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JPPUMA Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan dan Sosial Politik Universitas Medan Area, Volume 9, pp 208-223;

The purpose of this study is to describe a recent comparison of women's political participation based on empirical evidence on the matrilineal and patrilineal orders in West and North Sumatra, respectively. This study was motivated by the low involvement of women in politics in the 2014 and 2019 general elections. The study offers specific insights into kinship order as political allegiance. This is a qualitative research carried out using a pragmatic methodological approach with academic discussions directed at the relationship between kinship and political participation. The results showed that the canonization of Islamic patriarchy in the matrilineal order impacts involution and exclusive women in the domestic arena. Meanwhile, the canonization of Christian patriarchy in the patrilineal order impacts devolution and inclusive women in politics. Therefore, based on this empirical evidence, it is concluded that the kinship system is not a relevant political allegiance.
Hatta Abdi Muhammad, Nopyandri Nopyandri
JPPUMA Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan dan Sosial Politik Universitas Medan Area, Volume 9, pp 117-128;

This study aims at analyzing the failure of the Perindo Party, PSI, Garuda Party, and Berkarya Party as new political parties in the 2019 election contestation in Jambi Province. This study was a qualitative descriptive study and data were obtained through observation, interviews, and archival records. After the data was collected, the data were analyzed using interactive model analysis. The results of this study showed that the failure of these four new political parties in Jambi Province was related to the absence of figures that were widely known to the public. The characteristics of local politics which were affected by emotional and primordial ties made political parties adopt the technocrat aristocratic pattern to maintain their existence in the political arena in Jambi Province. The success of political parties in Jambi Province was closely related to public voting behavior that was influenced by the presence of figures with technocrat backgrounds in large parties. It was proven by the existence of old parties because they had famous figures from former officials or state apparatus as well as families of public officials such as Hasan Basri Agus (Golkar), and Nurdin Hamzah family (PAN).
Syahnaz Oriza Keumala, , Suswanta Suswanta, Paisal Akbar
JPPUMA Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan dan Sosial Politik Universitas Medan Area, Volume 9, pp 224-236;

The Covid-19 pandemic has a significant impact on all aspects of life, especially in this case, its impact on food security conditions. With the imposition of restrictions on activities between regions to minimize the spread of Covid-19, we must put an acceptable food security policy to realize areas that are maintained in food conditions. The purpose of this research is to find out what food security policies the Aceh Provincial government is implementing in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. The research method used is the qualitative method with a descriptive approach. The data obtained from online media reports are then processed using the Nvivo 12 Plus software to display Aceh Province's current policy issues. This study's findings indicate that the food security conditions of districts/cities in Aceh Province are still classified as green zones, meaning districts/cities in Aceh Province are still classified as healthy food security conditions. Meanwhile, the policy issue present in Aceh Province shows that at the national reporting level, six problems arise, namely farmers, agriculture, health, food, programs, and governance. In contrast, there are issues on rice, farmer, community, government, food policy, program, land, and agriculture at the local level. Furthermore, carried out findings related to food security policies in Aceh province through two programs, namely the Aceh Food Independent Movement (Gampong) program and the Rice Planting Index Improvement Program, or what is known as the IP-300 program. This activity program has been carried out well by the city/district level government through various derivative programs that are in line with the objectives of the Aceh Province food security policy program.
Ana Sabhana Azmy, M. Ricky Ridestian
JPPUMA Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan dan Sosial Politik Universitas Medan Area, Volume 9, pp 139-149;

