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Akhmad Dzukaul Fuad, Shendy Andrie Wijaya, Gandung Wirawan
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 11; doi:10.12962/j24433527.v11i1.3752

Abstract:This study aims to describe the form of lexicon in the Java language (bJ) which has the meaning of bamboo-based container. The description is based on the formation of lexicon not necessarily formed and spoken without considering the external aspects of the language (metabahasa) that exist in the community of speakers. Meta The language that became the starting point and the basis of categorization makes this research not only involves linguistic analysis but a combination of linguistics and anthropology and commonly called etnolinguistik. The lexicon categorization of bamboo-based containers in Javanese is adapted to the form, the domain of use and the meta aspects of the language reflected in each lexicon. From the analysis results obtained three domains of use and overall leksikon nouns.
Teguh Sulistyo, Octavia Widiastuti, Agus Soleh
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 11; doi:10.12962/j24433527.v11i1.3160

Abstract:The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in all levels of education has been implemented broadly for years. This paper aims at reporting the power of ICT in cultivating elementary school students’ character. The recent study, basically, is twofold: First, to find out how elementary school students behave towards the use of ICT in thr form of short videos and Hot Potatoes in the classrooms; second, to investigate the positive character of the students during the implementation of ICT. There were 45 fifth graders of an elementary school joining the project. They were treated using ICT in the classroom, and they were encouraged to express their opinion dealing with the use of ICT in the classroom. The findings of the present study suggest that teachers should facilitate their students with ICT for it is necessary to build positive student character, and it motivates them to behave well during the class
Choirul Mahfud, Niken Prasetyawati, Wahyuddin Wahyuddin, Dyah Satya Yoga Agustin, Heni Sukmawati
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 11; doi:10.12962/j24433527.v11i1.3550

Abstract:Discussing the radicalism of religion and global terrorism is a global challenge that is now a worldwide concern, including for the Islamic community in Indonesia. Research in this paper with an analytical descriptive approach using the documentative method. The general purpose of this research is to understand the root causes of terrorism and religious radicalism in Indonesia? What is the solution of Islam to overcome the problem of religious radicalism and global terrorism? The results show: first, the historical roots of global terrorism and religious radicalism is a very complex portrait of social, political, and economic history. Also, the complexity of local, regional and global problems are interconnected with one another. Second, the Islamic solution to overcome this problem with the Islamic approach of peace for all (rahmatan lil alamin) which prioritizes the path of dialogue and world peace.
Jeffy Alfanny
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 11; doi:10.12962/j24433527.v11i1.3695

Abstract:Leadership is a key element in an organization. The soul of leadership must be owned by every leader who has the main task of managing activities in the organization. This study aims to determine the desired leadership style in the working environment of Directorate of Infrastructure Investment Development (DBII), Ministry of Public Works and Housing. This research uses quantitative approach using survey method, priority-scale approach, regression analysis and focus group discussion (FGD).The results showed that there were at least 3 (three) leadership styles commonly used by leaders namely, authoritarian, delegative and participatory styles. Based on the survey and FGD results, participative leadership style is the preferred style of leadership in the work environment of the Directorate of Infrastructure Investment Development while the regression results show that the leadership style of participatory has a positive influence with performance. Participative leadership style can be implemented in leadership development activities in the working environment of Directorate of Infrastructure Investment Development but still needed coordination and agreement from internal party and related external institution having capacity and competence in human resource development. Keywords: Authoritarian, Delegative, and Participative Leadership Style, Performance.
Endang Susilowati, Sukriyah Kustanti Moerad, Zaenal Arifin
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 11; doi:10.12962/j24433527.v11i1.3735

