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Fatimatasari Fatimatasari, Ashon Sa’Adi, Widati Fatmaningrum
Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan Indonesia, Volume 5; doi:10.21927/jnki.2017.5(2).100-105

Abstract:Maternal health care knowledge affects prenatal care and pregnanci’s outcome. Antenatal care is one opportunity to increase maternal health care knowledge. This study aims to investigate the association between antenatal care visits and level of maternal health knowledge among postpartum women in RSUD Majenang. This study was a cross sectional design. The sample was thirty five Postpartum women who admitted in RSUD Majenang on 12th May to 12th June with criteria: being on post partum period, had aterm pregnancy, could show KIA books, had maximally senior high school graduated and performed antenatal care with obstetric and gynecologist maximally twice during pregnancy. Antenatal care visits assessed by questionnaire and antenatal visits record in KIA book. Level of maternal health care knowledge was assessed by questionnaire and interview. This study found 62.9% of total respondents had good antenatal care visits, 28.6% moderate and 8.6% had less antenatal care visits during last pregnancy. 57.1% of total respondents had moderate maternal health care knowledge, 31.4% less and 11.4% had good maternal healthcare knowledge. Spearman Rank test with the significance level  = 0.05 showed p value = 0, 293, it means there is no significant association between antenatal care visits and level of maternal health care knowledge. Conclusion, the un significant association between antenatal care visits level of maternal health care knowledge among postpartum women in RSUD Majenang may caused by many factors, such as the respondents belief about maternal health care information, diverse information resources, insufficient education materials from health care providers and lack of anteatal care quality assessment from health ministry.
Nopi Nur Khasanah, Yeni Rustina
Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan Indonesia, Volume 5; doi:10.21927/jnki.2017.5(2).83-90

Abstract:Premature infants had been experience of pain in neonatal ward that occur each day during treatment. Nurse need to do an intervention for reduce the scale of pain on premature infants. Pain management have to do at birth because of the repeated painful procedures in early life can affect the development of central nerve system permanently. The objective of this study was to describe the application of Kolcaba Comfort’s theory through facilitated tucking accompanied with ‘being with-talking to’ techniques in premature’s infant at high risk infant care. The method that used was case study by applying the four contexts of comfort’s experience associated with the three types of comfort based on Kolcaba Comfort’s theory in providing nursing care on five premature infants who have some painful procedures. The nursing intervention through facilitated tucking accompanied by ‘being with-talking to’ based on the principles of Kolcaba Comfort’s theory gave a positive result against premature infants’s comfort level. Four from five premature infants are in the level of transcendence which is a type of supreme comfort after the ease and relief. Kolcaba Comfort’s theory can be applied within the scope of neonatal care due in accordance with the developmental care of the infants and could reduce the scale of pain.
Sumarni Sumarni
Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan Indonesia, Volume 5; doi:10.21927/jnki.2017.5(2).91-99

Abstract:Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia to set out five key issues related to safety in the hospital, the Patient Safety, worker safety, the safety of buildings and equipment in hospitals that could have an impact on Patient Safety and personnel, safety of the environment that have an impact on environmental pollution and safety businesses Hospital related to the survival Hospital. Management of patient safety plays an important role in improving the quality of health services. Patient safety is the efforts of service that prioritizes patient safety. The research was conducted at Ibn Sina Hospital, the type of research is cross sectional study is a draft that examines the dynamics of the correlation between the independent variables (patient safety) and the dependent variable (improving the quality of health services) at the same time. Respondents that all officers in the field of medical care and support services at Ibn Sina Hospital. The sampling technique used is random cluster sampling technique with a population of 402 respondents sampled 304 respondents. Based on interviews with the respondents stated that the higher the safety of the patient, the better the quality of a hospital, when a patient is exposed to the incident then it will switch to other hospitals, patient safety and quality are positively correlated Hospital. The results showed that no respondents (0%) the implementation of Patient Safety classified as very weak. The percentage of respondents to the implementation of Patient Safety is very strong, strong, moderate and weak amounted to 12.25% (30 respondents), 71.57% (224 respondents), 15.69% (39 respondents) and 0.49% (11 respondents ). Based on these results it is known that the majority of respondents ie 71.57% (224 respondents) is the implementation of the Patient Safety category are classified as strong, so it can be concluded that the implementation of Patient Safety at Ibn Sina Hospital relatively strong. Based on the dimensions of most of the dimensions Implementing Patient Safety at Ibn Sina Hospital is high with dimensions on the dimension of cooperation is highest in units amounted to 97.10%.
Fitriana Fitriana
Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan Indonesia, Volume 5; doi:10.21927/jnki.2017.5(2).139-143