ABSTRAKArtikel ini bertujuan untuk menganalisa partisipasi dan perilaku pemilih perempuan pada Pemilihan Gubernur (Pilgub) Jawa Barat 2018 di Kelurahan Maleer, Kota Bandung. Penelitian dilakukan secara kualitatif dengan didukung oleh data primer berupa observasi dan wawancara sejumlah narasumber. Data sekunder diperoleh dari pencarian sejumlah referensi, baik melalui buku, jurnal dan data pendukung lainnya. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa meski persentase perempuan dalam ruang publik masih tertinggal dari laki-laki, namun perempuan mulai menunjukkan keaktifannya, dalam hal menempuh pendidikan tinggi, kemasyarakatan maupun kegiatan politik. Ketiganya menjadi faktor utama perempuan dalam berpartisipasi secara politik. Meski tidak menjadi hal dominan, namun konflik antar kelompok pemimpin politik berpengaruh pada partisipasi politik perempuan dalam Pilgub. Dalam hal prilaku pemilih, perempuan di Kelurahan Maleer memilih figur berdasarkan pilihan psikologis dan pilihan rasional. Pilihan psikologis pemilih perempuan pada calon figur didasarkan dari penggunaan media sosial calon gubernur sebagai alat interaksi ke masyarakat. Sedangkan pilihan rasional pemilih perempuan atas dasar melihat pada program/hasil kerja calon gubernur yang merupakan sosok incumbent (sebelumnya sudah pernah menjabat). Perempuan menilai dampak apa yang dia peroleh selama calon gubernur (yang merupakan incumbent) menjabat, dan melihat program-program sebelumnya yang bermanfaat atau tidak untuk dirinya sebagai kaum perempuan.
Kristian Kristian, Nuraliah Ali, Karlinae D Bangas, Supiya Supiya
JPPUMA Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan dan Sosial Politik Universitas Medan Area, Volume 9, pp 185-196;

This paper aims to describe the supervision of the Central Kalimantan regional head election during the pandemic. The problem is focused on how the description of election supervision by Election Supervisory Agency? and what constraint are faced and their solutions in the context of local wisdom?. The research type is descriptive qualitative. Data Collecting through interviews, observation, and literature study. The data obtained were analyzed descriptively using the Mile and Huberman model. This study shows several things: First, the implementation of supervision is more on tasks outside the crucial task of Bawaslu, namely the supervision of the pandemic health protocols as an additional task burden. Second, the obstacles faced by Bawaslu starting from the preparation, voting, and post-voting. Namely: Updating and determining the voter list was constrained by the Work From Home and Large-Scale Social Restrictions policies; Procurement and distribution of logistics whose suppliers had not yet recovered from the impact of the pandemic; Some officials were reluctant and resigned because of the rapid test rules; distorted ballot papers; The officers' lack of compliance with the working mechanism that had been determined. Third, The context of local wisdom in the supervision of Pilkada in Central Kalimantan, namely: Balanga, Huma Betang, Ma'mapas Lewu, Isen mulang, and Dayak Greetings: Tabe salamat lingu nalatai, Salam Sujud Karendem malempang, Adil ka’ Talino bacura’mi ka’ Saruga, Basengat kajubata.
Muhammad Eko Atmojo, Awang Darumurti, Vindhi Putri Pratiwi
JPPUMA Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan dan Sosial Politik Universitas Medan Area, Volume 9, pp 129-138;

This article aims at discussing the application of a merit system based on job auctions, especially regarding the mechanism for selecting structural officials in Bantul Regency. Considering that the merit system is a new method for determining structural positions and has become one of the models that local governments have begun to implement in the placement of civil servants, especially echelon II structural officials. The application of this merit system model is one form of the implementation of Law Number 5 concerning the State Civil Apparatus. The application of the merit system was enforced because a lot of structural position determinations were not based on competence, but the structural position determination was based on proximity and political factors. Therefore, with the existence of this law, it is significant to immediately implement a merit system so that employeed who occupy structural positions were competent and professional people. In data analysis, this study was based on the theory of open selection. The method used in this study was a qualitative method. The data collection techniques used were interviews and documentation. Based on research conducted that the application of the merit system within the Bantul Regency Government was in accordance with applicable regulations, as well as in the application of the merit system using several selection methods including administrative selection, assessment center method / competency test, paper making, track record tracking, percentage of papers and interviews.
Zainul Rahman, Salahudin Salahudin
JPPUMA Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan dan Sosial Politik Universitas Medan Area, Volume 9, pp 150-164;

