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Suspina Pasande
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences;

The diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis may be challenging in resource-limited setting. We report a 54-year-old male with the diagnosis of psoriasis vulgaris in the rural area of Papua, Indonesia. The diagnosis was made clinically by a general practitioner due to the absence of diagnostics testing and dermatologists around the area. The patient showed improvements after applying combined ointment of glucocorticoids, emollients, and moisturizers.
Mohamad A. Wani, Firdous D. Wani, M. Yousuf Nath
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences;

Background: The vasculitides are a heterogenous group of conditions characterized by blood vessel inflammation and necrosis. Vasculitides are relatively uncommon conditions whose etiology is still poorly understood. Objective of the research was to study the cardiovascular profile of vasculitis patients at a tertiary care centre. Methods: The present hospital based observational study was conducted in the department of internal medicine, Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS), Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. The study had two parts: retrospective and prospective. In the retrospective part, all patients of vasculitis who were admitted or evaluated in outpatient department (OPD) from March 2012 to September 2018, were enrolled for the analysis. In the prospective part, all patients of vasculitis admitted or evaluated in OPD from October 2018 to May 2020 were enrolled for study. Results: Out of total 77 patients studied, 39 (50.6%) were prospective cases and 38 (49.4%) cases were of retrospective nature. Normal echocardiographic and electrocardiography (ECG) findings were seen in majority of all three groups. Computed tomography (CT) angio shows involvement of right subclavian artery in 9 (40.9%) patients, 8 (36.4%) patients had involvement of left subclavian artery, 6 (27.3%) patients had involvement of arch of aorta, CT angio was suggestive of involvement left common carotid artery 5 patients, 2 patients each had involvement of celiac artery, bilateral iliac, ascending aorta, normal CT angio findings. Arterial Doppler was suggestive of involvement of right common carotid artery (CCA) and left CCA in 4 (30.8%) patients each, right superior cerebellar artery (SCA) involvement in 3 (23.1%) patients, left SCA involvement in 4 (30.8%) patients, left right brachiocephalic artery (RBA), right RA and B/L UA involvement was observed in 1 (7.7%) patient each. Conclusions: The association between cardiovascular disease and a vasculitis is well documented. our study discusses the association between cv disease and vasculitis.
Oktavia Sari, Susy Purnawaty, Nila Wahyuni
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences;

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic triggers anxiety in individuals due to uncertain changes. Female workers experience greater stressors because of the demands related to work and family; thus, they are prone to chronic sleep disorders, insomnia, and other conditions. Yoga, as an alternative to medical therapy, can reduce the hyperarousal state caused by autonomic imbalance and improve sleep quality. The objective of this study was to measure the effectiveness of Yin and Vinyasa yoga in enhancing sleep quality in female office workers suffering from mild to moderate insomnia.Methods: This experimental study employed a before and after test control group design. Respondents were 30 female office workers in Malang and Bali with sleep disorders measured by the insomnia severity index (ISI), which were divided into two groups of 15. The PSQI measurement was performed to determine changes in sleep quality post-intervention. Results: Wilcoxon test assessed the hypothesis, and all components have p<0.05, which indicates a significant difference between pre and post-Vinyasa yoga intervention and similar results for the Yin yoga with paired t test. To test the comparison of the mean sleep quality using the Mann Whitney U test, the value of p=0.019 (p<0.05) showed a significant difference post-intervention. Descriptive statistics show the improvement in the Vinyasa Yoga and Yin yoga groups was by 60% and 86.7, respectively. Conclusions: From the results, the conclusion is that Yin yoga improves sleep quality better than Vinyasa yoga for female office workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Nusrat Chouhan, Monica Manhas, Suman Kotwal, Mohsina Majid
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences;

