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Isnan Murdiansyah
Pakmas: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 221-227;

TPQ Al-Anwar Wandanpuro experiences several obstacles in teaching and learning activities to read and write the Qur'an, this causes a problem that hinders the occurrence of a goal to be achieved so it is necessary, community service activities in the KKM scheme are carried out to increase reading the Qur'an in TPQ Al-Qnwar Wandanpuro. The purpose of KKM activities is to improve the ability and understanding of TPQ Al-Anwar Wandanpuro teachers to the implementation of learning using the tilawati method. Helping to improve understanding of tajwid material and its practice for TPQ Al-Anwar Wandanpuro students. As well as improving and developing the abilities of TPQ Al-Anwar teachers in delivering learning materials to read Al-Quran that are not boring and easy to understand. The results of KKM activities are to provide additional insight and knowledge and skills to the teaching staff at TPQ Al-Anwar Wandanpuro Hamlet. Fostering enthusiasm and enthusiasm for student learning in an effort to improve the ability to read Al-Qur'an by delivering various tajwid materials and practicing little by little tajwid knowledge and remain in accordance with the tilawati method. As well as helping the TPQ Al-Anwar Wandanpuro to get facilities for supporting activities for learning to read Al-Qur'an.
Edi Fitriana Afriza, Rd. Roro Suci Nurdianti, Sri Hardianti Sartika, Betanika Nila Nirbita
Pakmas: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 159-164;

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected significant changes to people's consumption patterns, notably family food needs. The policy of restricting activities imposed by the government has switched family consumption patterns to instant food. One of them is Frozen Food. Frozen Food is a type of food processed food products increasingly favoured by the public during the pandemic. This is due to its durability and practicality to consume. The non-productive groups of Beneficiary Families (Kelompok Penerima Manfaat) of the Family Hope Program or Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) in Cinunjang and Giriwangi Villages, Gunung Tanjung District, Tasikmalaya Regency experienced problems in obtaining food supplies during the pandemic. This occurred because majority of them still rely on the social assistance of central government to support their economic life. The activities of the current program encompassed three stages, namely preparation, briefing, and implementation and evaluation. This program adopted the andragogy approach. Practically, the activities were performed to 15 Hope Family Program groups in Cinunjang and Giriwangi. They were trained to have better knowledge in understanding and practicing how to produce frozen food in nuggets. Also, they were guided to promote it commercially as a new prospective food business during the pandemic. The results of training program run effectively. The participants were successfully be able to implement the training materials productively and independently.
Nelly Nugrawati, Ayu Wijaya, Andi Muhammad Adam, Siti Alfa, Nur Ekawati
Pakmas: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 197-201;

Anemia is one of the causes of maternal death. The prevalence of pregnant women in Indonesia is 37.1%. The low level of knowledge of pregnant women affects If pregnant women experience nutritional and iron deficiencies during pregnancy it will cause problems, both for the mother and the fetus they contain, namely anemia, bleeding, and the mother's weight does not increase normally. Lack of nutrition can also affect the delivery process which can lead to difficult and long labor, premature birth, bleeding after delivery, lack of nutrition can also affect fetal growth and can cause miscarriage, abortion, congenital defects and low birth weight of the fetus. Fe becomes limited and has an impact on the occurrence of iron deficiency. The better the knowledge of pregnant women, the better in absorbing information, especially about Fe tablets. If pregnant women experience a lack of nutrients and iron during pregnancy, it will cause problems, both for the mother and the fetus they contain, namely anemia, bleeding, and the mother's weight does not increase normally. Giving Fe tablets is one of the most effective prevention and control strategies for anemia in increasing hemoglobin levels and can reduce the prevalence of anemia in pregnant women by 20-25%. The method used is counseling. Counseling about Fe tablets is very effective in overcoming the side effects that are felt after consuming Fe tablets. The results of the service showed an increase in knowledge and compliance of pregnant women in consuming Fe tablets as an effort to prevent iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women.
Rahmad Kurniawan, Jefry Tarantang, Wahyu Akbar, Ahmad Dakhoir, Novi Angga Safitri
Pakmas: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 128-133;

