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Albert Khachik Sahakyan
Published: 15 June 2021
An edge-coloring of a graph G with consecutive integers C1 ,..., Ct is called an interval t-coloring if all the colors are used, and the colors of edges incident to any vertex of G are distinct and form an interval of integers. A graph G is interval colorable if it has an interval t-coloring for some positive integer t. For an edge coloring a and a vertex v the set of all the colors of the incident edges of v is called the spectrum of that vertex in a and is denoted by Sa(v). We consider the case where the spectrum for each vertex v is provided S(v), and the problem is to find an edge-coloring a such that for every vertex v, Sa(v)=S(v). We provide an O(N) algorithm that finds such an edge-coloring for trees that satisfies all the restrictions. If it is impossible to have an edge-coloring that satisfies the restrictions of the spectrums the algorithm will tell that too.
Iryna Tukhar, Viktoriya Shapovalova, Valentyn Shapovalov, Valeriy Shapovalov
Published: 31 May 2021
The article presents the results of the research concerning the pharmacotherapy of patients with chronic pancreatitis with comorbidity from the pharmacological view. During the study pharmacological approach to the problem of comorbidity among patients with chronic pancreatitis was analyzed. A survey among doctors and pharmacists was used during the research along with normative and legal, documentary, retrospective, bibliographic, systemic, forensic-pharmaceutical, sociological (questionnaire survey), comparative, graphic, mathematical analysis methods. The most common comorbid diseases that patients suffer from alongside with chronic pancreatitis were highlighted. Authors came to conclusion, that development of safe and affordable pharmaceutical therapy for patients with chronic pancreatitis and comorbidity is very important.
Semenenko I. V.
Published: 22 April 2021
Treatment of non-motor disorders in patients with infertility and prenatal stress (PS) is an important component of comprehensive treatment of the disease. This study examined the clinical effectiveness of a non-drug method of bioadaptive management - training based on biological feedback (BFB) in the correction of psychoemotional disorders in patients with infertility and prenatal stress. Object and methods of research. The study involved 41 patients with infertility and PS aged 22 to 45 years. Group I consisted of 21 women who underwent infertility treatment using in vitro fertilization and biological feedback, group II - 20 women who underwent treatment using in vitro fertilization without biological feedback. All patients were assessed for psychoemotional status on the Beck Depression Scale (BDI-II), tests for Spielberger-Khanin reactive anxiety, assessment of personal anxiety on the 1st day of observation, at the end of the course of BFB - training in group I and after 10±2 days in the comparison group. Results. There was a significant overall improvement in the psycho-emotional state of patients who underwent a full course of BFB - training at the end of therapy (p<0,05). There was a statistically significant difference between the level of certain psychoemotional disorders (in particular, anxiety, reduced stress resistance) of the studied groups (p<0,05). However, in contrast to group I patients who underwent BOS training, no statistically significant improvement in the psychoemotional status of group II patients during the observation period was found. Conclusions. BFB training can be considered as an appropriate component in the comprehensive treatment of psychoemotional disorders in patients with infertility and prenatal stress.
Iyad Alghzawi
Published: 17 April 2021
Introduction. Evidence now indicates that inflammation contributes considerably to the initiation and progression of atherosclerosis and an active inflammatory processes may trigger plaque rupture and enhance the risk of coronary thrombosis leading to a clinical ischemic event. The purpose of this study was to evaluate of white blood cells ratios in patients with ACS in association with arterial hypertension and 2 type Diabetes Mellitus. Material and Methods. In this observational cohort trial we observed of 184 patients with ACS. All patients were randomized into four groups: 1st group - 42 patients with ACS without AH or DM; 2nd group – 56 patients with ACS and previous AH; 3rd group – 42 patients with ACS and 2 type DM; and 4th group – 44 patients with ACS and AH and DM. We studied of leukocytes count and their subpopulation ratios: neutrophils to lymphocytes ratio (NLR), neutrophils to monocytes ratio (NMR), neutrophils to lymphocytes+monocytes ratio (N/LMR), lymphocytes to monocytes ratio (NMR). Results. The mean white blood cells count was significant higher in patients with ASC, compared with control group (p<0.001). In patients with ACS the elevated NMR and NLR were observed: 15.04±1.28 vs 11.09±0.43 in control group (p<0.05), and 3.34±0.20 vs 2.60±0.06 (p<0.05), respectively. No significant differences between WBC ratios were revealed in observed patients with ACS with or without AH and/or DM. Conclusion. ACS is characterized of raised NLR and NMR which could be indicators of poor prognosis.
Andriy Gudzenko, Valentyn Shapovalov, Valeriy Shapovalov, Viktoriya Shapovalova
Published: 20 March 2021
The article presents the results of the research from position of forensic pharmacy concerning analysis of complaints about the pharmaceutical provision for privileged categories of patients in Ukraine. Analyzed world experience of the reimbursement system (reference pricing) in pharmaceutical provision for privileged categories of citizens comparing to existing system in Ukraine. Studied complaints of privileged contingents of patients concerning pharmaceutical supply in various health care facilities. Based on results created a matrix of complaints of privileged contingents of patients regarding unsatisfactory pharmaceutical provision. Based on the matrix of complaints, three regional lists of drugs were developed with the further development of organizational and legal measures to increase the level of pharmaceutical provision of privileged contingents of patients.