This study aims at categorizing the themes and concepts that become problems in the study of regional tourism development. Various problems regarding related themes in several countries were then collaborated and used as references for the development of regional tourism in Indonesia in the future. This study was a structured literature review with the main data source obtained through the SCOPUS database. The SCOPUS database was considered very relevant and comprehensive to be used as a reference in preparing discussions on related themes. This study revealed several aspects that influenced the development of regional tourism in several countries so that it could be a reference to be applied in Indonesia. The aspects are: First, a well-integrated collaboration. Second, strong political will from the government. Third, the presence or active participation of the local community. Fourth, planning was carried out in a systematic and integrated manner. Finally, the fifth is the subject involved as policy makers. The limitations of this study were the lack of comprehensive comparisons reviewed in each cluster. It was based on the limitations of the data found by the authors, especially those that were only contained in the SCOPUS database. Through these existing limitations, it is expected that further study can enrich references from other databases for the progress of the study. Thus the discussion of related themes can be a detailed study and very useful in influencing regional tourism development policies in Indonesia in the future.
Beti Wulansari, Haris Isa Pamungkas
JPPUMA Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan dan Sosial Politik Universitas Medan Area, Volume 9, pp 197-207;

This article aims to highlight how the use of online media as a campaign tool in the midst of Corona Virus Disease 19 pandemic in the Simultaneous Election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Semarang in 2020. The problem was focused on how the challenges faced by General Election organizers and Candidate Pairs in organizing campaigns through online media. To approach this problem, Rogers and Storey's campaign theory references were used. The campaign is one of the crucial stages of the election, but during the pandemic the mass mobilization that is typical of the campaign is limited and prioritized through online media. Data were collected through observation, survey questionnaires and document literacy and analyzed qualitatively. This study concludes that the team successfully played a campaign strategy through the internet during this pandemic, especially online media and social media. Online media in this campaign also assisted General Election Supervisory Agency Election organizers as a supervisory function in the implementation of the campaign. However, in campaigning efforts through online media, it is necessary to encourage various parties to create good political education in the community.
Juli Antonius Sihotang
JPPUMA Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan dan Sosial Politik Universitas Medan Area, Volume 9, pp 165-173;

This article aims at exploring and describing the chaotic world of Indonesian politics which has often become a theme of public discussion especially politicians in many events. Problems focused on the world of politics were campaigns, debates, tactics and arguments from politicians. It makes the world of politics often show the winners and the losers. Whereas the real world of politics is also a realm to reflect on daily life. In reflecting, a politician was invited to explore the nobility of his dignity and others. He was brought to discover the depths of his life with others while at the same time discovering the truth. This discovery made a politician realize that the world of politics was not only about campaigns, debates, tactics and arguments. In order to gain this problem, the theoretical reference from Armada Riyanto's thinking was used. The data were collected by the author through a literature study and analyzed qualitatively by collecting and studying various books, journal articles, and other sources related to the author's articles. Hence, the differences, similarities, and novelties of the author's articles could be seen. This study concluded that the depth of life and truth guides a politician not to be naive in following orders, carrying out the law, and which politicians must be defeated in tactics and strategies. Politics should be synonymous with honesty, justice, and brotherhood among politicians.
Septyanto Galan Prakoso, Eryan Dwiki Effendi, Rizaldi Yazid Purnama Putra, Rameez Ali Surya Negara, Niki Wahyu Sayekti
JPPUMA Jurnal Ilmu Pemerintahan dan Sosial Politik Universitas Medan Area, Volume 9, pp 174-184;

This article or writing aims to discuss the application of technology and certain mechanism as the impact of a disruptive era on internal border control in the Schengen area. The problem is focused on the internal border system which got reintroduced as a countermeasure against the 2015 Migrant Crisis in Europe. The analysis conducted in this research will measure whether the application of technology gives a practical benefit in alleviating internal border controls or negative impact such as discrimination towards refugees and immigrants in the Schengen area. In order to approach this problem a theoretical reference is used from international relations’ perspective, as a part of the political science greater scope on the issue. The data is collected through library research and analyzed qualitatively. This study concludes that various improvements and improvisation were made in the implementation of border controls. There are several steps taken by the EU for border control checks by utilizing technology such as Visa Information System (VIS), Schengen Information System (SIS), European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), and FRONTEX. These technologies allow Schengen states to share visa data about individual who enters European Union from its various borders, enable seamless cooperation regarding border controls and law enforcement and visitor tracking between countries. This study conclude that the application of innovative technology on internal border control in Schengen Area is well applied and projectively very useful to tackle the security concerns and conflicting interests within the Schengen area and remove the needs of unnecessarily long physical internal border controls.
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