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, China University of Political Science and Law
Theory and Practice of Social Science, Volume 4, pp 1-9;

In the background of accelerating the construction of government ruled by law, the administrative organs should correctly interpret and apply the law in administrative enforcement, as well as following the principle of administration by law. Administrative organs should not casually interpret, apply the law, or even abuse their power, which will infringe the legitimate rights of private parties and against the original intention of Communist Party and country to promote the construction of government ruled by law. Administrative enforcement personnel should keep raising the capacity of law moral cultivation and make their due contributions to the construction of a government ruled by law.
Fanyi NI
Theory and Practice of Social Science, Volume 4, pp 57-66;

After more than 30 years of development, the housing provident fund system has made remarkable achievements. As an important part of China's social security system, it has gradually become the focus and hot spot of hundreds of millions of workers across the country. With the continuous acceleration of China's economic development and the leap forward improvement of people's living standards, housing provident fund management departments at all levels have done a lot of work in order to meet the housing needs of the majority of employees, around the improvement of the system, give full play to the role of institutional housing security, and strive to improve the housing consumption capacity of the majority of employees. Building a well-established housing provident fund system is not only the responsibility of the housing provident fund management departments at all levels, but also the due meaning of realizing the great goal of common prosperity of the whole nation. This paper will take "common prosperity" as the research background, take the current development status of China's housing provident fund system as the research subject, explore the disputes and deficiencies of China's housing provident fund system under the background of common prosperity, and put forward some feasible reform suggestions to promote the higher quality development of housing provident fund.
Sanqin Hu, Lingzhi Gao, Haifang Ma, Fanglin Meng
Theory and Practice of Social Science, Volume 4, pp 1-22;

Creativity, innovation, creation and entrepreneurship have become the core driving force of China's economic development and urban transformation in the new era. To promote the sustainable development of the Yangtze River Delta with higher quality, it is necessary to build a community of regional interests, give play to the advantages of regional industries, and form a world-class city cluster with global competitiveness on the basis of grasping the mission, target positioning and strategic path of the Time, with reliance on the region and the whole country, looking around the world and facing the future. This paper analyzed the creative industry development in the 25 major cities of the Yangtze river delta through three indicators, including the international market share index (IMS), trade competitiveness index (TC) and revealed comparative advantage index (RCA). From the two perspectives of creative goods and services, it compared the international competitiveness of creative industry between China and some major countries in the world. Finally, in the background of the digital era, countermeasures were proposed from the perspectives of cross-border integration and symbiotic development of digital economy, digital technology and creative industry, the spatial collaboration and symbiotic development of creative industry of the city cluster in Yangtze River Delta, talent training and intellectual property protection.
, Qianjiang College of Hangzhou Normal University, Yujie Chen, Jie Lin
Theory and Practice of Social Science, Volume 4, pp 58-65;

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China's higher education has paid more and more attention to integrating the content of ideological and political education into professional courses. Therefore, the term " ideological and political education in curriculums " was put forward and began to become a new direction of teaching reform in colleges and universities. Based on the practice of ideological and political teaching reform in the course of introduction to e-commerce, this paper adopts a comparative experimental design to carry out a questionnaire survey respectly before and after learning for two groups of students who study the course of introduction to e-commerce. The statistical results show that the ideological and political teaching in the course plays quite a good role in promoting students' ideological and political education.
Aiqing Wang, Tian Zhang, Beijing Union University
Theory and Practice of Social Science, Volume 4, pp 66-76;

The cultural industry is recognized as one of the most promising industries in the 21st century due to its wide coverage, strong plasticity, strong adaptability, low environmental pollution and strong relevance. Promoting the development of the cultural industry through fiscal and tax policies is a common practice in the country today. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously improve cultural and economic policies and allocate financial resources reasonably; through effective government guidance, reduce the burden on enterprises and encourage cultural enterprises to innovate; ensure the high-quality supply of cultural products and improve the core competitiveness of the cultural industry. This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of fiscal and taxation policies related to the development of the cultural industry, draws on the fiscal and taxation policies of developed countries, and puts forward relevant countermeasures and suggestions for promoting the better development of China's cultural industry based on national conditions.
Chaoyu Xu, Xiaobo Wang
Theory and Practice of Social Science, Volume 4, pp 77-89;

