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Lyra Ruchiyat Permata, Agustina Melyanti Dolu, Benyamin Yusuf Tae, Bernadeta Apriliani Tanggur, Bernadeta H. Palma Unggas, Mikhael A. Roncalli Kloa, Natalia Christin Hari, Sandro Mario Agun, Viany Cecilia Pah, Yoseph Mariano Meme, et al.
Published: 30 September 2022
Asian Journal of Community Services, Volume 1, pp 83-90;

Socialization activities like saving are carried out by students participating in real work colleges thematic Universitas Katolik Widya Mandira aims to educate and provide an understanding of financial literacy through saving from an early age while increasing participants ' awareness and interest learn to save. Saving means setting aside some of the money you have to save and is one way to manage money, and familiarize participants educate to buy school necessities such as uniforms, stationery, and textbooks, and can help the family's economy from savings. This activity is one of the applications of knowledge carried out at the Nait State Elementary School and the GMIT Oenesu Elementary School which is carried out face-to-face while still adhering to health protocols. The methods used are lectures with extension techniques, using language and fun ways according to their age level, asking questions, and being creative in their work. practice make a piggy bank using used bottles and origami paper. The results of this activity, participants students gain knowledge about the benefits of saving and caring for the environment by utilizing household waste. This activity is expected to be continued by the school and also in the environment community so that these good habits can have a lasting impact for a better future
Ade Irma Suryani, Trina Febriyani, Yuherman, Rika Nofitri Wulandari, Fitri Rahma Widia, Gusnita Sri Wulandari
Published: 30 September 2022
Asian Journal of Community Services, Volume 1, pp 105-114;

Utilization of relevant learning media in the classroom can optimize the learning process. For lecturers, media helps concrete concepts or ideas and helps motivate active learning participants. For students, the media can be a bridge for critical thinking and action. Thus the media can help the task of lecturers and students achieve the specified basic competencies. So that learning media can be used properly, teachers need to know their learning needs and the problems faced by students regarding the material to be taught. To improve the teaching and learning process, a teacher should use instructional media as a channel. Through this channel, the stimulus is delivered to students to motivate, attract attention, stimulate student responses and others. For this purpose, it is necessary for the teacher to know the types of media besides being able to choose, it is also possible to combine several media to convey his meaning.
Hasbi Taobah Ramdani, Asep Nizar F, Andhika Lungguh Perceka, Desy Syswianti, Sri Yekti Widadi, Wieda Widyatri Qarragita
Published: 30 September 2022
Asian Journal of Community Services, Volume 1, pp 99-104;

Disasters are a series of events that can threaten human life in various places, one of which is in Garut Regency which is an area with the Indonesia Disaster Prone Index ranked third in West Java Province, and one of the school facilities affected by the flood disaster in July 2022 is SDN 1 Sukaratu. This community service activity was carried out in July 2022 by providing school supplies for high school students whose homes were affected by flooding. The results of the evaluation, both questions and answers and observations of affected students, can carry out learning activities with their new equipment.
Lisda Van Gobel, Sofyan Alhadar, Misbahudin Djaba, Iin Laki
Published: 30 September 2022
Asian Journal of Community Services, Volume 1, pp 115-122;

The purpose of the service activity is to prevent the number of stunting cases in Gorontalo Province, especially in Iloponu Village, Tibawa District, Gorontalo Regency. There are several methods used in the form of socialisation and direct assistance. The timing of the implementation of this activity will be carried out in August 2022. Based on the findings in this activity, there were 17 cases of stunting in Iloponu Village. This is updated by the economic level of the community which is still at a low level so that parents have not been able to provide nutritious food to children. In addition, the level of education of parents is also one of the factors in the emergence of stunting cases in Iloponu Village. It can be concluded that Stunting is a chronic disease that can interfere with the growth of children whose effects can penetrate into a person's career if prevention is not carried out early.
Ujang Charda S, Ajun Juana, Restu Mahardhika
Published: 30 September 2022
Asian Journal of Community Services, Volume 1, pp 91-98;

MSMEs are the economic support of the community. In Indonesia, MSMEs themselves have been defined in the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 20 of 2008 concerning MSMEs, which states micro-enterprises and productive businesses belong to individuals and/or individual business entities that have micro criteria as regulated in the Law. MSMEs are a strategic Indonesian economic sector for economic development in Indonesia. But in reality, MSMEs have problems and until now there has been no serious attention to overcome them. MSMEs need serious protection, especially from the free market. The protection in question is in strengthening human resources, coaching, housing, business environment, and promotion.
Khaerul Anam, Lilik Evitamala, Dedi Rizwandi
Asian Journal of Community Services, Volume 1, pp 75-82;

