factors and supporting factors in managing village fund allocation. The focus of this research is the management of village fund allocations which include: planning, implementation. The determination of the allocation of village funds will later use the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method with 4 criteria including: villagers, rural poor, village area and Village Geographical Difficulty Index. Alternative Samples in this study were 4 villages, including the villages of Sosor Hamlet, Simpang Bahbirong Hamlet, Hutabagasan Hamlet and Kebun Sayur Hamlet. The results of this study using the AHP method obtained by the Village of Vegetable Farm Village is an alternative with the highest value that is eligible to get a village fund allocation from the government with a value of 3,0000
Upa Yuandari
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science), Volume 4, pp 5-11;

Image is a representation (picture), similarity, or imitation of an object. The use of digital images plays an important role as a form of information due to its advantages. Although it is rich in information, not all images have a good visual appearance. This can be due to interference in the form of noise, color intensity that is too contrasting or blurred. Noise itself is a disturbance caused by distorted digital data received by the image data receiver, starting from the movement during shooting by optical devices such as cameras, the use of optical devices that are not in focus, short lighting thereby reducing the number of photos captured by optical devices, or the weather when shooting. Noise can be removed by using the Image Averaging Method
Abu Sani Tanjung,
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science), Volume 4, pp 29-34;

With the development of technology at this time many people know about compression. In simple compression is a process to shrink the file from its original size. At this time compression applications that are often used are WinZip, WinRar, and 7-Zip, namely with the aim of compressing documents and saving space on memory or data transmission. Compressed data can be in the form of images, audio, video and text. The use of the Huffman algorithm and the Goldbach Codes algorithm in compressing text files is intended to provide enormous benefits in the sending and storage process and requires less memory space compared to uncompressed text. The algorithm starts by providing a string of inputs as input, how to produce an algorithm output in the form of a binary string or code that translates each input string, so that the string has a small number of bits compared to strings that are not compressed. Thus, the problem is how to obtain the code with sorted characters and frequency tables as input and shorter binary code as output. In applying the Huffman algorithm and the Goldbach Codes algorithm in compressing text files is very good, the results were not reduced from the original file or there was no reduction
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