Abstract:Early Initiation of Breastfeeding is important for newborns to prevent high neonatal mortality. Early Initiation of Breastfeeding Is where a baby searchs for Mother’s nipple immediately after birth. This study aimed to analyze The relationship between husband assistance in maternity and the success of early initiation of breastfeeding. This study Is a quantitative research, analytical observational study with cross-sectional design. The sampling technique used total sampling. Sample was a total of 39 women whose delivery in private midwife clinics. DepokSleman while The data collection used questionnaire and observation sheets The result from logistic regression showed that husband assistance was significantly associated with early initiation of breastfeeding (OR=3.46; CI95%=1.44 to 6.00; P=0.014) husband assistance on maternity women may increase the success of maternity women to breastfeed their babies as early as possible.
Budi Rahayu, Ayu Novita Sari
Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan Indonesia, Volume 5; doi:10.21927/jnki.2017.5(2).134-138

Abstract:Premature Rupture Membranes is a rupture of the membranes prematurely. KPD Cause not known with certainty, but nothing to do with uterine hypermotility, thin membranes, infections, multiparous, maternal age, location of the fetus, and previous history of premature rupture of membranes. Impact of the KPD can cause maternal or neonatal infection, hypoxia or compression of the umbilical cord, fetal deformity syndrome, increased Caesarean labour or normal delivery failure, and increased morbidity and maternal perinatal mortality. This study was to identify the cause of the incident picture premature rupture in women giving birth in hospitals in Yogyakarta. This study uses descriptive design quantitative used retrospective time approach. The population in this study are all mothers who have premature rupture of membranes in hospitals in Yogyakarta in obtained from medical records. Premature rupture of membrane in Yogyakarta Hospital there are 427 cases. A sampling technique that with a total sampling with 427 respondents. Analysis of the data used univariate analysis. The results that most respondents are multipara many as 245 people (57.4%), aged 20-35 years as many as 265 people (62.1%), gestational age ≥37 weeks as many as 343 people (80.3%), over distensi uteri as many as 410 people (96.1%), where the fetus head presentation many as 396 people (92.7). In conclusion, an overview of the causes of premature rupture events on maternal includes multipara, 20-35 years of age, gestational age ≥37 weeks, normal uterine enlargement, and the location of the fetus normal presentation.
Hirza Ainin Nur, Edi Dharmana, Agus Santoso
Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan Indonesia, Volume 5; doi:10.21927/jnki.2017.5(2).123-133

Abstract:Falls are the most worrying incidence of patients in the hospital and that has an impact on injury and even death. The incidence was second ranks of adverse event after medication errors. Hospitals are already making efforts to reduce the fall incident but in reality, the incidence of falls still occurs. Data obtained from March to September 2016 have 6 cases of incident patients falling from a total of 43 patient safety incidents. The results of the observations show that most of the fall prevention programs that have not been done are falling risk assessments. Fall risk assessment is the first step to prevent the occurrence of falls in the patient, if not done then the incident will occur. This study aims to explore the implementation of falls risk assessment conducted by nurses in the hospital wards. The research method using qualitative research with phenomenology approach. The population used is inpatient ward nurses as many as 304 nurses.The sample used by purposive sampling technique with 10 informants. Data collection using primary and secondary data. Primary data obtained by in-depth interview with semi-structured interview to all informants. Secondary data was used document review of SOP prevention of fall risk, assessment protocol, and patient's medical record status. Data analysis used Miles and Huberman analysis model by reducing data, making display data, and drawing conclusions. The results of the research are two themes that are the existence of internal training and socialization affects the nurse's understanding of the implementation of falls risk assessment both initial of falls risk assessment and re-assessment of falls risk and implementation of falls risk assessment influenced by the inhibiting and supporting factors, both of these factors affect compliance of falls risk assessment conducted by the nurse. This study suggests that the understanding of fall risk assessment does not guarantee the nurse to always adhere to the implementation of fall risk assessment. It is expected that there will be cooperation between hospital management, working group prevention of falls risk, and head of ward to always supervise and monitor evaluation related to implementation of falls risk assessment along with giving reward and punishment.
Nunung Rachmawati, Luky Dwiantoro, Bambang Edi Warsito
Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan Indonesia, Volume 5; doi:10.21927/jnki.2017.5(2).115-122

