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Hiếu Lê Ngọc, Thanh Luong Van
Journal of Computer Science and Technology Studies, Volume 3, pp 10-30;

Choosing the right career is always a big issue, an important concern for everyone. To have a job, which is suitable for you, firstly you must look at yourself, called the self, and you should be aware of what the self is then you can promote the strength of your own self and avoid your weakness. To help discover more about yourself, during researching and studying, we come up with the idea that we would propose a career counseling system based on Howard Gardner's theory. The system uses the theory of multiple intelligences (Abenti & Daradoumis, 2020) which is combined with the K-nearest neighbors (KNN) (Tang, Ying; Tang, Ying; Hare, Ryan; Wang, Fei-Yue;, 2020) algorithm to assist people and to give out a suitable suggestion about career path for them. We use the results of the eight intelligences retrieved from the KNN classification algorithm to give users the consulting for their career paths. This system is built with a dataset based on 56 multiple-choice questions. These include 48 multiple choice questions based on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences (Bravo, Leonardo Emiro Contreras; Molano, Jose Ignacio Rodriguez; Trujillo, Edwin Rivas, 2020), (businessballs, 2017) and 8 multiple choice questions which are the labels of the classifier. We divided the dataset into 8 subsets corresponding with 8 Intelligences defined by Howard Gardner with the collected dataset. In each subset, we build the KNN classifier model using KNN classification algorithm. This processing of 8 subsets come out with the results accuracy for the 8 Intelligences: linguistic intelligence (80.95%), logical-mathematical intelligence (82.14%), musical intelligence (96.43%), bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (82.14%), spatial-visual intelligence (82.14%), interpersonal intelligence (89.29%), intrapersonal intelligence (88.1%), existential intelligence (78.57%). With the outcome of 8 models, we have tested with 5 students and compared them to their actual intelligences. The comparison results tell us about the valuable potential in career path of the proposed counselling system, the advantages of this combination between Multiple Intelligence and KNN classifier.
Fahad Hasan, Bulbul Ahammed, Kalyan Mondol, Sadia Sultana,
Journal of Computer Science and Technology Studies, Volume 3, pp 31-43;

This paper gives an outline of ongoing work on electric vehicles in the area. The paper depicts the turn of events, and examination of various pieces of the principal segments of battery innovation, engine, forward, invert, start-stop, and slowing down are inspected. The paper examines the benefits of diesel motors and electric motors. Here are a few depictions of how the dark smoke from a diesel motor can harm our bodies. The paper, at last, appears as models of some electric vehicles finishing of administrative work.
, Adewale Shomope, Adeyemo Gbadebo Adebowale
Journal of Computer Science and Technology Studies, Volume 3, pp 44-49;

The trend of the digital world is the transition from machine-to-machine, machine-to-people, and information technology to human technology with expanded digital to the maturity stage of the internet of everything. The (IoE) is the addition of connectivity and intelligence to every device in order to give them special functions. It embraces four components, namely, people, process, data, and things, and also four technical points of view which are smartness, interconnectivity, big data, and semantic interoperability to deploy the solutions that offer programmability, improved flexibility, and enhanced policy management by the various private and public sectors. The architecture of IoE includes applications, service platform, Internet, gateways, communications, and nodes and attract a security need that will be ubiquitous and able to protect the devices, applications, networks, data, users, and things that make up the Internet of Everything. These systems work collaboratively and smartly with each other and perform the desired task. IoE will be a radical shift to think on how we live, solve the problem, create value, secure environment to keep people, data, processes, and things under digital hamlet. The network capabilities will create new experiences, capabilities, and economic opportunities for individuals, businesses, and governments as a solution to the digital world. The internet of everything is a philosophy of one thing, which is everything.
, Hektor Kastrati
Journal of Computer Science and Technology Studies, Volume 3, pp 01-09;

Data security is very important in the field of Computer Science. In this paper the encryption algorithm called RC6 will be analyzed and its standard and parallel implementation will be done. First the field of Cryptology is discussed in general terms, then the classification of encryption algorithms according to operation and techniques is explained. RC6 is a symmetric block algorithm derived from the RC5 algorithm. RC6 operates on 128-bit blocks and accepts 128, 192, 256-bit keys until 2040 bytes. In the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) competition, RC6 managed to rank among the five finalists. The structure of the RC6 algorithm will be analyzed also the encryption and decryption methods. The comparison between standard and parallel implementation will be made.
Journal of Computer Science and Technology Studies, