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Tetyana Kozlova, Leszek Bednarczuk
Scientific Journal of Polonia University, Volume 29, pp 135-143; doi:10.23856/2903

Abstract:Modern English includes a range of standard and nonstandard varieties that are spoken around the world and differ at all levels of language structure. The purpose of this article is to overview international variation of English lexis, discover similarities intersecting this diversity, find out about productive patterns of lexical change and interpret them from a cognitive perspective. The paper demonstrates the importance of internal and external sources of borrowing, considers the ways of coining new vocabulary, gives attention to efficient strategies employed to name colonial settings and to distinguish newly forming identities from British and other English-speaking communities. Varying experience of adjustment to overseas environments stimulated a high degree of lexical change and heteronymy. Although in different regions English emerged from unique colonial contexts, speakers’ precolonial experience, knowledge and intuitions about the world played a significant role in the processes of categorization and conceptualization, and hence naming. It is argued that it is possible to discern common cognitive ground for such diversity in lexis.
Vitaly Vedeneyev, Olha Orlova
Scientific Journal of Polonia University, Volume 29, pp 69-76; doi:10.23856/2910

Abstract:In the article examined, that there is a process of political reality constructing by means of the use the various manipulation technologies that allow popularizing "necessary" to the politicians’ ideas that afterwards grow into soil of the counted scenario the political development events. Attention applies on the phenomenon of mythological political life, considered through the prism of social life symbolizing psychological process, illustrates effectiveness of external influence mechanisms on mass consciousness at man. It is underlined that mechanisms of external influence on mass consciousness at man is unchanging sufficiently long time and exist almost so much how many exist human civilization. The role of mass-media is shown as to the instrument of virtualization of the real political space and means of this virtual reality constructing.
Valentyn Koriniev, Viktoriia Tomareva-Patlahova, Marina Karpunina
Scientific Journal of Polonia University, Volume 29, pp 77-83; doi:10.23856/2911

Abstract:The article deals with problems of development of metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine. The formation of the resource saving mechanism at the metallurgical enterprises is considered. The scientific and practical recommendations of the state support policy of the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine during implementation of the mechanism of resource saving management are considered.
Jerzy Koperek, Adam Koperek, Abraham Kome
Scientific Journal of Polonia University, Volume 29, pp 128-134; doi:10.23856/2915

Abstract:In the modern world protecting the right to life encounters various obstacles. Personalistic ethics encouraging attitudes pro vita is also taking the dialogue with contemporary philosophical and political currents, including those that do not accept the integral concept of man, but rather they are in favor of his reductionist vision, which in turn it lead to reduced ability to protect human rights, despite their proclamation as the rights of individuals. Appearing in this position „anthropological error”, it also leads to a reductionist vision of social structures such as family, society, nation or state. Moreover, such a vision of man and the world around him, it also determines the constitutional dimension of the state. Consequently, this leads to the creation and operation of various forms of democracy that instead create conditions for legal protection of the right to life from conception to natural death, legalize abortion and euthanasia. This is a serious contemporary threat to the right to life.
Ganna Prihodko, Andrii Galaidin
Scientific Journal of Polonia University, Volume 29, pp 121-127; doi:10.23856/2902

Abstract:This article deals with the development of ecological linguistics as a new object of study in modern linguistics. It examines the peculiarities of language research approaches as an instrument of harmonious lifestyle of the people as well as an important means of social contact in the international research. The anthropocentric and eco-centric lines may be distinguished as competitive modes in the development of modern humanitarian sciences for the reason that they introduce different approaches to investigating processes and results of human activity. The subject of ecolinguistics is the interaction between language, man as a linguistic person and his environment. Language is considered as an integral component of the chain of relationships between man, society and nature. Special attention is paid to the notion “meaning” from the point of view of ecological linguistics. It is stressed that meaning is the link connecting the representations of interaction with the verbal and non-verbal objects in the mind of the person.
Mykhailo Sahaidak, Marina Zavyalova, Mariia Tepliuk
Scientific Journal of Polonia University, Volume 29, pp 51-60; doi:10.23856/2908

