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Vijay Sv, Yashwanthkumar R, Sudharsan R, Baranidharan V
Traditional agriculture practices may have adverse effects on the trend of living. In recent years, Traditional agriculture may take a lot of time to make a profitable method. Brilliant agribusiness ideas are emerging in modern agriculture. Sensors and remote sensing can give data about farming fields and afterward act dependent on the client’s input. A huge scope Agriculture framework requires a great deal of support, information, and oversight. The elements of this framework incorporate the advancement of a framework that can screen temperature, moistness, water level, and surprisingly the development of creatures that might annihilate the yields in the farming field through sensors by utilizing Arduino for the handling of information. Furthermore, we have added a security framework that distinguishes the wild animals by an open CV which may alert every time ranchers will get to know the progressions in their homestead. This type of farming will be effective and assists the Ranchers by monitoring the conditions of the farmland
Krishna Priya P S, Athira K, Neethu Biju, Aalia Thaha, Irfana Izzath
Published: 1 September 2022
He majority of incidents, including intravenous combination, are attributed to organizational complexity and an inadequate therapeutic benefit provider-to-patient ratio. The developing number of occurrences like these calls for the improvement of a robotized intravenous organization prepares. This paper describes the programming perspective of an intravenous liquid mixture control framework, including the development of a graphical user interface for mixture verification and the establishment of a database for IV medications. The stream control robotized. The study also compared the physical drop rate with the sensorobserved exploratory drop rate. In over 20 tests also, the system is incorporated with an automated bed which the patient can be controlled using voice commands for his/her comfort.
Rahul Swami, Shreyash Kumar, Shivank Kumar, Vishal Rathi, Jivanshu Joshi
Home Automation systems achieved great popularity over the last decade, increasing the quality of life while also providing better comfort. The concept gained traction because of its numerous advantages. One can easily achieve home automation today by choosing from the various services available to them. The services establish a connection between the home appliances and the electrical devices to the Internet or the cloud. Home automation is reaching the zenith in recent days due to the advancements in telecommunications ( the launch of 5G) that offers greater quality connectivity to the people. Cloud computing-based platforms help to connect to the things in everyday surroundings so that one can easily access anything and everything simply through their voice or custom designed portals. Therefore, the cloud acts as a frontend to IoT. Here, we are designing a system that can control the devices through a wireless network or over the cloud. The project aims to design an IoT based home automation system with the goal to giving the user complete control over all things wireless. The proposed system will can be controlled from a central host server, the internet, and also via smartphones simply by using different voice commands.
Arfat Malik, Flavia Gonsalves
As they increase comfort and quality of life, IOT in Home Appliances have gained popularity in recent years. The bulk of smart home systems are controlled by smartphones and micro-controllers. A smartphone application is used to monitor and control house processes via wireless connection technologies. We explore the idea of a smart home with the integration of IoT services and cloud computing to it by embedding intelligence into sensors and actuators, networking smart things using corresponding technology, facilitating interactions with smart things using cloud computing for easy access in different locations, increasing computation power, storage space, and improving data exchange efficiency.In this chapter, we'll examine how the utilization of three different elements can serve as a strong foundation for an advanced smart home concept and its actualization.
Nishana Yasmin, Sreelakshmi J, Dilruba P K, Punnya P, Remya V
The syringe pump is a miniature infusion pump that’s utilized to give little volumes of liquid (with or without medicine) to an understanding or for chemical and biomedical research. This study describes how a smartphone application can be used to create micro-liter accuracy, lightweight, and remotely controlled syringe pump developed by the MIT app inventor using Intelligent Internet of Things (I2oT). The human health parameters such as heart rate, temperature, and drip level of the patient are measured using biomedical sensors and the corresponding readings and ECG graph are displayed using the Android app. This framework is able to entrust alert messages approximately the patient’s basic wellbeing information as content messages to the smartphone through Bluetooth. The main advantages of this syringe pump are that it is less expensive portable and also automatically works.
