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Glady Cidro Lagria
International Journal of Qualitative Research, Volume 1, pp 112-119;

A phenomenological study was conducted to examine the challenges of out-of-field teachers in English, including their coping mechanisms and their suggested solutions to manage their sentiments in public senior high schools during the school year 2019-2020. The researcher used a one-on-one interview guide in collecting data, which were analyzed using the Ajjawi and Higgs framework of data analysis. The lack of content mastery that results in poor students’ performance is the top sentiment for out-of-field teachers, and it was hard for them to teach English as it is out of their specialization. It was found out that the out-of-field teachers employed several coping strategies and suggested solutions to DepEd to manage their sentiments, such as; acquiring competence through training, self-learning and motivating, asking for assistance from co-teachers, and to improve schools’ manpower. Hence, the researcher recommends the conduct of a comparative study on the performance of students and teachers, and regular mentoring of school heads and master teachers to aid out-of-field teachers. This calls for program mechanics that deal with alleviating the challenges that novice out-of-field teachers experience through program reforms, training and skills enhancement, professional development, and peer mentoring programs.
Krishnavani Gianesan, Saralah Devi Mariamdaran Chethiyar
International Journal of Qualitative Research, Volume 1, pp 87-92;

The Covid-19 is one of the most sensation topics that becoming hotter among Malaysians as well as around the world. The Covid-19 Pandemic has harmed the entire society of our country as well as the foreigners around the world. Meanwhile, the issue of domestic violence is one of the most common problems during this pandemic. This study will directly emphasize the issue of domestic violence from the perspective of counselors during this Covid-19 Pandemic phenomenon. The researcher has used quantitative methods to obtain permanent data on the issue of domestic violence that occurred during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The researcher conducted an interview method with 4 registered counselors who serve in the National Population and Family Development Board and the Social Welfare Department. According to the counselor's perspective, the findings of the study show that there are several causes of the issue of domestic violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic. There are also several challenges faced by the counselors in conducting counseling sessions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides that, there are several proposals have been considered to enhance the study of the issue of domestic violence from the perspective of counselors in this pandemic phenomenon.
Thivya Khalidass, Saralah Devi Mariamdaran Chethiyar, Venothiney Dewi Muniandy
International Journal of Qualitative Research, Volume 1, pp 98-102;

This study was conducted to see the effect of the Intervention of William Glasser's Doing Reality Module ('D'RWG) on drug abuse among young residents of the Cure and Care Rehabilitation Clinic (CCRC). The objective of this study is to analyze the factor of drug abuse, to examine the steps to be taken to overcome the factor of drug abuse, and to know the effect of the 'Doing Reality William Glasser' ('D'RWG) module on drug abuse among the residents of the Care and Cure Rehabilitation Clinic (CCRC). The study was conducted at a Cure and Care Rehabilitation Clinic located in Kedah. This study involved eight respondents. This study is in the form of qualitative which was conducted through face-to-face interviews. The data were analyzed using three themes: (1) affection towards the family (2) family ecology, community and cultural factors, and (3) prevention and education programs. The findings showed that all respondents were able to give their ideas and share experiences while engaging in drug abuse. Respondents were also able to provide some suggestions to combat drug abuse symptoms, especially in adolescents.
Abu Shahen
International Journal of Qualitative Research, Volume 1, pp 127-139;

This study tried to explore the current nature of gender-based violence and harassment in Bangladesh. Specifically, gender-related harassment and discrimination with violence against women and children have been explored throughout the study. However, the study is based on secondary data collected from gender-focused scholars and organizations. The data of ASK and BSAF have been used for critical analysis regarding violence, harassment, and discrimination against women and children in Bangladesh. As findings, the study found that the prevalence of domestic violence and oppression against wife and housemate including cleaner, housekeeping, and cooker have existed in the forms of torture, negligence, rape, forced rape, physical assault, and sexual assault. The study also found that women and girls are being harassed in transportation as they feel unsecured in movement through abusive and negative attitudes and behavior such as touching, closely standing, intentionally pushing, and gripping in shoulders, bad beckon and comment, and touching in the sensitive part of the body. It is also seen that the business environment is not favorable for women Entrepreneurs due to constraints social and cultural attitudes, lack of political commitment, and insufficient governmental provisions for establishing a women-friendly business environment.
Zulham, Ristati
International Journal of Qualitative Research, Volume 1, pp 93-97;

The local election is a political and democratic tool owned by the community after Indonesia's reformation. Aceh and its regencies and cities will carry out the local election in 2022. The central government's policy to postpone the implementation of the local election in 2024 has created a polemic in the community. Based on this phenomenon, this study aims to determine the problems that arise in political communication among the community against the central government's unilateral policy in delaying the implementation of the local election. The approach used was qualitative by using observation and interview techniques. The results of this study are: The Acehnese are disappointed with the central government's intervention in the form of a policy of postponing the local election, based on the justification that Aceh has the local regulation, that is called 2006 Aceh Government Law, where Aceh has independence in managing its household. Furthermore, the communication built by the Central Government is coercive communication, ignoring comprehensive communication from the community. With the ecological influence of the local election postponement policy and communication built by the central government, the people ignore the government's advice to keep the environment more conservative and ignore the fight against Covid-19.
Rajani K. Chhetri, Fr. (Dr) George Plathottam
International Journal of Qualitative Research, Volume 1, pp 140-149;

