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Paweł Pasternak, The Chopin University of Music in Warsaw
Seminare. Poszukiwania naukowe, Volume 2022(43), pp 139-157;

The article describes eight organs built by Włodzimierz Truszczyński in the Płock Diocese between 1978 and 2001. Although Truszczyński built relatively few instruments in this diocese, they are nevertheless a significant position in its organ collection. In addition, the article discusses alterations carried out by Włodzimierz Truszczyński of two instruments made by other builders as well as two unrealized designs of his authorship in the Płock diocese.
Paweł Nowak, Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu, Uniwersytet Im. Adama Mickiewicza W Poznaniu, Universita di Trento (Włochy)
Seminare. Poszukiwania naukowe, Volume 2022(43), pp 37-53;

The aim of the article is to show the influence of digital transformation on the human condition. Based on desk research, the author addresses the issue of the relationship between new technologies and human existence in the context of relationality. Referring to the assumptions of symbolic interactionism, the author points out that relationships between people are constitutive value in human life. Digital transformation, whose overarching goal is the optimization of economic and social processes, introduces a number of changes in the models of interpersonal relations. These changes have a different effect, which the author presents by presenting various positions. There is also a foundation of humanity on the accounts, which Pierpaolo Donati describes as a transcendental matrix that cannot be replaced by technological solutions in any way. This conclusion implies a final reflection on the need to maintain a certain moderation in the field of technological transformations caused by digital transformation.
, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw
Seminare. Poszukiwania naukowe, Volume 2022(43), pp 11-21;

The subject of the reflection undertaken in the article is the performativity of religious language. The author explains its specificity, showing what is the performative function of language used in the religious space on the example of Roman Catholic liturgy. She explains what conditions must be met for religious speech acts to be valid and effective. She distinguishes and discusses two types of causative power of religious performatives: illocutionary and perlocutionary, pointing out that the effects they cause are related, on the one hand, to the linguistic action itself, and on the other hand, are extralinguistic. Going beyond the theory of speech acts, the author proposes that religious performatives, as they are an element of religious rites, be analyzed in the context of the ritual whole understood as a performance.
, Uniwersytet Rzeszowski,
Seminare. Poszukiwania naukowe, Volume 2022(43), pp 55-66;

Issues related to old age and to providing help for the elderly, due to their social significance, constitute a widely discussed question, analysed within various scientific disciplines. While traditio- nally such care was provided in the family, in modern societies it is also provided by institutions. This study addresses the issue of familization and deinstitutionalization in the context of caring for an el- derly person in the place of residence in sociological and legal terms. The focus has been on depicting assisted housing, respite care, and coordination and standardization of social services
Dariusz Adamczyk, Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny Im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej W Krakowie
Seminare. Poszukiwania naukowe, Volume 2022(43), pp 79-89;

The article concerns the issue of responsible parenthood considered in the ethical and moral context of freedom and truth. The sense of responsibility is closely related to the truth about man and his freedom. It is about an objective truth read in conscience. The truth about human freedom condi- tions responsibility, which is God's response to His gift of vocation. The essence of responsible paren- ting is included in the combined approach to its individual aspects, which the properly understood religious aspect emerges, constituting a kind of a test of the correctness of reference to the others.
, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw
Seminare. Poszukiwania naukowe, Volume 2022(43), pp 121-137;

The Cracow Calced Carmelite Church on the Piasek has not yet become the subject of thorough research. Its reconstruction in the years 1637-1645 was carried out by the workshop of the royal architect Giovanni Trevano (d. 1642), who collaborated with Sebastiano Sala (d. 1651) and Hieronim Carbonari (d. 1669). The preserved elements of architectural decoration from the first half of the 17th century show close parallels with the stone details of the Wawel Royal Castle. Their origins can be found among the relevant realizations of Roman architecture of the 1580s and such as Martino Longhi the Younger and Giacomo della Porta. The reconstruction of the church after the Second Northern War in the 1660s and 1670s was carried out by Pińczów stonemasons and bricklayers from Cracow.
, Jesuit University Ignatianum in Kraków
Seminare. Poszukiwania naukowe, Volume 2022(43), pp 23-36;

The purpose of this article is to present the commitment of Italy, in particular of the Salesians, to activities undertaken for the benefit of unaccompanied foreign minors in host communities. The author used an analytical method. The article has the following structure: in the theoretical part, the author describes the phenomenon of migration in Italy based on wide references to statistical data, the commitment of the Catholic Church and Salesians to the work for the benefit of foreign minors without parental care. Next, the author tries to clarify the notion and the legal framework concerning foreign minors. In the second part, dedicated to the survey, the author presents some methodological aspects of empirical research and then discusses the results obtained through an analysis of the Internet sources. The research has been based on the websites dedicated to the Salesian work with foreign minors without parental care in Italy.
Józef Mandziuk, PWT we Wrocławiu, Uksw W Warszawie, Politechniki Rzeszowskiej w Zakładzie Humanistycznym Wydziału Zarządzania
Seminare. Poszukiwania naukowe, Volume 2022(43), pp 159-175;

The present study aims at presenting the figure of Mitered Prelate, Reverend Zdzisław Król, PhD, who devoted his life to the Church of Warsaw. An enlightened and educated man, an excellent priest, outstanding preacher and experienced curia clerk, Reverend Zdzisław Król strived to commemorate places and events of historical significance to the Polish nation, especially those related to the Katyn massacre. As chancellor of the metropolitan curia, he defended priests persecuted by the Security Service. Reverend Zdzisław Król died in the Smolensk catastrophe on April 10, 2010 and was buried in the Pantheon of Great Poles in the Temple of Divine Providence, the erection of which he greatly contributed to.
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