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Journal Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam

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Afiq Fikri Almas
Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Volume 6; doi:10.21274/taalum.2018.6.1.175-196

Abstract:This article is intended to reveal the basic theory of educational policy. The practice of Islamic education in Indonesia from its development to its policy implementation has also become a basic study of this article. This research includes literature research using laws, books, articles, and journals related to the Indonesian Islamic education policy and its implementation from the pre-colonial era to the Curriculum 2013 as a source of data. A theoretical study approach to a policy using an existing phenomena. The results of this study is indicating that the policy of Indonesian Islamic education has experienced a significant development in every era, although the implementation of the policy there are still many problems in several lines. The development and change of Islamic education policies have a positive impact every year, so that Indonesian Islamic education is more global and comprehensive and felt by all Indonesian citizens. Indonesian Islamic education has been developing every time until the curriculum 2013 with additional hours of lessons, but this great policy should need to be evaluated and accompanied by the development of professional educator resources. Because the development of material policies must be supported by human resources to advance the Indonesian Islamic education.
Ahmad Suradi
Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Volume 6; doi:10.21274/taalum.2018.6.1.197-218

Abstract:This article aims to examine the impact of the transformation of pesantren education on the cultivation of santri's sincere values ​​in pesantren. The method used in the discussion of this article is descriptive qualitative method, which comes from interviews and observations in the field. This article discusses that the impact of the transformation of pesantren education today, not only changed the socio-cultural base and knowledge of santri alone, but also influenced the values ​​of the spirit of santri sincere in boarding schools. Therefore, major changes made by kyai to pesantren institutions today have an impact on the sincere behavior of santri in everyday life. In terms of planting the values ​​of the soul of sincerity in the boarding school is expected to open and flexible to the development of the world, but still provides a filter for its basic value is not fade (Islamic teachings). Because, as opposed to the current, as hard as it retains, in the end it will sooner or later be carried away as well. This process is a natural law that can not be dammed, but it needs to be addressed the present situation wisely, so as not to conflict with the basic Islamic teachings. It is not an alternative choice that crossed the way, but is an accumulation of the values ​​of life experienced by pesantren throughout its history, leaving no soul of sincerity or traditions.
Miftahur Rohman
Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Volume 6; doi:10.21274/taalum.2018.6.1.151-174

Abstract:As a millennial generation, learners tend not to have maturity in thinking. The seeds of exclusive, intolerant, even radical thought become an alarming threat. Moreover, teachers as educators play a substantial role in introducing the values ​​of humanism and multiculturalism. With the study of library research and analysis with content analysis method, this research tries to formulate the concept of Islamic religious education teacher of multiculturalism to the generation of humanist-democratic Islam. The results concluded that multicultural education becomes an alternative solution to overcome the disintegration of the nation that began to occur. Teachers as learning facilitators should design learning that supports the implementation of multicultural education. Terefore, it needs a multicultural typology teacher who can appreciate the deversity, upholds human rights and justice, avoiding theological justification and truth claims, and non-constructive anti-criticism. It can be concluded that it has implications on the achievement of true Islamic education objectives, namely to educate students academically, spiritually, and socially.
Anwar Mujahidin, Zamzam Farrihatul Khoiriyah
Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Volume 6; doi:10.21274/taalum.2018.6.1.121-150

Abstract:This study aims to analyze the tafseer al-Mishbāh by M. Quraish Shihab on the verses relating to the process of the human creation that has relevance to the concept of prenatal education. The approach used in this research is tafsir maudhū'i, ie tracing the verses relating to the problem under study and then described the interpretation of the verses. The data that have been collected then analyzed by the method of content analysis which analyze the interpreter's thoughts with theoretical categories so that found the main message and the context. The results of the study show that, God created the first human Adam and Eve then cultivate it into human offspring, by creating the womb. The stages of human development in the womb are ranging from nuthfah, 'alaqah, mudghah and ansya'a khalqan ākhar. The stage of ansya'a khalqan ākhar is the stage of the blowing of the spirit, the covenant of God with man, and God gives nature to man. Since that phase, children can get education. The effort to be done by parents in educating children in the prenatal period are running worship, reading and memorizing Al-Qur`a, dzikir, dialogue, follow the study of Islam (majlis ta`lim), behave well, and be consistent.
Agus Purwowidodo
Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Volume 6; doi:10.21274/taalum.2018.6.1.105-120