Abstract:Bali Island as a domestic and international tourist destination object needs a large scale capacity of electricity supply. For this reason, PT. PLN (Persero) Main Unit of Java-Bali Connection Development will construct The SUTET 500 kV from GISTET Paiton to GISTET Antosari and SUTT 150 kV from GI Antosari to GI Kapal. This transmission connection will across paddy field, dry field, hill, sea, conservation area in Baluran-East Java and West Bali National Park (TNBB). The route is as long as ± 239,68 km across east part of East Java and west part of Bali Island. Based on Regulation of Environmental Ministry No.05, Year 2012, the development plan must prepare an environmental document for getting environmental feasibility that is used for stipulating environmental permit. The development plan for public interest carried out by government, such as electricity plan or electricity supply, is often failed to be implemented because of the problem on stipulating of environmental permit. This is caused by the environmental feasibility that it can not be stipulated by technical and commission assessment team of environmental document based on 10 criteria of environmental feasibility.( Regulation of Environmental Ministry No.16, Year 2012). Mainly the environmental feasibility no 7, that is social-economic and social-culture in the form of emic view of community of the development plan. Based on this background, the research on The Influence of Emic View through Stipulation of Environmental Feasibility of Development Plan Jawa Bali Crossing (JBC)-SUTET 500 kV Paiton-Antosari dan SUTT 150 kV Antosari-Kapal, is conducted. This is a descriptive analysis research, with 100 respondents selected by purposive random sampling and analyzed by interpretative, causa-logical, descriptive and reflective and it is conducted in Sumber Klampok village-Gerogak District, Buleleng Regency-Bali Province. The assessment of the environmental document resulted that most of the ten criteria fulfill the environmental feasibility, except one criteria, that is emic view of community on religion, but the feasibility of the environmental document can not be stipulated by technical and commission assessment team of environmental document, even though perception and attitude of majority respondent are very significant (83,00%) and positive through the development plan. The most respondent’s hope (81,67%) is that the development plan soon to be implemented. It is resulted that the influence of emic view is very significant through environmental feasibility stipulation for issuing environmental permit.
Elizabeth Anggraeni Amalo, Imam Dui Agusalim, Citra Devi Murdaningtyas
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 10; doi:10.12962/j24433527.v10i2.2865

Abstract:The teaching of English-expressions has always been done through conversation samples in form of written texts, audio recordings, and videos. In the meantime, the development of computer-aided learning technology has made autonomous language learning possible. Game, as one of computer-aided learning technology products, can serve as a medium to provide educational contents like that of language teaching and learning. Visual Novel is considered as a conversational game that is suitable to be combined with English-expressions material. Unlike the other click-based interaction Visual Novel Games, the visual novel game in this research implements speech recognition as the interaction trigger. Hence, this paper aims at elaborating how visual novel games are utilized to deliver English-expressions with speech recognition command for the interaction. This research used Research and Development (R&D) method with Experimental design through control and experimental groups to measure its effectiveness in enhancing students’ English-expressions mastery. ANOVA was utilized to prove the significant differences between the control and experimental groups. It is expected that the result of this development and experiment can devote benefits to the English teaching and learning, especially on English-expressions.
Agus Sikwan
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 10; doi:10.12962/j24433527.v10i2.2420