Abstract:The article analyzes the theoretical and methodological foundations of enterprise resource management, namely: the relationship between the economic essence of the category “resources” and such concepts as intellectual resources, intellectual potential, intellectual support and intellectual resource asymmetries are investigated. This allowed to actualize the issues of improving logistics warehouse management in the enterprise in the context of resource theory. The results of the analysis of the main obstacles in ensuring of increase in the efficiency of functioning of the modern warehouse complex of the enterprise allowed to identify existing resource asymmetries, which suggested to be identified as disproportions of unique resource combinations, which contribute to the formation of stable competitive advantages of the company in the market at a certain time. The sequence of stages is proposed and substantiated, and the criteria of warehousing optimization for the enterprise. A set of measures aimed at improving of the approaches to warehouse business management with the definition of areas of responsibility of employees involved in logistics processes has been developed.
Dmitry Martynenko
Scientific Journal of Polonia University, Volume 29, pp 19-26; doi:10.23856/2905

Abstract:The essence of demand has been clarified and its influence on the process of sales is considered. The features of taking into account demand in planning of marketing activity of the enterprise in the domestic market are determined.
Olukayode Emmanuel Maku, S. Adetayo Adetowubo-King, Oyelade Aduralere O.
Scientific Journal of Polonia University, Volume 29, pp 27-42; doi:10.23856/2906

Abstract:The single most important issue confronting a growing number of world economies today is the price of oil and its attendant consequences on economic output. Therefore the study investigated the impact of petroleum pump price on human welfare in Nigeria over the period 1990 to 2015. The study employed expost facto research design. Secondary time series data were used for the study and these were sourced from World Development Indicator (WDI, 2015) and Central Bank of Nigeria statistical bulletin, (CBN, 2015). The data collected were analyzed using autoregressive distributed lag. The inferences were drown at 1% and 5% significance level. The result showed that premium motor spirit price and dual purpose kerosene price exert a long-run negative and significant impact on human welfare in Nigeria (β = -0.15299, t = -5.31141 and β = -0.471399, t = -1.8838 respectively) while premium motor spirit price, dual purpose kerosene price and inflation rate exert a short-run negative and significant impact on human welfare in Nigeria (β = -0.71735, t= -4.3766; β = -0.62562, t = -2.9188 and β = -0.050310, t = -2.1829 respectively). The study concluded that as premium motor spirit price and dual purpose kerosene price and inflation rate increases, human welfare will fall and vice versa. Therefore for human welfare to increase, there must be a fall in premium motor spirit price and dual purpose kerosene price and inflation rate in Nigeria. The study recommended that Government and it agencies should ensure that petroleum pump prices should be regulated because they have a long way on the market. An increase in the price of petroleum products will lead to market failure because most products use either of these products. Since inflation rate worsen the welfare of people, the policy maker should find a way of control inflation in the system so that the welfare of the people will improve (better-off).
Andrzej Krynski, Michael Poluzhyn, Natalia Venzhynovych
Scientific Journal of Polonia University, Volume 29, pp 114-120; doi:10.23856/2901

Abstract:Language appears in the role of a precondition and the universal form, the cover of all other forms of social consciousness; religion – as universal contents, historically first source, from which all further contents of social consciousness have developed. A significant part of information is specific for each religion that is seemingly connected with the peculiarities of environment perception by an individual ethnos, which is determined by historical, cultural, demographic, political, economic development of this or that people. It is this part of religious information that is of special value and importance for every religion, reflecting its world outlook and representing a particular model of the universe.
Piotr Lisowski, Mykola Panchenko, Viktor Rekun
Scientific Journal of Polonia University, Volume 29, pp 43-50; doi:10.23856/2907

Abstract:The article analyzes the problem of intolerance towards convicted persons, in particular, the concept, the meaningful signs and possible approaches of its minimization. The research is carried out in a comparative mode and based upon the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine and Poland. The researchers dwell upon key aspects of social adaptation of former convicts. The emphasis is made on the experience of the European Union in effective using "probation" as a way to minimize the intolerance towards former prisoners in society.
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