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Ogoun Stanley, Terry Keme Zuode Odogu, Stanley Ogoun, Odogu Terry Keme Zuode
Open Journal of Accounting, Volume 9, pp 1-14; doi:10.4236/ojacct.2020.91001

This study meta-analytically pooled and synthesized thirty studies related to ethical compliance and locus of control in the light of auditors’ independence and public and professional commitment. This was informed by the increasing corporate and audit failures recorded in the early 2000s despite existing professional ethics. Qualitative information were obtained from synthesized related studies and coded into quantitative data for analysis. The translated data were tested using OLS with the E-view 9 software for correlation and regression analyses. The regression analysis revealed a strong positive relationship between locus of control and ethical compliance, hence, the only hypothesis in the study was rejected, and the conclusion of the study is that, “ethical compliance is a function of an individual accountant or auditor’s locus of control”. Consequently, the study recommends that professional bodies and institutions should consider personality factors in the setting and implementation of professional ethics.
Riad Makdissi, Anita Nehme, Mira Khawaja
Open Journal of Accounting, Volume 9, pp 15-29; doi:10.4236/ojacct.2020.92002

This article has been written with the aim of seeing the impact of the chartered accountant on the sustainability of Lebanese companies. In order to respond to this problem, we have presented a general vision of chartered accountants and the importance of their intervention in a company. Then we conducted interviews with fifty chartered accountants with large experience in different regions of the Lebanese territory in order to highlight the different missions they carried out in the Lebanese companies, their role in business continuity and development, how they faced their companies’ challenges, what added values they offered to them, which then led us to summarize the tasks chartered accountants saw necessary for the continuity of the companies. We also have visited twelve accounting firms and see the different stages of the accounts’ auditing. A questionnaire was prepared in order to collect all needed information. We distributed it to one hundred thirty companies in different regions with the aim of seeing the role played by the chartered accountants, the missions they carried out, the essential tasks to the companies’ sustainability as well as other questions enriching our study which we have presented in this article.
Bangling Liu, Hong Zhou, Xiao Pei
Open Journal of Accounting, Volume 9, pp 51-59; doi:10.4236/ojacct.2020.94005

The main body of accounting services in the market economy of Jing Zhou City is currently mainly composed of small and medium-sized enterprises; each year, small and medium-sized accounting firms mainly provide its traditional class audit, proxy bookkeeping, capital inspection and other services. However, due to the fact that current small and medium-sized accounting firms in Jing Zhou have the characteristics of a single structure, a large number of organizations, fierce competition and so on, these probably result in the slow development of small and medium-sized accounting firms in the local market. Based on an analysis on the current status of the development of small and medium-sized accounting firms in Jing Zhou, and the problems that may be encountered in their further development, this article proposes a series of targeted development recommendations to seek the long-term development of small and medium-sized accounting firms in Jing Zhou.
José Elias Crisódio, Pena Vasco Amarildo, Crisódio José Elias, Amarildo Pena Vasco
Open Journal of Accounting, Volume 9, pp 36-49; doi:10.4236/ojacct.2020.93004

The present study aimed to analyse the quality of the earnings reported by banks inserted in dynamic and less dynamic financial markets, associated with IAS 39 as measurement standard of financial instruments, from 2013 to 2017. The study consisted of the analysis discretionary accruals of banks operating in different markets, namely Mozambican and Portuguese. Discretionary accruals were estimated based on the modified Jones (1991) model. The study results indicate that there is evidence of discretionary behaviour in the reported earnings, and is high to the dynamic markets context. On account of the previous finding, the study has drawn the differences in the use of financial instruments. It was found out that Mozambican banks use few instruments; however, the difference is meaningless. A gross part of Financial Instruments Available-for-Sale and used by Mozambican banks are made up of treasure obligations, which may partly explain the reduced discretionary behaviour compared to Portuguese banks.
Meng Kang, Fuangfa Ampornstira
Open Journal of Accounting, Volume 9, pp 31-35; doi:10.4236/ojacct.2020.93003

With the continuous development of information technology and the popularization of the Internet, the information age represented by big data has arrived, and major enterprises are gradually exploring the road of integration and development with the Internet (AICPA, 2014). Auditing is an important part of the internal control management of an enterprise. Audit supervision and audit analysis and evaluation can help enterprises find problems in service management and business management, which is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of an enterprise. In the context of big data, the auditing work of an enterprise should be innovative in methods and methods. With the help of data platforms and information networks, a more complete and efficient auditing model should be constructed (Bilal et al., 2016).
Clement Olatunji Olaoye, Ayodele Temitope Ekundayo
Open Journal of Accounting, Volume 8, pp 1-17; doi:10.4236/ojacct.2019.81001