This paper mainly explores the phenomenon of "big data ripening", that is, Internet manufacturers display the alienated price of the same commodity or service on the equipment of different users through technical means such as big data. The price displayed on the equipment of old users is slightly higher than that displayed on the equipment of new users, so as to maximize their profits, but it will infringe on the due rights and interests of consumers, Cause the loss of users, thus reducing the efficiency of market transactions. Studying the phenomenon of "big data killing" can protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, maintain social order and stability, and establish a good market competition mechanism. Therefore, this paper mainly uses empirical analysis methods such as questionnaire, and comprehensively uses data analysis methods such as analysis of variance and regression analysis to analyze the impact of "big data killing" phenomenon on online consumers' purchase intention, and give consumers some conclusions and enlightenment.
, Limited Creative Publishing Co.
Theory and Practice of Social Science, Volume 4, pp 26-36;

This paper describes the process of the first phase of the Ministry of Education's supply and demand docking employment and education project collection guide, enterprise apply, release guide, school apply, company review and Ministry of Education review and approval process, and make a simple data analysis of classification, participating universities and project types and listed the experience of Kailai Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. participating in the project. Thanks to the Ministry of Education, the National College Graduates Employment and Entrepreneurship Steering Committee, the companies, relevant colleges and it’teachers worked together, which lasted for more than 10 months, and successfully completed the first phase of the Ministry of Education's supply and demand docking employment and education project.
Dayong Sun, School of History and Culture,Shandong University, Jie Hao, Undergraduate School of Shandong University
Theory and Practice of Social Science, Volume 4, pp 1-11;

“Human Emancipation” is the highest goal and fundamental purpose of Marxism. This paper analyzes the “Human Emancipation” revealed in “On the Jewish Question”- one of the most important documents in Marx's ideological development history -from four dimensions: internal relationship, connotation, basic path and times value, clarifying the ideological confrontations between Marx and Powell, with an aim to understand the value orientation of Marx's thought on Liberation of all mankind, thus to better inherit and develop Marx's theory of “Human Emancipation" in the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and contribute to the construction of a Community of Shared Future for Mankind.
Hui Tang, Shenzhen Technology University, Jun Zhu, Jingfan He, Ltd. Shenzhen Straight Line High-Tech Holdings Co.
Theory and Practice of Social Science, Volume 4, pp 13-25;

Application-Oriented University is an important place to cultivate high quality applied talents who owns bachelor degree at least for the regional economic development. Nowadays, the stage of China's economic development is transforming from high-speed growth to high-quality growth, which put forward new requirements for application-oriented universities’ graduates. This article aims to figure out the main aspects affecting students' employment by using big data analysis on the employment data of graduates. Furthermore, this article will explore the multi-modes of universities’ career guidance service, to not only improve the quality of employment for graduates, but also cultivate talents for local economic development.
, Hubei University
Theory and Practice of Social Science, Volume 4, pp 37-47;

During the reformation exploration and practice of New Liberal Arts in Foreign-related Digital Trade Legal Talent Training, which pursues to overcome homogenization of talent training, the curriculum system, as the foundation, should aim at integration and new development of New Liberal Arts, and be output-oriented on new requirements of Foreign-related Legal Talents for new technologic economy in digital trade. With the goal of characteristic training of specific legal talents cross professionally with law and foreign language, and cultivation of professional characteristics of digital trade, the curriculum system should be constructed under a four-dimensional structure with core specialty, fusion elements, distinct identity and occasional ability development. The latter two are respectively created by the module of courses relating foreign-related digital trade laws, and broken through by the module of courses involving English for Special Purposes in legal.
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