Background: Diabetics and obese persons are highly susceptible to cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Obesity causes hypoxemia and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) also is known to lower the oxygen-carrying capacity and related systemic vascular vasodilatory adaptations and responses. Aim was to assess the effect of obesity and glycosylated hemoglobin on oxygen saturation in patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Methods: HbA1c level and oxygen saturation (SpO2) were measured in 100 adult, obese (Body mass index>30) T2DM patients. Results: Mean HbA1C and SpO2 values were 8.69±2.41% and 95.24±3.23% respectively. P value for correlation between SpO2 and BMI was 0.3. On the other hand, p-value for correlation between SpO2 and HbA1c was 0.679 Conclusions: There was no significant effect of obesity and HbA1c on oxygen saturation in T2DM patients.
Deepak Singhal, Revathi Deivasigamani, Bhavik A. Bhavsar, Lakshmi Sitara Ganisetti, Purshotam R. Menghani, Imran Majid, Naveen Kumar Kukkadapu, Gillella Srinivasulu, Sneha Amol, Rani Sudhir Shah, et al.
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences;

Over several decades, topical corticosteroids (TCs) have been used in the treatment of various dermatoses such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and eczema, among others. The TCs act by reducing inflammation and irritation after topical application. The therapeutic effect of TCs is bestowed through their diverse biologic properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, vasoconstrictive, and antimitotic activity, and its role in the reduction of lymphocyte reactivity, modulation of Langerhans cell expression, cellular and lysosomal membrane stabilization, reduction of recruitment of neutrophils and monocytes, reduction of mast cell density and reactivity, and sensitization of immunoglobulin E. Clobetasol propionate (CP) 0.025% is a class I TC available as a cream formulation. The cream formulation contains half the concentration of conventional CP (0.025%), without the loss of therapeutic potency. The lack of additives such as penetration enhancers (propylene glycol) further prevents cutaneous microbiome alteration. This comprehensive case series covers the potent efficacy and safety of ImpoyzTM (CP) Cream 0.025% in the management of various dermatological disorders.
Shilpa P. Karande, R. DeSouza, D. S. Asagaonkar, Sudhir Dhokar, Meghna Pose, Vasanthi I.
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, Volume 10, pp 1639-1643;

Background: Occupational lung diseases in sewage workers have not received sufficient attention, despite chronic exposure to noxious material. We aimed to describe the pulmonary function testing pattern of sewage workers with special emphasis on estimated lung age. Methods: We included sewage workers who came for health check-up. We excluded patients who had respiratory infection/any other respiratory ailments. Socio-demographic profile, history and examination were noted. Routine haematological investigations, chest radiograph, PFT were done. Basal and predicted measurements FVC, FEV1, PEFR, FE F25-75%, MVV and estimated lung age were noted. Results: Average age was 43.48±7.96 years on presentation and no one was symptomatic, everyone had normal X-ray chest findings. Of these 82 participants,36 had normal pattern on PFT. Out of 46 abnormal patterns, 28 had obstructive,5 restrictive and 13 had mixed patterns. In Obstructive pattern, mean FEV1/FVC ratio was 78.15 + 4.42 %, FEV1% was 89.26+10.27 %. In restrictive pattern, mean FVC % was 71%±5.72. In mixed pattern mean FVC % was 71.83+10.7%, FEV1 % was 70.98+6.43%.FEF (25-75%) was 62±10.85% in the obstructive pattern and 93±11.49% in the restrictive pattern. Estimated lung age was found to be 45±10.71 years, 55±11.36 years and 67±7.54 years in normal, obstructive and restrictive pattern which was high. Conclusions: There is a considerable burden of occupation lung diseases in the form of reduced lung functions among sewage workers, which often goes undiagnosed. Periodic assessment and appropriate measures in reducing the exposure should be considered.
Jayakrishnan B.
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, Volume 10, pp 1698-1702;

