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V. Medved, T. Savka
Published: 23 January 2021
Science Review; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_sr/30012021/7379

The article presents data on the development of side effects from anticoagulant prophylaxis in pregnant women with diseases of the cardiovascular system. In particular, the anticoagulant effects on the skeletal system. Were studied the features of sonographic examination in this category of patients. The level of the main biomarkers of osteosynthesis and osteoresorption during pregnancy was studied. Were analyzed the influence of anticoagulants on the level of biomarkers of bone metabolism. Has been studied the relationship between densitometry data and calcitonin levels in pregnant women. The main aspects of the formation of osteopenic syndrome and osteoporosis in pregnant women with heart disease are considered. Has been studied the relationship between the clinical manifestations of osteopenic syndrome and the level of biomarkers of bone metabolism. Proposed the drug correction of the development of side effects due to anticoagulant thromboprophylaxis.
Salimov Vagif Hasan Oglu
Published: 22 January 2021
Science Review; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_sr/30012021/7377

The article is devoted to the problem of multi-criteria decision making. As application problem is used the equipment selection problem. The analysis of existing methods for solving this problem is given. As a method for solving this problem fuzzy TOPSIS (The Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) is proposed. This method is based on ideal solution approach. The issues of practical implementation of this method are discussed in details. The results of the solution test problem at all stages are presented.
Rozova Kateryna Vsevolodovna, Putiy Yuliya Vladimirovna
Published: 21 January 2021
Science Review; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_sr/30012021/7378

It have been studied the changes in the structural and functional state of mitochondria and expression of PINK1 and DJ1 genes in brain tissue - medulla oblongata and striatum and lung and heart tissue in experimental parkinsonism and its pathogenetic treatment with the help of a broad-spectrum antihypoxant Kapikor. It was shown that undrt experimental parkinsonism, in addition to damage to the ultrastructure of the mitochondrial apparatus in cells of body tissues, there are significant changes in mRNA expression of DJ1 and PINK1 genes, which are associated with the formation of mitochondrial dysfunction. They have a multidirectional character in the tissues of the brain - decrease, and in the tissues of the heart and lungs - increase. The degree of such changes in expression is organ-specific and more pronounced in the tissues of the visceral organs than in the tissues of the brain. Also, it was shown that the use of broad-spectrum antioxidant, which contains mildenium dehydrate and gamma-butyrobetaine dihydrate, there are significant changes in the expression of mRNA genes DJ1 and PINK1, which are also organ-specific - the expression of mRNA of all DJ1 genes increased in to a greater extent, the expression of PINK1 gene mRNA decreased sharply in brain tissues, and also increased sharply in lung and heart tissues. The data obtained indicate a complex and ambiguous relationship between the level of expression of the studied candidate genes involved in the formation of experimental parkinsonism, and the severity of mitochondrial dysfunction, which is one of the pathogenetic causes of parkinsonism.
Liubov Guzhevska, Olena Denys
Published: 20 January 2021
Science Review; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_sr/30012021/7375

При організації мультимодальних перевезень важливим є як організаційна складова так і технологічна, а також технічна. Від технічної складової залежить сама органцація процесу доставки та формування транспортно-технологічної схеми із визначенням усіх її параметів. На сьогодні вибір вантажної одиниці для таких перевезень є одним із важливих елементів процесу планування доставки. Розроблена модель вибору вантажної одиниці має практичну цінність та може бути використана для прийняття рішення при організації мультимодального перевезення. Вона включає такі основні параметри як довжину ділянок, перевезення на яких виконується різними видами транспорту, та тарифи.
Prokudin Georgii, Chupaylenko Оleksii, Prokudin Оleksii, Khobotnia Tetiana, Nelia Kopiak
Published: 17 January 2021
Science Review; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_sr/30012021/7374

The process of international freight transportation is quite complex and cumbersome in terms of the technology of preparatory and final operations, loading and unloading operations, issuance of shipping documents and direct transportation of goods. All this is associated with possible risks that may arise at any stage of the organization and implementation of transportation and, ultimately, to negatively affect the efficiency indicators of the international freight transportation process, such as: delivery time, total costs, quality of transportation in general, etc. Ensuring the maximum level of quality and minimizing the cost of international freight is possible through the optimal choice of measures to reduce the negative impacts of transportation at each stage of the process of delivery of goods from the shipper to the consignee. The article proposes the use of the mathematical apparatus of the statistical games theory during the process of international freight transportation using one’s own and borrowed rolling stock, and aims to reduce the impact of risks that may arise during transportation and thus increase the transport tariff, and accordingly, the total cost of delivery of goods.
Iryna Lebid, Tetyana Anufriyeva, Luzhanska Nataliia
Published: 15 January 2021
Science Review; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_sr/30012021/7373