Identity is an integral aspect of human cognition and a composite of varied elements and subjectivities; it is fluidic and contextual. Identity discourses have dominated the socio-cultural and political milieu of Northeast India. A range of scholarship emanating from both within the Northeast region and outside has explored several identity dimensions. As the social media site Facebook allows for the formation of different kinds of interactional groups, this study explored a closed private Facebook group of twenty-five thousand members belonging exclusively to the Khasi ethnic community to understand the phenomenon of ascribing Khasi social identity among members in the online group. The study adopts Tajfel’s Social Identity framework and engages in a netnographic study on an online group. The study’s findings reveal a range of key symbolic manifestations in the co- constructions of Khasi identity in the online space. The study also discovers unique possibilities and affordances proliferated by social media in building collectivities, strengthening ethnic ties, and belongingness in the online space.
Benryl Bacaro Llamera
International Journal of Qualitative Research, Volume 1, pp 79-86;

This study contributes to the Covid-19 literature by understanding the recent pandemic implications on seaweed farmers' lives. The study's respondents are tripartite, composing seaweed farmers, students, and significant personnel from the Local Government Units (LGUs). Data were collected through face-to-face interviews with strict adherence to the IATF’s minimum health standards. Gathered data were analyzed thematically. Results show that the pandemic impacted seaweed farmers’ lives socially and economically. The pandemic has implications for the education of the children of the seaweed farmers as it is gleaned in the findings that most of them struggle over the new modes of learning. However, the implications were mainly domino effects of the adverse impacts of the pandemic on the parents. The study’s findings are substantial in mitigating the ongoing pandemic’s adverse effects and laid a foundation for the proposed intervention framework model. Conclusions were discussed and gave light to recommendations primarily offered to the Local Government Units (LGUs), educational institutions under the Department of Education Agutaya District, and concerned higher education institutions in the Province of Palawan as a basis for policy and program formulations aimed at mitigating the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the lives of seaweed farmers in Agutaya, Palawan.
Belen E. Bagui, Louise Rey Angeli C. Arellano
International Journal of Qualitative Research, Volume 1, pp 150-155;

This study focuses on the emergence of Zero Waste Store: A Way to Promote Environmental-Friendly Living. The principle behind zero waste is to reduce the environmental pollution that decomposes less decomposes. Waste management begins with waste prevention and continues with waste sorting, producer accountability and waste charges based on the amount of waste disposed of the implementation variable of zero waste is community waste management and the lack of resources and government subsidies. Throughout the study, the perceptions, adaptation, and promotion about zero waste store as an eco-friendly and plastic-free environment. The researchers used a phenomenological qualitative research design, in which the researchers set aside both perceptions and biases to completely comprehend the respondents' perspectives and lives. The study was conducted using Google forms as the platform of the questionnaire. The participants of this study are five (5) sari-sari store owners residing around the area of Batangas City. Implementing Zero Waste Store can benefit the reduction of plastic pollution that occurs to our environment both inland and water. The zero-waste store must be implemented in different places to gradually reduce the usage of plastic and trash in our households.
Wilter C. Friales
International Journal of Qualitative Research, Volume 1, pp 103-111;

Campus student leadership in a virtual space refers to the pursuit of student leaders in pursuing leadership through organizing, implementing, and facilitating programs and activities virtually. This study utilized a Qualitative Transcendental Phenomenological approach with two sets of focused group discussions and two in-depth interviews. Four themes (categories) emerged that characterized the essence (structure) of the phenomenon of student leadership in virtual space. The themes include “transition and gains” that discuss their experience of the shift from face-to-face leadership to the virtual platform. The second theme is “Mindfulness and Actions” which describes how their mental attitudes have changed when it comes to making decisions now that they lead virtually. The third one is “Adaptability and Coping” which discusses their experiences on how they adapt to the changes and cope with the challenges. The fourth theme is on “virtual rapport and connection” which explains the roles exemplified by the student leaders in establishing the connections among them in the virtual space. The understanding of student leadership in a virtual space provides input for the institution in intensifying its support and improving the delivery of virtual programs and activities through more effective and efficient leadership of students.
Muhammad Ihsaan Rizqulloh
International Journal of Qualitative Research, Volume 1, pp 120-126;

Business digitization is the change of communication, interaction, and business functions to digital. In business applications, digitization changes the business processes, functions, and business models applied to digital technology. One of the most successful ways to deal with the digital revolution is business digitization in the 5.0 society era. The concept of society 5.0 is related to the National Economic Recovery, which aims to build a human-centered society where economic development and problem-solving can be achieved. The role of business digitization during the Covid-19 pandemic is very influential on the Indonesian economy, especially for government programs that have used digital systems and supported Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach, using secondary data obtained from the Central Statistics Agency, journals, books, and other sources relevant to the research. Based on the research results, there is a very significant change in business digitization in the era of society 5.0, where digital business is more promising than conventional concepts.
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