The target of this outreach activity is business actors in Kahayan Market who use weighing tools in their sales. The devotees carry out various efforts aimed at increasing protection for consumers and maintaining the quality of circulating goods and services that are good for the community or consumers. The devotees carry out various efforts aimed at increasing protection for consumers and maintaining the quality of circulating goods and services that are good for the community or consumers.
M. Jiddan Farhan Fuady, Ika Yuniwati, Doni Aprilio, Aldy Bahaduri Indraloka, I Gusti Ngurah Agung Satriya Prasetya Dharma Yudha
Pakmas: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 145-151;

Coffee is one of the easily found commodities, especially in Indonesia. In tropical climates, coffee is easy to grow and thrive. Coffee is very easy to grow in the highlands. The need for coffee is increasing with large consumer demand. One of the villages in Banyuwangi that grow coffee is Bayu Village Songgon Subdistrict. Coffee farmers do planting, watering, fertilizing, and manually produce pests in Bayu Village. According to the survey’s findings, the fertilization process affects the coffee fruit produced on Bayu village plantations. Innovations in the Biopori-Sludge fertilization system were carried out based on these problems. This system uses infiltration holes as a way of fertilizer and water so that they can be absorbed properly by the roots. Fertilizers are used in the form of organic fertilizers derived from livestock waste belonging to residents. Biopori pit making uses a soil drilling machine designed to make it easier for farmers. The sleek design of this machine facilitates its portability from one location to another. The existence of this machine and system can help the process of planting and fertilizing coffee in Bayu Village. The existence of this activity has an impact on the implementation of sustainable eco-farming so that coffee cultivation carried out in Bayu Village is more environmentally friendly and economical.
Aning Fitriana, Reza Rahmadi Hasibuan, Karunia Zuraidaning Tyas, Dyah Supriatin
Pakmas: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 17-22;

Micro, Small, and Medium Entreprisess are businesses run by commoner with limited capital, and apply simple technology. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises are an important part of the country's economy so it needs the role of the government to be able to support the existence of MSMEs. But the challenges faced by MSMEs are not easy such as making simple financial statements so that later they can be used as a condition for credit applications at banks, this is done so that MSMEs continue to grow and can innovate. The purpose of this activity is that business actors/MSMEs in Petahunan  can apply continuously to simple financial records on each transaction. Methods carried out by counseling, training and mediation, as well as direct practice regarding recording transactions. The results showed that the participants enthusiastically participated in counseling, actively asking to be able to make financial statements simply.  Based on this activity, it can be concluded that the MSMEs of petahunan  have understood the importance of recording transactions to make simple financial statements. This will certainly have a good impact on business continuity and to create economic independence.
Muhammad Bambang Purwanto, Sherly Malini
Pakmas: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 139-144;

This community service activity aims to improve the quality of education through tutoring activities and activate the activities of students who are domiciled in IR Limas Jaya, RT. 29, RW.10 Kelurahan 20 Ilir D IV, Ilir Timur District 1 Palembang City. along with undergraduate graduates who have a lot of free time in the afternoon. Tutoring activities are carried out in the courtyard of the Al-Munawarroh Mosque. This activity lasted for 16 meetings with material for the SD/MI level and the material provided was adjusted to the student's needs (conditionally). The time for tutoring activities is Monday – Thursday from 15.00 WIB to 17.00 WIB. The teachers (tutors) guide students in doing school assignments (PR) and teach students about materials that have not been understood during learning at school. The material taught focuses on English and mathematics lessons. The lecturers in this activity are lecturers from the Darussalam Polytechnic who are assisted by 4th semester students of the Darussalam Polytechnic. The learning method used is the lecture and discussion method. BIMBEL activities are held 2 times a week for a maximum of 3 hours discussing enrichment material related to the material being taught by teachers at school.
Kurniawan, Antonius Juniarto
Pakmas: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 177-183;

