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Hesti Khuzaimah Nurul Yusufiyah, Ilona Usuman, Agfianto Eko Putra, Triyogatama Wahyu Widodo
Journal Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Research, Volume 3; doi:10.21580/jnsmr.2017.3.1.1695

Abstract:This research is motivated by the condition of children with autism who require continuous monitoring without a parent accompany, and certain therapies who is capable to reduce repetitive behaviors and increase the concentration. Music therapy is one of the treatment which able to perform it. The implementation of this research is located in a special schools with autism, the perform is proper at certain times and requires tools for music therapy. Therefore, the integrated device was made to monitor the activities of children with autism, as well as providing music therapy automatic face recognition based on Eigenface method.This device perform when the children with autism under certain conditions (e.g. crying, the teacher would not work orders, etc.), then by capturing the the facial image, the system will process to compare the similarity with the existing database. Then, the shortest distance of euclidean is chosen. If the captured of facial image is similar to the one existing database, then the music is performed as music therapy for children with autism. The results of this system, indicates that the child's responses become more calm, easy concentration, and the repetitive attitude is reduced. While the accuracy of the system achieves by 80% (compare with the old and new database) and 20%. (without new database). ©2017 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved.
Sujarwoto Sujarwoto
Journal Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Research, Volume 3; doi:10.21580/jnsmr.2017.3.1.1693

Abstract:This study aims to design a robot car that can follow the line and can avoid obstacles if it detects objects. The movement of the robot car is equipped with light sensor (LDR) and ultrasonic as its navigation system. Automation system navigation settings using BS2SX Basic Stamp microcontroller hardware, while the software with Pbasic programming language. The program is written on the Basic Stamp Editor already installed on the PC, then downloaded to EEPROM. Ultrasonic sensors are utilized as a detection of obstacles and light sensor sensors (LDR) as a tracked line detector. The robot will follow the designed line, if there are obstacles in front of it the robot will avoid and run back if the ultrasonic sensor does not detect obstacles in front of it. With the PWM signal input setting (Pulse Width Modulation) from the microcontroller, the robot car can walk straight, turn and will avoid when detecting obstacles. ©2017 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved
Supriyono Supriyono, Hamdan Hadi Kusuma, Mulyatun Mulyatun, Biaunik Niski Kumila
Journal Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Research, Volume 3; doi:10.21580/jnsmr.2017.3.1.1694

Abstract:Wasted-plastic which is a hardly-decomposed material was one of the major problems of trash-recycling management in Indonesia. Replacing a common plastic with biodegradable plastic was one of the solution to reduce the amount of undecomposed-materials in the enviroment. Therefore, the aim of this resarch is to study how to synthesis cassava shell based biodegradable plastic and to analyse the effect of kitosan addition on cassava shell based biodegradable plastic properties. There are three basic characterization processes performed to analyse the sample properties, i.e mechanical test, FTIR and biodegradability test. Kitosan enhanced the mechanical and biodegradability properties of samples. The elongation-percentage decreased down to 8,57% along with the increasing the amount of kitosan concentration. FTIR data indicated the presence of O-H, N-H, C-H, C=C, NO2 and C-O organic functional group on biodegradable plastic samples. Kitosan reduce the decomposition process of samples due to its hydrophilicity. Sample with highest concentration of kitosan decomposed at the longest time up to 14 days. . ©2017 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved.
Yoan Theasy, Agus Yulianto, Budi Astuti
Journal Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Research, Volume 3; doi:10.21580/jnsmr.2017.3.1.1696

Abstract:Waste newspaper by most people still considered as waste that has not been used optimally, and it is the one of processed materials from wood which has lignocellulose. The material has the potential to produce particle board to test the value of thermal conductivity, which it is expected to be used as heat insulator. The process of producing particle board is by mixing 450 grams pureed newspaper with 260 grams PVAC, then print it with size (12x7)cm2 with the thickness of 0.5cm; 1 cm; 1.5 cm; 2 cm; 2.5 cm; 3 cm. The process to make particle board drying is for 5 days and the test of thermal conductivity using a 100 watt heat source, and an infrared thermometer. The result obtained from the value of thermal conductivity from newspaper particle board is when more higher value of particle board thickness then more higher the thermal conductivity value. From these result it can be concluded that the particle board which can be used as heat insulation material is the one that has a thermal conductivity value of 0.066 W/ mC; 0.125 W/ mC; 0.0167 W/ mC with thickness range of 1 cm to 2 cm.©2017 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved.
Wirda Udaibah, Agus Priyanto
Journal Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Research, Volume 3; doi:10.21580/jnsmr.2017.3.1.1697

Abstract:The Research about Synthesis and Characterization of SiO2 have been worked. We have synthesized Silica from “petung”bamboo leaf ash as SiO2 source. This step used sol gel methode. SiO2 were characterized by Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR) to investigated the stucture andX-Ray Diffaction to know about structure and crystallinity. FTIR spectra show peak at 617,22 cm-1 area that spesific for Si-H bond, peak at 786,96 cm-1and 1095,57 cm-1 area specific for Si-O-Si bonds. Difractogram of SiO2 show that there are peak at 2θ 21,99; 31,67 and 38,88 were specific for SiO2 that calcinated at 800oC, while for SiO2 that calcinated at 400oC there were no peak at 2θ 31,67 dan 38,88. That peaks not shown may be because low crystallinity of SiO2 that calcinated at 400oC. Calcination temperature greatly affects the crystallinity of SiO2.©2017 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved.
Biaunik Niski Kumila, Gontjang Prajitno
Journal Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Research, Volume 3; doi:10.21580/jnsmr.2017.3.1.1692