Abstract:The holistic nursing service is based on the concept that humans are sick not only physically that cured by drug delivery, but also pay attention to other aspects of mental where the patient needs motivation and spirit to cope with illness, social where the patient wants to meet and gather with family/friends and spiritual where the patient wants to pray and pray for healing. Spiritual care is an important part of the overall care provided to improve the quality of life of patients. The role of nurses is now more involved on treatment measures. Proper methods in clinical supervision are necessary for the implementation of spiritual care to be as important as physical care, one of them using drill method. This study aims to analyze the influence of drill methods in the team leader's clinical supervision on the implementation of nurses spiritual care. The research method used is quasy experiment with pretest-posttest research design with control group design. The population of nurse research in inpatient room of PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and PKU Muhammadiyah Gamping Hospital. A total of 32 nurses were taken as samples through consecutive sampling technique. To see the implementation of spiritual care used observation sheet refers to the label Nursing Interventions Classification, spiritual care is observed before and after the application of drill methods in clinical supervision. Data were analyzed by paired t-test. The results showed the average of nurses' spiritual care before the drill method applied to the intervention group was 6,56 and 6,13 in the control group, after drill method applied in the intervention group was 17,44 and 6,50 in the control group. The results of statistical tests showed that there was a significant difference in nurse's spiritual care before and after the application of drill methods in the intervention group. It is recommended for the hospital to improve the implementation of clinical supervision to the nurses related to non-physical skills using drill method.
Fahni Haris
Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan Indonesia, Volume 5; doi:10.21927/jnki.2017.5(2).106-114

Abstract:Various solutions have been recommended for cleanse the wound, however normal saline is favored. Aqueous guava leaf extracts have material that known for antibacterial in the diabetic wound care especially for cleansing. Guava leaf available in Indonesia, but there is unresolved debate about its use. This study use quasi-experimental with pre-test post-test design. Sample in this study consist 19 outpatients who had diabetic chronic wounds care in clinic Kitamura, Pontianak. Analysis of quantitative data was tested with non-parametric analysis, Wilcoxon test and Mann Whitney test to determine the effect of aqueous guava leaves extract in reducing bacterial. Results sowed that he number of bacteria colonies after cleansing the wound using aqueous guava leaves extract was decreased. P-value on first day until seventh day for 10% aqueous guava leaves was p=0.008 (p0.05), but 20% aqueous guava leaves extract most effective than 10% aqueous guava leaves extract.
Sundari Mulyaningsih
Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan Indonesia, Volume 5; doi:10.21927/jnki.2017.5(2).144-148

Abstract:The number of HIV/AIDS in Indonesia is more increasing and its distribution has been very complex. Now, HIV/AIDS is also attacking housewives, whose activity is mostly at home. In Yogyakarta, there are many obstacles to the practice of taking ARV, because of the less openness of HIV/AIDS sufferers, uncontrollable distribution and irregular consumption of ARV. The purpose of this research is to know investigate the relation between the knowledge of HIV/AIDS and the counseling of HIV/AIDS among housewives with HIV/AIDS in Yogyakarta. This research is quantitative study with a cross-sectional approach. The sample is 47 housewives with HIV/AIDS. The data was collected through the interview using a structured questionnaire and analyzed by chi-square to know investigate the relation between the knowledge of HIV/AIDS and the counseling of HIV/AIDS. This research showed that the majority of respondents had less knowledge about HIV/AIDS (61.7%) and did not attend counseling (59.6%). The analysis between two variables using chi-square result p=0.000, it means that there was a correlation between knowledge of HIV/AIDS and the counseling of HIV/AIDS among housewives with HIV/AIDS in Yogyakarta.
Dedeh Juwita Sari, Stefanus Adang Ides, Lina Dewi Anggraeini
Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan Indonesia, Volume 5; doi:10.21927/jnki.2017.5(2).149-156

Abstract:The number of casses of violance that occur in school age children today is very worrying for education and parents.This study aimed to determine teenager’s background do bullying in vocational school (SMK).The school should be a place to gain knowledge and form a positive personality but currently used as place to do bullying.This study aimed to determine teenager’s background do bullying in vocational school (SMK). This research uses qualitative method with phenomenology design which is implemented from July 2016 to May 2017. Informants in this study are vocational students who are still active in school and never do bullying with purposive sampling techniques. Data collection was done by interview and using instrument including interview guidelines, tape recorder handphone. Data analysis used is Colaizzi. The number of respondens in this study was 8 people. From the results of the analysis, there are 10 themes of bullying, democratic parenting, authoritarian parenting, permissive parenting, peer influence, wish to power, fanaticism of differences, facilities and infrastructure, teacher response, and mass media influence. The results of this study concluded that the background of teens bullying can be influenced by family parenting, mass media, peers, and school climate. The suggestion is the instituition educational that can explain about the rules at school and student can receive and understand why the rules should be made.
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