Tax revenue comes from several sources, one of which is taxation on individuals and business entities. Where Dian Bangsa High School sees that there are opportunities or opportunities that can be taken by graduates from that school. Because of that, Dian Bangsa High School conducted an assessment with Matana University to work together in improving or broadening the horizons of Dian Bangsa High School students in the field of taxation, especially article 21 income tax tax procedures. Therefore, the accounting study program carried out community service to Dian Bangsa High School based on the needs of the community. the school and will be carried out periodically and continuously. Based on data from the ministry of education and culture, the secretariat of the data center and statistics for education in 2022. There are 39 public vocational schools and 303 private vocational schools and 186 public high schools and 532 private high schools. so that graduates in the province of Banten. In the early stages of implementation, a mapping of SMA-SMK in the Banten Province will be carried out. Mapping will be done based on the distance traveled from Matana University to the school and the type of school (related to culture). Material 1 Motivate students to have an understanding of taxation, procedures for withholding and making individual tax returns. Contains about how to motivate students / wi in the spirit of learning to be able to face the challenges of technology that has entered industry 4.0 and information in the industrial world which asks a lot or requires students / wi to be able to compete and use technology well and quickly to encourage current industrial operational activities they enter the world of work. Thus, students can have an initial foundation in personal development as well as soft skills to find out which personal taxes they will apply in their work or education when dealing directly with the taxation sector. Material 2 contains an explanation of the making of an individual tax return in the world of work, also explains the calculation along with the tax rate. Thus, students have knowledge of letters as their basis for knowing tax letters, both personal and corporate, so that students have provisions related to tax letters that are often encountered. Material 3 contains case exercises about filling out personal notification letters, so that they understand how cases that occur in the field are not only in theory. Tax cases as well as a lot of learning make students honed their abilities and reasoning as well as training in solving cases that make them more skilled and have competent and expert competencies. Material 4 contains an evaluation of the training process for making personal notification letters and also case examples using a questionnaire given to students. Community service activities at Dian Bangsa High School are going well and according to procedures and have an impact on every student, seen from the final results in filling out the Individual Taxpayer Notification Letter.
Dwi Hanadya, Ariya Agustin, Nyayu Ully Auliana
Pakmas: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 152-158;

The purpose of this training is to provide valuable experience as well as useful knowledge for Darussalam Polytechnic students. The table manners activity is the main provision for students when they have finished studying at the Darussalam Polytechnic. The participants of this training were 108 students from all majors in Darussalam Polytechnic. This training was held at Fave Hotel Palembang on March 31, 2022. The speakers in this training were lecturers from the Travel Business Department who were competent in the field of hospitality and tourism. In this training, it is emphasized how to use good etiquette in eating. Eating etiquette which is manners at banquets. Dining etiquette at the dining table is quite simple, but there are some things that can be learned in how to sit up straight and don't lean on the back of the chair, and don't put your elbows on the dining table and use a napkin on your lap. Banquets are not just how to put food in the mouth, but are related to certain eating etiquette that can show a person's personality. Manners at the dinner table really need to be learned by Darussalam Polytechnic students so that they can have skills in good eating procedures at the dinner table, starting with how to proceed at the dinner table by doing table manners training.
Posma Sariguna Johnson Kennedy
Pakmas: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 119-127;

The implementation of this community service activity is to conduct discussions aimed at increasing understanding of the duties of the TNI to assist local governments in community empowerment programs at the border of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province. The method of writing this paper is to use a qualitative approach by reviewing various literature and discussions conducted with Korem 161/Wirasakti Kupang and Kodim 1605 Belu NTT. At the NTT border, the Border Security Task Force (Satgas Pamtas) 742/SWY TNI performs the main task of Border Security and explores the community's potential, and empowers this potential. There are many creations of this unit in "fighting poverty," namely through the five programs of the Wira Yudha House. Rumah Wira Yudha has programs in Education, Health, Love Pancasila, Entrepreneurship, and Wira Yudha Sharing to answer the needs and limitations in border villages. All these activities are full of activities based on Pancasila values.
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