Abstract:Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) with Fluorine deped Tin Oxide (FTO) substrat and nanosize-TiO2 layer sensitized by “dye” ,mangosteen pericarp extract, was succesfully fabricated. Gel-Electrolyte as electron regenerator was synthesized by adding Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) 1000 to electrolyte solution while nanosize-TiO2 was synthesized by co-precipitation method from TiCl3 solution. The crystal size of TiO2 characterized by X-Ray Diffraction is 10.5 nm in size. The solar absorbance of “dye” mangosteen pericarp was measured using UV-Vis Spectrophotometer and it showed that the dye can absorb photon at Near Ultraviolet (NUV) to yellow visible light. Nanosize-TiO2 based DSSC with gel-electrolyte successfully reached short circuit current up to 30.9 μA, open circuit voltage 398.3 mV and performed the long term stability. ©2017 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved
Razis Aji Saputro, Risti Sokawati, Mudrikah Mudrikah, Nikken Prima Puspita
Journal Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Research, Volume 2; doi:10.21580/jnsmr.2016.1.2.1658

Abstract:This classic cryptographic algorithms was designed from the concept of cardinal directions and the S-box. circles Concept given 16 directions winds and 8 circles lined with each cells according to ASCII table. The process of encryption algorithm using two kinds of key symbol that are (k1) form 16 symbols of the wind, and (k2) is a 7-bit binary number. plaintext encryption process become chiperteks1 with forming angle against north wind and k1 roomates are from plaintext rotating accordance angle formed. Chipertext 1 to chipertext 2 using binary numbers divided become r1 as directions displacement away from the center circle and r2 move with rotating around the center circle. Spinning process followed directions clockwise circle if even if odd and vice versa. Decryption process is done by doing a backward on the algorithm by using the key k2 (r2 then r1) and then r1. Spins counter-encryption process. ©2016 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved.
G. Maria Yusta, V. Irene Meitiniarti, E.B.E. Kristiani
Journal Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Research, Volume 2; doi:10.21580/jnsmr.2016.1.2.1664

Abstract:The content of yeast in industrial solid waste fermented beverages, has not been widely noticed and utilized, whereas many sources of nitrogen, vitamins and minerals are still present in this yeast. One of the utilization of waste yeast is processed into autolysis yeast extract. The drying process is often done using a spray dryer, but the process is costly so it is not efficient. In this study, we want to determine the temperature and drying time appropriate for maintain of yeast extract quality of yeast press. From this research, we concluded that a drying oven at 60 ° C for 6 hours is drying which does not damage the nutrient (protein, vitamine B2, carbohydrate, prolin, and lysin content) in yeast extract.©2016 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved.
Wisnu Bayu Murti, Nugroho Edi Kartijono, Margareta Rahayuningsih
Journal Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Research, Volume 2; doi:10.21580/jnsmr.2016.1.2.1661

Abstract:The purpose of this research was to determine the species richness of butterflies on three type habitats in Karimunjawa Island. The research was conducted in May-October 2016. The research location on the island of Karimunjawa in three habitat types, edge of lowland tropical forest, paddy fields and settlements. Sampling was conducted four times of observation on each habitat type and Point Count Method. Identification species of butterflies use a guidebook Serangga Taman Nasional Gunung Halimun Jawa Bagian Barat and analyzed by uses Margalef Index. The results showed total 49 species of butterflies from 1402 individual (5 Family) was found in three types of habitat. Butterfly species richness highest in a edge habitat of lowland tropical forest (5.9), settlements (5.2), and paddy fields (4.6). ©2016 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved.
Wira Wanti Bangalino, Lydia Ninan Lestario, Cucun Alep Riyanto
Journal Of Natural Sciences And Mathematics Research, Volume 2; doi:10.21580/jnsmr.2016.1.2.1659

Abstract:The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of alginate and CaCl2 concentration of antioxidant activity and betacyanin content of restructuring product of red dragon fruit, and to determine the best formulation of the product restructuring that produces antioxidant activity and the content of the highest betacyanin on product restructuring. Data were analyzed by 4x2 Factorial Design and Randomized Completely Block Design (RCBD) with 4 replications. As the first factor is the alginate concentration which are 2 %, 3 %, 4 % and 5 %. The second factors are calcium cloride (CaCl2 ) 0.5 % and 0.75 %, while as the block is the time analysis. To test the differences between treatments means, the Honestly Significant of Differences (HSD) were used at 5% level of significant.The results showed that the higher concentrations of alginate and CaCl2 causes declining content of antioxidant activity and betacyanin, the best results are obtained is at a concentration of 2% alginate and CaCl2 0.5% with betacyanin levels 0.537 ± 0.062 mg/g dry weight basis and 0.132 ± 0.011 mg / g wet weight basis. The antioxidant activity of H. polyrhyzus restructuring amounted to 77.452% ± 0.624. ©2016 JNSMR UIN Walisongo. All rights reserved.
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