Georgios Kolias, Nikolaos Arnis, Efstratios Kypriotelis, Kolias Georgios, Arnis Nikolaos, Kypriotelis Efstratios
Open Journal of Accounting, Volume 8, pp 19-34; doi:10.4236/ojacct.2019.82002

This study examines the relationship between firm performance and corporate governance structure, mainly leadership structure. The leadership structure is strongly related to CEO duality. There are several aspects and dimensions of this relation, which may influence the corporate performance but this study focuses on the extreme situation where this relation reaches its ends, namely the corporation collapse. This paper has considered the factors that can cause corporate failure and its governance inability to attain their objectives. Data were collected from 385 bankrupt and 14.000 non-bankrupt unlisted Greek firms for a period of ten years in order for a model to be drawn, indicating the possibility of those firms incorporated under duality to bankrupt.
Muhammad Usman
Open Journal of Accounting, Volume 8, pp 47-62; doi:10.4236/ojacct.2019.84004

The study aims to examine the impact of capital structure on the financial performance of the consumer goods industry in Nigeria. The population of the study comprised of the consumer goods companies listed on the Nigerian Stock exchange with a Sample size of six (6) companies, using filter as a sampling technique of which a period of five (5) years was used from 2012-2016. The Dependent variable of the study is financial performance proxied by return on asset (ROA), while the independent variables of the study are: Long term debt (LTD), Short term debt (STD) and shareholders’ funds (ROE). The data generated from annual report and accounts of the selected companies were analyzed by means of descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis using E-views 8.0. The result of the analysis was tested at 0.05 (5%) level of significance. The findings of the study show that Short term debts have no significant impact on the financial performance of listed firms in the Nigeria consumer goods industry. It was also discovered that Long term debts have no significant impact on the financial performance of listed firms in the Nigeria consumer goods industry. It was also discovered that Equity has significant impact on the financial performance of listed firms in the Nigeria consumer goods industry. The study recommended that in making a decision on what the composition of their capital structure will be, companies should look critically and make comparison between the cost of obtaining a particular source of capital and the benefit that can be derived from it instead of making capital structure decisions on baseless generalizations. This will help managers ensure that there will be a gain at the end of the day.
Ayman Mohamed Zerban
Open Journal of Accounting, Volume 7, pp 1-18; doi:10.4236/ojacct.2018.71001

Accounting and auditing failures are still a hot topic despite strong efforts for efficient corporate governance. The motives and attitudes behind decisions and events leading to Enron’s eventual downfall appear to be simple. It is individual and collective greed born in an atmosphere of market loose of regulation. The financial results of the company were too good to be true and no sound was heard to criticize the company albeit very few opinions. It was a network to deceive stakeholders. Saudi Arabia government has sought to change its oil-based economy into a modern diversified economy with a more trend towards privatization consistent with 2030 vision “a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation” and in this situation an effective, transparent, accountable, enabling and high-performing government and corporations are an essential pillar for success in order to advance economy including stock market. Corporate governance is intended to increase accountability of corporations and to avoid problems before they occur. An accounting scandal at one of Saudi Arabia’s largest telecommunications companies is posing pressure on regulators, as Saudi Arabia moves to open up the Arab world’s largest stock market to foreign investors. The Capital Market Regulator in Saudi Arabia banned Deloitte’s firm (Bakr Abulkhair & Co.) from auditing public companies as of June 1st, 2015, on account of its work for the targeted loss-making company MMG (Mohammad Al Mojil Group). Another scandal in Saudi Arabia is Etihad Etisalat, known as (Mobily), as company’s audit committee pointed in their perspective to accounting errors that decreased about $380 million in previous profits. The aim of this research is to explore what went wrong and the violations of corporate governance rules by highlighting corporate accounting and auditing scandals in MMG (Mohammad Al Mojil Group) and Etihad Etisalat, known as (Mobily). Although what happened at Enron is very well known worldwide, the corporate accounting and auditing failures in the case of Saudi Arabia is unprecedented territory of research.
Xuanqi Hu
Open Journal of Accounting, Volume 7, pp 107-124; doi:10.4236/ojacct.2018.72008

Based on the panel data of Chinese listed companies spanning the period 1999-2015, this paper investigates the effects of Chairman’s cultural background characteristics on audit fees. The results show that Chairman’s cultural background characteristics significantly affect the company’s audit fees, the Chairman with the nomadic culture background compared with who with cultivation culture background tends to pay lower audit fees, and the relationship above is enhanced when the company’s Chairman and CEO is the same person. Furthermore, this paper finds that the bigger the board size, or the longer the Chairman’s tenure, the lower the audit fees the company whose Chairman has the nomadic culture background will pay.
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