Background: Since the emergence of the pandemic situation, there has been a gradual paradigm shift in the clinical management of diabetes, wherein, the scheduled clinical visits have been converted into teleconsultations. Patient satisfaction is an important parameter which is not well understood. The aim of the study was to assess patient satisfaction with diabetes management through teleconsultation in these populations. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in the Safe Care clinic in Tirur, Kerala from March 2021 to August 2021. This study included 163 T2D patients who availed of teleconsultation. Patient satisfaction was obtained through an online 12-item questionnaire developed by the authors and administered online via a survey tool. Results: In this study, 60% of the patients were male. The majority of the teleconsults occurred in the 41-60 years age group. Of the 163 responses obtained, 145(88.9%) of patients were satisfied with the explanation provided by their physician about their condition, while 148 (90.7%) were satisfied with the duration of the consultation. Further, 158 (96.9%) would be happy to use teleconsultation again, while 155 (95%) would recommend teleconsultation to their friends and family. Around 150 (92%) feel their confidentiality is maintained similar to in-clinic face-to-face consultation and 98 (60%) opined they would continue to use teleconsultations even after face-to-face interactions resume post-pandemic. Conclusions: The patient satisfaction results of the study indicate that telemedicine is there to stay during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic for the management of diabetes in the sub-urban and village populations in Kerala.
Mehul H. Sadadiwala, Ashna Sadadiwala
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, Volume 10, pp 1703-1709;

Background: There is a stereotypical notion of estrogen being the most relevant parameter for bone health in post-menopausal females, but apart from estrogen; advances in research have presented ample evidence that melatonin may also play a critical role in bone health outcomes. Methods: Our study consisted of 48 post-menopausal females, 24 subjects in the case group and 24 in control groups, to study the differences of certain parameters existing between the two. Serum Melatonin was calculated using ELISA test and Bone Mineral Density (BMD) was evaluated using a portable Ultrasound Bone Densitometer Testing Machine. Results: A strong Positive Pearson correlation exists between BMD and serum melatonin levels. Pearson correlation coefficient value (r) of 0.96 and 0.95 for the Control and Osteopenic group respectively. Linear regression for control group is (r2) 0.92. Linear regression for osteopenic group is (r2) 0.90. Conclusions: The results of our study exhibited strong interdependence between the serum melatonin levels and their effects on BMD. Osteopenic subjects who had a lower BMD were also found to have relatively lower levels of serum melatonin. Aligning with the results, similarly control group with normal BMD was found to have relatively higher level of serum melatonin.
, Minda Nuraini
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, Volume 10, pp 1772-1777;

A carotid-cavernous fistula (CCF) is an abnormal vascular connection, which allows blood to flow either directly or indirectly from the carotid artery into the cavernous sinus. The classic triad of ocular symptoms mostly seen in direct CCFs but less common without ocular symptoms. This difference in symptoms depends on the draining venous flow from the fistula, whether it affects the ophthalmic veins or affects the cortical veins. We presented a case of a 32-year-old man with decreased consciousness, seizures, vomiting, a history of long-standing headache, ringing in the ears and double vision, without ptosis, opthamoplegia and without proptosis. Head CT showed a sulcal and perimesencepalic type of subarachnoid hemorrhage. Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) results obtained arterial vein fistula from the right internal carotid artery to the cavernous sinus with the dominant vein draining into the cortical vein, accompanied by dilatation and elongation of the cortical veins. No disturbances in ophthalmic venous outflow were found. Endovascular therapy was performed to close the fistula with detachable balloon embolization modality, with the result of complete fistula closure. The symptom pattern of CCF depended on flow velocity, location of CCF venous drainage, inflammation and pressure within the venous sinuses. Cerebral catheter angiography is the gold standard imaging modality used in the diagnosis and classification of CCF and embolization using a detachable balloon is one of the treatment options for direct CCF.
Elsa Paulina Alonso Lopez, Cesar Manuel Vargas Sahagun, Cesar Antonio Martinez Ortiz
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, Volume 10, pp 1762-1765;

Gastric sleeve twist is a rare complication, with an incidence of 1.2%. Its symptomatology is not very specific, making its diagnosis difficult to establish. Its timely treatment by endoscopy and/or surgery has shown excellent short- and long-term results. We present an infrequent and rare case of late gastric torsion 10 years after a laparoscopic gastric sleeve, which was resolved with surgical treatment with conversion to Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass with excellent results.
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