Abstract:Mobile-learning model is an alternative that allows to improve the quality of learning outcomes in FTIK IAIN Tulungagung. This study is aimed to: (1) apply mobile-learning for supporting the conventional learning process of FTIK IAIN Tulungagung; (2) optimalize the quality of learning by implementing mobile learning model in the FTIK IAIN Tulungagung; (3) increase the learning process of the students of FTIK IAIN Tulungagung. The purpose of this research is be able to increase students own potential in the learning process through mobile learning. This research is an action research approach, by designing a system of information technology-based learning via the web portal mobile-learning, which applied on FTIK IAIN Tulungagung, with a sample of 40 students. Based on the research, the results on t-test for Equality of Means show that the value of t learning method with mobile learning is equal to 135,761 (equal variances assummed) with sig (2-tailed) of 0.000. While the t value of conventional method equal to 86,808 (equal variances assummed) with sig (2-tailed) equal to 0,000. The conclusion is "There are differences in learning outcomes in the course of Learning Technology between students who learn to use mobile learning based on lectora inspire with conventional methods".
Miftakhurozaq Miftakhurozaq
Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Volume 6; doi:10.21274/taalum.2018.6.1.83-104

Abstract:The learning process is the steps that pass with in development of students cognitive, affective, and psychomotor abilities. These three abilities must be possessed by students or learners. For achieving teachers must play an important role in the learning process. One of the role that a teacher has to go through these stages as a facilitator. One of education problems in Indonesia nowaday is the weakness of learning Process. In learning process, students are not supported enough to develope their skill of thinking. The learning process is only focus on asking students to study, but it is not focus on what they have to study. Hypnoteaching is one of the newest learning method development which is implemented by teachers at school. Hypnoteaching is a combination of five learning methods, they are quantum learning, accelerate learning, power teaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. Learning by Hypnoteaching method emphasizes student’s subconscious communication, which is implemented by several ways such as suggesting and imagining. By presenting this method, hopefully it can fix student’s problems at school. Therefore, the teachers are requested to be able to master the hypnoteaching method as the one of learning method at school in delivering the learning material optimally.
Agus Zaenul Fitri
Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Volume 6; doi:10.21274/taalum.2018.6.1.57-82

Abstract:IRE teachers are the spearhead of success in learning religious education at schools. Curriculum changes will not have much impact on the quality of learning, if the quality of teachers is not improved. The strategy taken is to improve the performance and quality work of teachers, because the function of teachers are not only as an educator and facilitator, but also acts as an innovator in education. Innovators are not only means “changing" but also presents something that is really new and able to make the old things become new existence in context to the present. So innovative teachers are required and have a good performance, not only physically but also responsibility and performance, so as to improve the quality of education and special learning in Islamic religious education. The main performance of teachers from the physical aspects such as appearance and fashion, but far more important is competence in the mastery of learning materials, the ability of managing the class, the authority as education, social interaction and exemplary both at school and in the community. IRE teachers with good performance will not only able to inspire for learners, and even will be able to produce renewal in IRE.
Sigit Purwanto
Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Volume 6; doi:10.21274/taalum.2018.6.1.1-30

Abstract:Wayang kulit is a part of Indonesia's local cultural form, which has existed and lasted from the time of the ancestors. Leather puppet performances are not only aimed for entertainment alone, but also contain noble values that can be manifested in every joint of life. Human image is manifested through playing the puppet. The art of wayang kulit develops as a quite effective means of planting the value and spreading of Islam. The value of education in the wayang kulit performances is based on logical, ethical, theological and aesthetic values. This paper aims to examine, explain and explore the educational value delivered through the wayang kulit performance.
Muhammad Anas Ma`arif
Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Volume 6; doi:10.21274/taalum.2018.6.1.31-56

Abstract:The importance of character education for all levels raises various strategies in applying it. Punishment is one of strategies which was rarely used in the study of character education, therefore, the writer attracted to examine it. This study aimed to explain the character education strategies through punishment. This research used library research by collecting several related books and journals to analyze the content of the character education strategies through punishment. This study found that punishment was a preventive action of activities which did not match to the ethical values of character education. The punishment is the same as khauf and raja' 'in the Sufi term. The character education strategy through punishment becomes one of disciplinary and habituation supports for learners in internalizing character education.
Zahrotun Zahrotun
Ta'allum: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam, Volume 5; doi:10.21274/taalum.2017.5.2.1-12

Abstract:This study aims to improve the learning achievement of historical material of the struggle of Prophet Muhammad SAW through the use of multimedia in the seventh grade students of State Junior High School 1 of Kebumen in academic year 2016/2017. This research is a Classroom Action Research (CAR) using Kemmis and Taggart model consisting of four stages, namely planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The subject of this research is the students of class VII B SMP N 1 Kebumen. The study was conducted two cycles with data collection techniques such as interviews, observation, documentation and tests. The technique of data validity using triangulation. Data analysis techniques use interactive analysis of Miles and Huberman. The results showed that the use of multimedia can improve the results of learning material history of the struggle of the Prophet Muhammad SAW on students of class VII Junior High School 1 of Kebumen in academic year 2016/2017
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