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Muhammad Yunus Lubis
KLIK: Kajian Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer, Volume 2, pp 172-177; https://doi.org/10.30865/klik.v2i5.364

The expert system for diagnosing autoimmune diseases is a computer-based system that is used as a tool to diagnose autoimmune diseases based on a dynamic knowledge base. Autoimmune disease is a disease that attacks the human immune system which is generally common in women. Autoimmune is a disorder of the immune system due to the failure of the defense of the body's stability. This autoimmune disease causes harm to human organs because it can damage the organs of cells that are still healthy in a person's body. In this case the role of the computer is needed to provide information quickly, precisely, and accurately. One of them is the development of an expert system (Expert System) which is a new breakthrough in the computer world. Expert System is a computer application that provides services for consulting and obtaining solutions to a problem, which works like an expert. This study uses the Classical Probability method which is one method to prove whether a fact is certain or uncertain in the form of a metric that is usually used in expert systems, this study aims to build an application using the Classical Probability method by using the Dreamweaver application as a tool to diagnose autoimmune disease. By making this expert system, it is hoped that it will be useful for many people and can know clearly about Autoimmune disease from its symptoms and solutions, which are displayed in the form of a website using PHP programming with a MySQL database
Tengku Ridwansyah
KLIK: Kajian Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer, Volume 2, pp 178-185; https://doi.org/10.30865/klik.v2i5.362

The city of Medan is one of the largest cities in Indonesia which has tourist charm, culinary and also supporting facilities and infrastructure that are quite adequate in the city, and of course will be ogled by foreign or foreign tourism. So it is necessary to do research in order to find out how the public sentiment towards tourism in the city of Medan, whether the majority of the world community considers it positive or negative. The response of the world community regarding Medan tourism is obtained from the Application Programming Interface (API) on Twitter because social media has a lot of users in the world. Indonesia has even reached 19.5 million users out of a total of 300 million users worldwide. In this study, one part of the Text Mining algorithm is text preprocessing, the text preprocessing used is case folding, tokenizing, stopwords, and stemming. For the preprocessing stemming, the snowball stemmer algorithm is used, while the analysis of the text data classification uses the Naïve Bayes Classifier algorithm and to partition the data the K-Fold Cross Validation method will be used. The data used in this study is a collection of tweets about tourism in the city of Medan on December 1, 2019 until December 8, 2019. Data is obtained from the Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) as many as 2000 tweets. Extracting data from Twitter via Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) using RStudio as a console for the data retrieval process
Yuda Yuda
KLIK: Kajian Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer, Volume 2, pp 186-191; https://doi.org/10.30865/klik.v2i5.361

Al-Qur’an is the holy book of Muslims which has different parts of the translation between different verses. This makes it more difficult for ordinary people who do not understand Arabic to know the content and meaning of the holy Qur'an. Technological developments can assist in facilitating the search for information, especially the translation of the holy verses of the Qur'an. The string matching technique is one way to facilitate searching and the winnowing algorithm is included in one of the string matching algorithms. The winnowing algorithm is one of the algorithms with the fingerprinting document method. The fingerprinting document will generate a hash value which is called a fingerprint. This fingerprinting will be the basis for comparing the selected documents. In finding the value of the winnowing algorithm translation application using the jaccard similarity calculation. Search conducted using the winnowing algorithm to search based on the name of the surah found in the holy Qur'an. And the output is in the form of a verse found in the letter along with its translation. Search using the winnowing algorithm has a 100% similarity level between text and pattern searches
Diana Sari
KLIK: Kajian Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer, Volume 2, pp 163-171; https://doi.org/10.30865/klik.v2i5.363

The problem in selecting the best presenter is that the SENSASI seminar organizing committee at the Budi Darma University campus has difficulty in making decisions to determine the best presenter where the assessment process is objective based on several different criteria and different weighting of the assessment, causing errors in the final decision making in this matter. Therefore, in order to solve the problems experienced by the organizing committee of the national seminar which was held at the Budi Darma University campus, Medan. Therefore, a decision support system is needed to select the best presenter. In selecting a method, using the ARAS & BORDA method, this system will get the results of ranking decisions made based on each alternative choice according to the many criteria set. The alternative with the greatest weight is the recommended alternative. To implement a decision support system, a decision support system application is designed. The design is made using the Visual Basic 2008 application, this application is designed simply to make it easier for users, with the application of this decision support system it is hoped that it can facilitate the national seminar organizing committee in selecting the best pemakalahl so that the selection of the best presenter gets the results as expected.
Cici Ulandari
KLIK: Kajian Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer, Volume 2, pp 156-162; https://doi.org/10.30865/klik.v2i5.365