Shahista Ansari, Abhijit N. Banubakode
The Internet of Things is causing a big revolution, which is a new reality that has replaced traditional life with modernized life. Smart objects have made our lives easy. The IoT is virtually present in every aspect of life. Much research in IoT made this possible, along with technology and electronic devices such as chips, sensors, etc. which have greatly contributed to this new revolution and helped to recognize the full potential of IoT. This paper refers to the various domains in IoT and some of their examples, as well as the detailed architecture of IoT with examples. IoT generates huge amounts of data. Hence, the role of big data and cloud computing as tools in solving IoT problems and efficient working. Some issues and challenges related to the IoT have also been discussed, such as security and privacy.
Sneha Jatolia, Harshali Patil
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a recent development that is making the world a more intelligent place. The vision of a linked world would indeed be impossible to imagine without the Internet of Things. An IoT-based Automated Smart Home is however one such example. Various objects such as household appliances, security cameras, lighting, laptops, etc., are all connected to the Internet in an IoT enabled Smart Home environment, enabling users to keep an eye on and control items regardless of time or location.This article looks at the various characteristics of smart homes, including their uses and accessibility. The information offered in this paper will be utilized to monitor and regulate the Smart Home environment
Vinayak Bhagwan Chalke, Abhijit Banubakode
(IoT) being the widespread merging of several “things” simultaneously as using the internet due to the backbone of the communicating devices, installation of an intelligent interaction among the human beings and surrounding objects. As part of the Internet of Things, the cloud is a significant problem that delivers valuable application-specific services across a wide range of application domains. Many IoT cloud providers have already entered the market to utilize proper and unique IoT-based fully unquestionably offerings. Despite the significant potential participation of these IoT clouds, no well-known or comparable analytical studies have been conducted to taken an observation has been determined in the course of the databases. This article examines well-known IoT cloud systems in jointly solving numerous service areas with software program development, device administration. An evaluation is available for the general distribution of IoT clouds based on their applicability.
T. Ramalingam, S. Gopinath
A Smart Home Automatic Gadget manipulate gadget task is a gadget to exchange on and rancid the lighting fixtures gadget of domestic via way of means of the usage of sensors via way of means of detecting the presence of human. It could be especially utilized in garages, magnificence rooms, staircases, bathrooms, etc., wherein there may be no want of non-stop mild however whilst there may be a human. The additives are Arduino Uno, PIR sensor and Relay Module, the operation of the gadget especially relies upon on PIR sensor which facilitates in detecting human presence. This gadget facilitates to shop pointless wastage of electrical energy, due to the fact maximum of the time we can also additionally neglect about to energy off the tool, which can also additionally cause intake of energy. Web of things a machine handling contraptions, Web of things, creatures or individuals, which are outfitted with unequivocal located to area switch estimations over a nearby range without anticipating human-to-human or human-to-machine communication.
Purva C Jadhav, Aneeksha Jain, Hemangi Jakharia, Manish Bhelande, Santosh Rathod
Traffic Control covers all procedures targeted at spreading and managing roadway traffic flows in time and space in order to decrease or prevent incidents. Network operators and controllers are in charge of traffic control, which is done in accordance with predefined traffic management policies and ideas. Across most nations, it is a coordinated effort with traffic policing authority, and it is often under their direct control. The traffic cops and traffic administrators are working hard to make transport safer and easier. Their responsibilities include supervising traffic junctions, utilizing CCTV to evaluate road conditions, executing pre-existing traffic laws, implementing Inbound Flow Control, and streamlining distribution and shipments. However, this is not the only desire of the next generation. We desire a sustainable environment, which is at threat due to massive air and noise pollution caused by automobiles, in addition to the necessary restrictions adopted by the government or regional transport office. As a result, we've come up with a solution that will assist the authorities in keeping air and noise pollution under control, at least to a certain extent. And we believe that it will be fruitful.
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