Abstract:Penelitian ini berjudul :” “Dinamika Interaksi Antaretnik Dalam Mewujudkan Keserasian Sosial Di Wilayah Perbatasan Negara Indonesia – Malaysia”. Dengan menggunakan analisis kualitatif, maka hasil penelitian ini mengungkapkan bahwa dinamika interaksi antar tiga kelompok etnik besar (etnik Dayak, Melayu dan Cina) yang bermukim di Kecamatan Entikong terwujud dalam hubungan sosial, yaitu hubungan sebagai anggota keluarga atau kerabat, sebagai sahabat, sebagai teman atau kenalan. Di antara jenis hubungan tersebut tampak masih kuat kesetiaan primordial di kalangan kelompok-kelompok etnik. Hal itu ditandai oleh kecenderungan untuk memilih individu dari kelompok etnik sendiri untuk dijadikan sebagai kerabat. Hasil penelitian juga menunjukkan bahwa terdapat dua bentuk permukiman kelompok etnik di Kecamatan Entikong, yaitu : (1) Pola membaur, yakni wilayah permukiman yang di dalamnya terdiri dari berbagai kelompok etnik, di dalamnya terjadi kontak sosial antar etnik yang lebih intensif yang dapat mendorong terwujudnya keserasian sosial. Termasuk dalam pola ini adalah komplek perumahan atau kawasan perumahan yang sengaja dibangun oleh pengembang; (2) Pola terpisah, yakni wilayah permukiman yang di dalamnya terdiri dari satu kelompok etnik sejenis. Pola permukiman seperti ini umumnya dihuni oleh kelompok etnik Cina. Terjadinya perubahan pola permukiman penduduk secara tidak langsung disebabkan oleh perluasan kawasan kecamatan serta pertambahan penduduk. Kata kunci: Interaksi dan Keserasian Sosial
Ive Ameliana
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 10; doi:10.12962/j24433527.v10i2.2161

Abstract:This study investigates English department students learning needs including their attitudes towards student-centered and traditional teaching approaches, culture learning in English as Foreign Language (EFL) program, attitudes towards authority in class, the main problems encountered in the course in learning English and their practice of language learning strategies. In this empirical study, following Xiao’s (2006) questionnaire, the data are collected from undergraduates and postgraduates students. In analyzing the groups, one-way ANOVA Test is used to identify whether the mean score on a variable differed significantly from one group to another by taking into account variation within groups as well as between groups. The findings of this research provide EFL teachers with insightful information on students’ learning needs as an input to syllabus and material planning, to lesson planning and classroom instruction practice. The study demonstrates the importance of a good understanding of students’ variables in TEFL programs at university level in Indonesia.
Ratna Rintaningrum, Carol Aldous, John P Keeves
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 10; doi:10.12962/j24433527.v10i2.3068

Abstract:In order to explain differences in English proficiency level, one needs to consider a number of factors frequently considered important at a variety of level of education systems. Among the factors that operate to influence English Foreign Language Proficiency are those associated with the student background variables. This study identifies the student level factors that influence English Foreign Language Proficiency. It is expected that this study can contribute to the development of a theory of foreign language learning that applies to students studying the English language at other universities in Indonesia and South-East Asia. This study involves the employment of an exploratory approach for the examination of the relationships between variables operating at the student level. Data are analyzed using Partial Least Squares Path Analysis (PLSPATH) to identify in an exploratory way the variables that have significant direct and indirect effects on English Foreign Language Proficiency. The study shows that a number of student background characteristics such as sex of student (GENDER), socio-economic of student (SES), Faculty of Instruction (FACULTY), score of English 1 (ENGLISH_1) and semester in which students enrol in English 2 (SEMESTER) have only direct effects on English Language Proficiency, while student prior achievement (PRIOR) has both direct and indirect effects on English Foreign Language Proficiency
Muchammad Nurif
Jurnal Sosial Humaniora, Volume 10; doi:10.12962/j24433527.v10i2.2859

Abstract:To market the potential of marine and tourism, especially marine tourismrequired an appropriate marketing model for an optimal result. Given thearea of Sapeken Island adjacent to P.Bali which is the icon of Indonesiantourism, the prospects of tourism development, including marine tourism, isvery good that is by attracting tourists both domestic tourists and foreigntourists to continue the tour from P.Bali to the Sapeken Islands..The rebuilding of Trunojoyo airport in Sumenep regency to be operatedcommercially will facilitate tourist access to visit Sumenep regency and thento Sapeken Islands because in Sapeken sub-district is P.Saor Desa Sapeken,P.Pagerungan Besar (former Pertamina).By knowing the potential in Sapeken region, including the potential of marinetourism spread across several small islands, and the role of tourism sector inmoving the economy of a region, it is necessary to find a strategy or model tomarket these potentials in the package.
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