Kuta Mandalika is a special economic area that will become a tourist destination to visit and exercise, especially since the international standard MotoGP has been built. The purpose of this community service is to increase skills and new economic opportunities so that the economy of Karang Taruna Pujut District can continue to grow and develop. the effort that must be made is to develop sub-skills in fitness services and sports therapists located in the Mandalika Special Economic area. Outcomes to be achieved through the Indonesia Tangguh UKM program with the slogan "recover together, recover stronger" include 1. an increased understanding of being a sports therapist 2. increased understanding of being a personal trainer 3. Increased number of customers, 4. Improved management of SMEs through financial systems, and marketing promotions. The results of the activity evaluation show that almost 70% of the material is absorbed, while 90% of practice. This result is due to the use of scientific language, but it has a positive impact on improving skills in the field and continuing to practice
Muhammad Sukron Fauzi, Didik Cahyono, Jance J Sapulete, Naheria
Asian Journal of Community Services, Volume 1, pp 51-58;

The purpose of the training is (a) it is hoped that PJOK teachers will understand the latest physical education paradigm and the learning process. (b) After actively participating in training activities, it is hoped that elementary school PJOK teachers will gain theoretical and practical experience regarding PIKEM learning in physical education through play models and modification of learning facilities so that they can be applied and developed in their respective schools. This community service method is carried out by providing training to teachers regarding active, innovative, and fun PJOK learning and making PJOK learning media by modifying fun learning infrastructure tools and game models so that children don't get bored and bored quickly. The results of this service, the free test ability level was found that 50% of PJOK teachers' knowledge related to theory and practice of Physical Education learning was classified as low category, while after being given training, 83% post test results were classified as high category. Effective and Fun (PAIKEM) Physical Education Based on the 2013 Curriculum and teachers can innovate in physical education learning. And they promised to start carrying out motivation and fun learning after receiving this counseling.
Mahrus Lutfi Adi Kurniawan, Suripto
Asian Journal of Community Services, Volume 1, pp 45-50;

Green Economy or green economy is an economic idea that aims to improve the welfare and social equality of the community, while reducing the risk of environmental damage significantly. So far, the economic aspect is more dominant than the environmental aspect so that environmental sustainability is not maintained and produces negative effects/externalities that can harm residents in the surrounding environment. Environmental damage is a full concern for economists, giving rise to the concept of a green economy or better known as a green economy.
Sari Mujiani, Elan Kurniawan, Patriandari Soedarso, Rianto Irvan
Asian Journal of Community Services, Volume 1, pp 37-44;

In the last two years, there has been an increase in the number of MSME actors during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, MSMEs' development is not accompanied by knowledge of financial statement preparation. MSMEs face a number of challenges, including: a) a lack of knowledge about the preparation of accountable financial statements; and b) a lack of soft skills training about the accounting system. The proposed community service activities are expected to solve problems, such as: a) providing soft skills in the form of knowledge about financial reporting; and b) providing training on the preparation of financial statements using a computerized accounting system. The goals of this activity are as follows: a) increasing awareness of accountability for every transaction carried out in its business operations; and b) being consistent and sustainable in preparing financial statements for future business continuity.
Indanazulfa Qurrota A’Yun, Rifki Khoirudin, Suripto
Asian Journal of Community Services, Volume 1, pp 71-74;

This service aims to provide training to Indonesian diapora residing in China. This is so that the Indonesian diaspora can understand the principles of investment and how to invest. This is important because investing is expected to provide an appropriate return and have an impact on the welfare of the Indonesian diapora. The method used in this service is lecture and discussion. The training begins with material presentations, then continues with questions and answers and discussions based on real problems faced by the Indonesian diaspora. What is obtained in this service is understanding the basic concepts of investment. In addition, it is necessary to know how to invest by understanding investment instruments based on the profile of the level of risk and level of profit. There are three stages that need to be done, namely, 1) compiling and planning life goals; 2) determine the amount of investment; and 3) execution. After running, it is necessary to carry out a review and evaluation stage so that it can invest properly and correctly.
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