Information which is the result of processing from data has a different value for each person. Often information becomes very valuable and not everyone is allowed to know it, but there are always parties who try to find out information in ways that are not supposed to even intend to destroy it. There are several methods in steganography, one of which is a method to hide secret messages (text or images) in other files that contain text, images, and even audio without showing any real or visible changes in the quality and structure of the original file. . These methods include invisible ink, microdots, word management, digital signatures, hidden paths and wide spectrum communications. Chineses Reminder Theorem (CRT) is a concept based on a congruent relationship. However, unlike congruence in general, this concept is based on a simultaneous congruence relationship. Simultaneous congruence refers to several congruent relations that have a relationship with each other, and this relationship is related to the value of the same variable but with different modulo. This theory is an ancient theory that is often used in cryptography applications.
Winda Triana
KLIK: Kajian Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer, Volume 2, pp 138-141; https://doi.org/10.30865/klik.v2i4.316

Manusia memiliki kelemahan dan juga memiliki kelebihan yang tercipta berbagai macam corak dan ragamnya. Dalam posisi hilang semangat hidup kita membutuhkan motivasi untuk membantu kita berdiri lagi. Dengan motivasi, seorang individu bisa bertindak dengan tepat untuk mencapai tujuannya. Tidak hanya itu, keterbatasan untuk menemukan suatu cerita motivasi diinternet memiliki beberapa masalah diantaranya, susah menemukan sesuai dengan yang dibutuhkan, membutuhkan waktu yang lama dan gangguan jaringan. Dengan demikian, perlunya sebuah informasi yang praktis yang dapat diakses kapan saja dan dimana saja oleh semua masyarakat. Hal itu guna untuk mempermudah dan mempercepat seseorang untuk mencari motivasi yang sesuai dengan yang dibutuhkan untuk mencapai tujuan. Sehingga penulis membuat aplikasi yang dapat membantu individu lain menemukan motivasi yang tepat berdasarkan apa yang mereka cari dan mendorong mereka untuk memperbaiki dan menemukan jati dirinya serta dapat membantu meminimalkan biaya dalam pembelian buku yang membahas tentang cerita motivasi. Untuk melakukan proses pencarian judul pada aplikasi kumpulan cerita motivasi membutuhkan algoritma not so naive. Dengan metode ini dapat mempermudah dalam pencarian judul yang diinginkan pada aplikasi kumpulan cerita motivasi.
Uliana Tarigan
KLIK: Kajian Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer, Volume 2, pp 142-147; https://doi.org/10.30865/klik.v2i4.282

An expert system for diagnosing Microcephaly is one of the important things considering the disease that needs to be observed so that this disease is easy to attack children. The problem that became the starting point in making this thesis is how to solve the problem using the Rete method. From the analysis, it can be seen that the expert system for diagnosing Microcephaly can be done using the Rete method using a computer program that suits the needs, so that users can get better diagnostic results more easily. With the existence of an expert system for diagnosing Microcephaly, it is hoped that it will make it easier to see, the symptoms, causes and results of the diagnosis of Microcephaly. In designing this diagnosis using Microsoft Visual Basic 2008
Dwita Elisa Sinaga, Agus Perdana Windarto, Rizki Alfadillah Nasution
KLIK: Kajian Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer, Volume 2, pp 123-131; https://doi.org/10.30865/klik.v2i4.328

Medicine is an object that is formulated by medical personnel to assist in preventing, healing, recovering, and improving the health of patients. Pharmacies are places that provide various types of drugs that are needed by patients, but pharmacies often have problems in providing drugs which result in a shortage of goods when someone needs it. aspect. This problem will be solved by using the C4.5 algorithm based on data obtained from the Franch Farma Pharmacy. The purpose of this study is to predict the supply of drugs that will be needed by dividing them into 6 variables, namely the name of the item, type of drug, inventory, initial stock, ending stock, and goal. The research test process uses Rapidminer software to create a decision tree. And the results obtained are 12 rules to predict drug supplies to be carried out by Franch Farma Pharmacy with an accuracy rate of 80.00%. From the results of the analysis, it is hoped that it can help pharmacists in making drug supplies more effective and efficient.
Kairil Anwar
KLIK: Kajian Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer, Volume 2, pp 148-155; https://doi.org/10.30865/klik.v2i4.315

