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Basant Agrawal
Journal of Modern Thermodynamics in Mechanical System, Volume 3;

The cooling properties of an injection mould are significantly influenced by the design and kind of cooling channel used. Specifically, the present study seeks to determine the impact of various design parameters of the cooling channel on the performance of an injection mould. The cooling channel diameter and cooling channel pitch are the optimization factors to be considered. The CAD model is subjected to thermal analysis in the ANSYS programme under transient circumstances. When the coil dia and pitch of the cooling channel are varied, the design points are created automatically. A study is conducted to determine the influence of various design elements on directional and total heat fluxes. It was discovered that both of the design factors had a statistically significant impact on the heat absorption properties of the cooling channel under investigation. In order to determine how much of an influence coil dia has on total heat flux and total heat flux, sensitivity plots were constructed. It is possible to gain a roughly 11.3 percent boost in cooling efficiency by using optimization techniques.
Journal of Modern Thermodynamics in Mechanical System, Volume 3;

Solar dryers are the sustainable solution for meeting the food requirement of rising population in future. The crops and other edible products can be dried to safe moisture level and then it can be stored for longer duration. An evacuated tube solar collector is attached to the hybrid greenhouse solar dryer. The thermal performance analysis of the developed hybrid dryer is carried out in active mode under no-load condition. The effect of single ETC and two ETC connected in series on the performance of the developed dryer are analyzed in the paper. The dryer with double ETC gives maximum of 22.6% higher room temperature than the dryer with single ETC. The dryer gives better performance with two ETC as higher room temperature will provide the faster drying rate but it also increase the capital cost of the dryer.
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