The paper proposes a methodology for transportation fleet structure formation based on the determination of the standard size fleet by carrying capacity using the criterion of the cost of transportation of 1 ton of cargo, which will be expedient if the number of shipments per day exceeds three times the estimated number of the model range of cars. At a lower intensity of daily shipments, it is necessary to form a standard size range of a vehicle fleet on the basis of a repetition of independent tests. The paper proposes a method of forming the structure of the fleet of vehicles based on determining the size of the fleet using the criterion of the cost of transportation of 1 ton of cargo, which is appropriate if the number of shipments per day exceeds three times the estimated number of cars. With a lower intensity of daily shipments, it is necessary to form a standard size range of the fleet on the basis of repeating independent tests.It has been established that the value of the coefficient of static use of the vehicle's carrying capacity is influenced by the number of intervals for dividing the series of carrying capacity, their length and uniformity, as well as the distribution law of the random value of the item. Violation of the uniformity of the intervals of the series of the carrying capacity of the car, the value of the coefficient can deviate from the average to 6.2% An increase in the number of intervals in a number of carrying capacities of vehicles from 2 to 3 contributes to a rapid increase in the coordination of the density of distribution of the batch volume and shipment to the structure of the vehicle fleet in terms of carrying capacity and is characterized by an increase in the coefficient of compliance on average from 0.65 to 0.75. An increase in the range of carrying capacity up to interval 5 increases the value of the compliance coefficient to 0.8, a further increase in the intervals causes an inversely proportional increase in the compliance coefficient. An increase in the number of car models from 1 to 3 causes a decrease in the cost of transportation in the range of 8% - 11.3%, depending on the degree of use of the vehicle fleet. Further expansion of the model range to 7 units practically does not affect the cost of transportation, and then its growth is observed due to an increase in the duration of downtime while waiting for the proper consignment. It was revealed that an increase in the average weight of a shipment by 2.3 times causes a decrease in the cost of transportation 1.79 times, and with this decrease in the weight of a shipment, an increase in the intensity of growth in the cost of transportation is observed.
Archil Artmeladze
Published: 15 January 2021
Science Review; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_sr/30012021/7376

In this paper is described the role and designation of logistics in oil and gas industry. Indicated specific factories which exist in the logistic system – extraction of oil and gas, geologic exploration, and oil refinery. They must be taken into consideration in seeking the ways of raising the efficiency of logistic operations.
Emil Galev, Fedir Markov
Published: 24 December 2020
Science Review; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_sr/30122020/7321

В этой статье обсуждаются некоторые визуальные характеристики ландшафта и приводится несколько конкретных примеров изменений, происходящих во внешнем виде лесных ландшафтов, расположенных вдоль троп наших популярных горных курортов или экологических троп болгарских природных явлений. Это позволяет получить реальное представление о динамике ландшафта по аллеям или тропинкам в лесах и лугах по туристическим маршрутам в Болгарии. Это исследование может помочь прояснить многие вопросы, касающиеся проектирования экологических троп, критериев и стандартов их строительства и их обязанностей по содержанию. Сами болгарские туристы и любители природы создали одни из самых замечательных из них, окруженные красивыми пейзажами гор, водопадов, лесов, скал и ущелий. Ландшафтные архитекторы здесь являются должниками общества, в этом отношении остаются статичными наблюдателями за проблемами туризма. Болгарские экологические тропы предназначены для облегчения доступа туристов к бесчисленным достопримечательностям. Эти туристические маршруты подходят для летних и зимних походов и прогулок и являются отличной идеей для праздничных выходных.
Fik V. B., Fedechko Y.M., Palʹtov Ye. V.
Published: 23 December 2020
Science Review; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_sr/30122020/7320

The aim of the study was to determine the changes in the qualitative and quantitative composition of the microbiota in the neck part of the teeth in the gingival margin of the oral cavity of rats under experimental opioid exposure, its cancellation and comprehensive drug correction using an antibacterial drug. The use of the antibiotic ceftriaxone under conditions of two- and six-week administration of the opioid analgesic nalbuphine, caused the elimination or reduction of the quantitative composition of opportunistic and pathogenic bacterial species, in contrast to the identified changes in the microbiocenosis in the studied microbiotope. antibiotic therapy in the experiment.
Oleksii Minaiev
Published: 19 December 2020
Science Review; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_sr/30122020/7319

Метою дослідження було розробити спосіб визначення топографо-анатомічного взаємозв’язку слізного мішка з оточуючими структурами та оцінити його ефективність при плануванні та виконанні ендоназальної ендоскопічної дакріоцисториностомії (ЕЕДЦРС). Досліджувану групу (1-а група) склали 45 пацієнтів з хронічним дакріоциститом (ХД), яким ЕЕДЦРС була здійснена за розробленою методикою, до групи порівняння (2-а група) було включено 36 хворих, яким після виконання ЕЕДЦРС за розробленою методикою в зону дакріориностоми встановлювали полівінілхлоридний провідник. До контрольної (3-ї) групи увійшли 28 пацієнтів, яким ЕЕДЦРС виконувалась за загальноприйнятою методикою. Для оцінки інформативності методик проведення комп’ютерної томографії (КТ) СВШ і можливості ефективного застосування отриманих КТ-даних, пацієнти 1-ї та 2-ї груп були розподілені на 2 підгрупи: до 1А і 2А були включені пацієнти, яким КТ СВШ проводили за розробленою методикою, а хворим підгруп 1В і 2В – за традиційним алгоритмом. Гіперпневматизація клітин agger nasi виявлена у 14,7% обстежених, запальна патологія в навколоносових пазухах – у 38,5% (p>0,05). Слізна ямка розташовувалась на рівні переднього кінця середньої носової раковини (СНР) в 39,4 % випадках, допереду від нього – у 32,1%, а дозаду – в 14,7 %. У 13,8 % спостереженнях визначити відношення слізної ямки до СНР було утрудненим, ці випадки були в підгрупах 1В, 2В та в 3-й групі (p
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