Ivasivka K. P., Paltov E. V., Masna Z. Z.
Published: 18 March 2021
In our work we aimed to conduct a fundamental study of the process of morphological disorganization of the structural components of the mucous membrane and cartilage of the larynx at the end of the seventh day of experimental opioid effects at the microstructural level. This information in the future will allow to form a pathomorphological base, which will be used to compare the components of the mucous membrane and cartilage of the larynx in the norm with the dynamics of their changes as a result of experimental opioid effects at different times.
V. I. Denesiuk, O. I. Afanasiuk, O. V. Denesiuk, N. O. Muzyka
Published: 15 March 2021
The purpose of the study is to study the possible role of vasodilation factors in the pathogenesis of chronic heart failure (CHF) in persistent atrial fibrillation (AF) in patients with stable coronary heart disease. Materials and methods. A survey of 86 patients with stable coronary heart disease complicated by CHF II-III FC according to the NYHA classification. There was 1 group - 22 patients with CHF with reduced LV EF ≤ 40.0% and AF; I (comparative group) - 20 patients with CHF with reduced LV EF without AF; 2-nd group - 24 patients with preserved LV EF ≥ 40.1% and AF and II (comparative group) - 20 patients with CHF with preserved LV EF without AF. The content of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), nitrites (NO2-) and nitrates (NO3-) was determined. All patients underwent electrocardiographic examination (ECG) for the initial screening of arrhythmias and conduction, diagnosis of focal changes in the ventricular myocardium. Structural and hemodynamic characteristics of the heart muscle were determined by echocardiography.Results. In the examined patients of the 1st group with CHF of ischemic origin and reduced LV EF ≤ 40.0% and AF in comparison with the 2nd group of patients with CHF with preserved LV EF and AF, a significant increase in the values of ICO, ICD, IMML, the size of LA and a decrease in LV EF (p <0.01), indicating the development of LVH (remodeling) and a decrease in isotropic heart function. When comparing the levels of vasodilation factors in patients with CHF with low LV EF and AF and data from the CHF comparison group without AF, a significant decrease in eNOS by 96.8% (almost twice) and a significant decrease in serum nitrite and nitrate levels (p < 0.01), indicating the development of endothelial dysfunction. Conclusions. In patients with CHF of ischemic origin in the development of persistent forms of AF pathogenetic role is played by a significant decrease in vasodilating factors (content of eNOS, nitrites and nitrates). At decrease in EF of LV ≤ 40,0% there is a significant decrease in vasodilating factors, as a result of disturbance of endothelial function that testifies to need of correction of the revealed changes directed on slowing down of disease progression.
V. Medved, T. Savka
Published: 23 January 2021
The article presents data on the development of side effects from anticoagulant prophylaxis in pregnant women with diseases of the cardiovascular system. In particular, the anticoagulant effects on the skeletal system. Were studied the features of sonographic examination in this category of patients. The level of the main biomarkers of osteosynthesis and osteoresorption during pregnancy was studied. Were analyzed the influence of anticoagulants on the level of biomarkers of bone metabolism. Has been studied the relationship between densitometry data and calcitonin levels in pregnant women. The main aspects of the formation of osteopenic syndrome and osteoporosis in pregnant women with heart disease are considered. Has been studied the relationship between the clinical manifestations of osteopenic syndrome and the level of biomarkers of bone metabolism. Proposed the drug correction of the development of side effects due to anticoagulant thromboprophylaxis.
Salimov Vagif Hasan Oglu
Published: 22 January 2021
The article is devoted to the problem of multi-criteria decision making. As application problem is used the equipment selection problem. The analysis of existing methods for solving this problem is given. As a method for solving this problem fuzzy TOPSIS (The Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) is proposed. This method is based on ideal solution approach. The issues of practical implementation of this method are discussed in details. The results of the solution test problem at all stages are presented.
Rozova Kateryna Vsevolodovna, Putiy Yuliya Vladimirovna
Published: 21 January 2021
It have been studied the changes in the structural and functional state of mitochondria and expression of PINK1 and DJ1 genes in brain tissue - medulla oblongata and striatum and lung and heart tissue in experimental parkinsonism and its pathogenetic treatment with the help of a broad-spectrum antihypoxant Kapikor. It was shown that undrt experimental parkinsonism, in addition to damage to the ultrastructure of the mitochondrial apparatus in cells of body tissues, there are significant changes in mRNA expression of DJ1 and PINK1 genes, which are associated with the formation of mitochondrial dysfunction. They have a multidirectional character in the tissues of the brain - decrease, and in the tissues of the heart and lungs - increase. The degree of such changes in expression is organ-specific and more pronounced in the tissues of the visceral organs than in the tissues of the brain. Also, it was shown that the use of broad-spectrum antioxidant, which contains mildenium dehydrate and gamma-butyrobetaine dihydrate, there are significant changes in the expression of mRNA genes DJ1 and PINK1, which are also organ-specific - the expression of mRNA of all DJ1 genes increased in to a greater extent, the expression of PINK1 gene mRNA decreased sharply in brain tissues, and also increased sharply in lung and heart tissues. The data obtained indicate a complex and ambiguous relationship between the level of expression of the studied candidate genes involved in the formation of experimental parkinsonism, and the severity of mitochondrial dysfunction, which is one of the pathogenetic causes of parkinsonism.
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