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Total number of journal papers: 2,149
Total number of books and book chapters: 5
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Top 10 journals

Journal of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
EISSN: 25750143
Total articles: 146
Clinical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
EISSN: 26402890
Total articles: 110
Journal of Plant Science and Phytopathology
EISSN: 25750135
Total articles: 96
Journal of Clinical Nephrology
ISSN / EISSN: 25769529 / 25769529
Total articles: 92
Journal of Sports Medicine and Therapy
EISSN: 25731726
Total articles: 63
Journal of Neuroscience and Neurological Disorders
EISSN: 26393220
Total articles: 63
Archives of Case Reports
EISSN: 26373793
Total articles: 60
Archives of Surgery and Clinical Research
EISSN: 25769537
Total articles: 53
Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
EISSN: 25736264
Total articles: 47
Annals of Civil and Environmental Engineering
EISSN: 25740350
Total articles: 46
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