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Nawawi Nawawi
KOMUNIKA, Volume 2; doi:10.24090/kom.v2i2.2008.pp269-276

Abstract:Dakwah is not only normative understanding of Islamic values, but also understanding human and environment condition as dakwah’s target. In Dakwah activity, we often found many problems as Islamic values bias, poverty, illiteracy, violence, moral decadency, backwardness, etc. These problems cant be solved only with normative teaching. Therefore, proper Dakwah strategy is Dakwah bil hal (practice) or development Dakwah to give solution appropriated with problem faced by umat.
Khusnul Khotimah
KOMUNIKA, Volume 2; doi:10.24090/kom.v2i2.2008.pp277-289

Abstract:Semiotic is a science about sign in form word, picture, sound and literary work. Semiotic often used asapproach to analyze text, in order to formulate structure and possible meaning, and often used as approach in socialculture matter, literary works and religious texts. In religious texts, we can see Arkoun’s reading on surah al-Fatihah, when basicassumes offered by Arkoun based on al-Qur’an that according to him have open characteristic by using syntax andsemantic analysis. Netton also using semiotic approach that focused to reveal meaning behind Suhrawardi works.
Suparjo Suparjo
KOMUNIKA, Volume 2; doi:10.24090/kom.v2i2.2008.pp178-193

Abstract:This paper intends to analyze how Walisongo applied their cultural strategies to construct Indonesia Muslimsociety. It aims to give an alternative view in solving the discourse on the effective impact of cultural strategy in constructingsociety. To do so, it applies a socio-historical perspective. As a result, Walisongo successfully constructed Muslim society as aninclusive and transformed people towards local cultures. However, Walisongo did not apply syncretism or integrationbetween Islam and local culture but they just acculturated some of Islamic doctrine within local cultures. Therefore, therewere many elements of local cultures adopted by Walisongo as elements of Islamic cultures by internalizing Islamic doctrineswithin them. Since Walisongo’s cultural strategy successfully played an important role in constructing society, the question thencould it be adopted until nowdays?
Muchamad Yuliyanto
KOMUNIKA, Volume 2; doi:10.24090/kom.v2i2.2008.pp204-218

Abstract:Horizontal conflict at Losari beginning from young men fight at two border area that going bigger and become social riot and plundering Chinese shops. Religion as prophetic teaching—that trying to develop equality between men—is actually fails to internalize to their community. Communication and conflict resolution primarily played by actor namely religious and community figure that still have authority or power and honored by their community. Good cooperation between Losari Regency government with religious and community figure is one of key success to perform conflict resolution that begin with communication between two community involved that horizontal conflict.
Anwar Efendi
KOMUNIKA, Volume 2; doi:10.24090/kom.v2i2.2008.pp140-160

Abstract:Language in an advertisement has two functions. The first is language as a means of communication and thesecond is language as a means of forming social reality. The first function deals with its use as a source of information, whilethe second deals with its use as a creative art in engineering expected world or condition. As a source of information, thelanguage becomes a means of delivering true information about a certain product being advertised to people. It describesall the details of the product, such as the use, advantages, and ease. This is intended to make consumers know well aboutthe product and decide t buy it. As a means of forming social reality, the language in advertisement is used to create animage about the product for the consumers. This process of building image represents in making association between theproduct and life style, social class, and symbols of modernity.
Aris Saefulloh
KOMUNIKA, Volume 2; doi:10.24090/kom.v2i2.2008.pp161-177

Abstract:For religious people, the existence of a religion will affect the deepest side of them. Through deepunderstanding, a religion will guide them to find the solutions of any problem. The complexity of civilization has led to thecomplicated problems they faced. In reality, religion shows itself in many kinds of realities such as moral teachings, aqidah,belief, and movement, which have represented problems and social need of human beings. In fact, religion has a role ingiving solutions to spiritual problems. This article tries to explain how a religion takes role and functions in human life from apsychological point of view.
Munjin Munjin
KOMUNIKA, Volume 2; doi:10.24090/kom.v2i2.2008.pp219-232

Abstract:The value education plays an important role to form children’s attitude. But it will be fruitless if it is just taught to the children by speech methode. Some experts claim that the appearing of negative conducts performed by teenagers is caused by the failure of using methode in the education of value. Moral is something practiced in our life, and not just be memorized, because it belongs to affective domain. Therefore, our schools just allocate a little and limited time to internalize it. The result is that the education of value turns to cognitive domain. So, we can see that there are many students with good remark but they act bad deed. Internal ization is regaded as the best way to plant that value.
Kholid Mawardi
KOMUNIKA, Volume 2; doi:10.24090/kom.v2i2.2008.pp233-249

Abstract:Emotional, cultural, and ideological vicinity between kiai kampoeng and NU’s grassroots community hasmade kiai kampoeng have good sensitivity to them. At Japan occupation era, when NU’s grassroots community in villagearea experience extreme suffering, kiai kampoeng share that experience. Therefore, collaboration with Japan militarygovernment is the best way chosen by kiai kampoeng to perform their religious tradition and saving NU’s grassrootscommunity from suffering.
Ida Novianti
KOMUNIKA, Volume 2; doi:10.24090/kom.v2i2.2008.pp250-259

Abstract:Teenage is an unique phase of life, a transition from childhood to adult. In this transition, teenager oftenbecome confuses to determine his self and future. In this confusion, teenager becomes focus of attention, from parent,family, school or Islamic social organization. There’s several reason Islamic social organization have attention to teenage, oneof it is because they have attention to religion, social, and community problems. Their role is by routine and planned religiousteaching.
Abdul Wachid
KOMUNIKA, Volume 2; doi:10.24090/kom.v2i2.2008.pp194-203

Abstract:Journalistic influence, originally only at actuality and space limit of newspaper literary rubric that affect the lengthof short story, poem, and literary critic. However, because intense state hegemony on every line, include press, literarypositioning itself to participate on social problem. Journalistic still important for literary development in Indonesia, but its formulahas been questioned by literary. Therefore, literary will attract “crowd”, by doing sublimation again, by transcend humanproblems from “crowd” view to human Reality.
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