Semakin majunya teknologi informasi dan taraf hidup masyarakat mengakibatkan semakin meningkatnya tuntutan masyarakat terhadap kualitas pelayanan dan produk yang digunakan. Keperluan smartphone ini telah menjadi gaya hidup yang dianggap penting bagi sebagian masyarakat saat ini.sebuah Fenomena tersebut mendukung munculnya banyak sebuah smartphone yang menawarkan produk untuk memenuhi keperluan masyarakat akan teknologi dalam hal berkomunikasi. Pada penelitihan ini merek smartphone yang digunakan adalah vivo_Indonesia, oppo indonesia. Mechine learning adalah aplikasi kecerahan buatan (AI) yang menyediakan kemampuan sistem untuk belajar dan meningkatakn kemampuannya secara otomatis dari pengalaman tanpa harus diprogram secara eksplisit. Mechine learning memberi cara-cara baru dalam menggali wawasan serta membantu badan penelitian memecahkan masalah-masalah. Salah satu contohnya adalah analisa sentimen yang dilakukan secara otomatis. Analisa sentimen sendiri perlu dilakuakn kerna pengguna media sosial di masyarakat semakin meningkat sehingga mempengaruhi perkembangan opini publik. Oleh kerena itu hal ini dapat dimanfaatkan untuk menganalisa opini publik tersebut dengan mengaplikasikan data sciene, salah satunya adalah Text Mining atau dikenal dengan istilah text analytics. Tahapan keseluruhan metode yang digunakan pada penelitian ini adalah dengan menggunakan Text Mining pada video di instagram mengenai review smarphone dengan metode scraping, labelisasi, preproseccing (case folding, tokenisasi, filtering), perhitungan frekuensi kemunculan kata (tf), dan klasifikasi sentimen, yang digunakan yaitu term frequency (tf) dan Gaussian naive bayes. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah mengklasifikasikan komentar pada video instagram dalam sentimen positif, negatif, netral dan mengetahui kualitas dari setiap proses analisa sentimen yang diambil dan membandingkan algoritma Multinomnal Naive Bayes. Hasil dari akurat F-score yang didapat adalah 73% pada percobaan dengan menggunakan algoritma Gaussian Naive Bayes sementara pada percobaan dengan menggunakan algoritma Multinomnal Naive Bayes akurasi yang didapat sebesar 83% pendekatan ini diharapkan akan sangat berguna bagi pengembangan analisa sentimen pada penelitian selanjutnya.
Rahmad Rahmansyah
KLIK: Kajian Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer, Volume 2, pp 132-137; https://doi.org/10.30865/klik.v2i4.317

Algoritma Friefalds mempunyai dua kunci, yaitu kunci publik dan kunci rahasia. Algoritma ini memiliki keamanan yang terletak pada kesulitan dalam menghitung alogaritma diskrit. Baik kunci enkripsi maupun dekripsi keduanya merupakan bilangan prima. Algoritma friefalds tipe algoritma kriptografi asimetris terdiri atas dua buah kunci yaitu kunci publick untuk melakukan enkripsi sedangkan kunci pribadi untuk melakukan dekripsi. Dalam algoritma Friefalds, kunci yang didistribusikan adalah kunci publik yang tidak diperlukan kerahasiannya sedangkan kunci pribadi tetap disimpan atau tidak didistribusikan. Setiap orang yang memiliki kunci public dapat melakukan proses implementasi enkripsi tetapi hasil dari enkripsi tersebut hanya bias dibaca oleh orang yang memiliki kunci pribadi. Untuk meningkatkan kekuatan dari algoritma tersebut, maka kunci yang digunakan untuk melakukan proses enkripsi dan dekripsi akan dimodifikasi terlebih dahulu menggunakan algoritma pengacakan yaitu Algoritma Knapsack. Algoritma Knapsack adalah algoritma acak probabilistik yang digunakan untuk memverifikasi perkalian matriks. Tujuan dalam menggunakan algoritma Freifalds ini adalah agar kunci yang dihasilkan lebih sulit ditebak sehingga mempersulit kriptanalis dalam membaca pesan atau informasi tersebut.
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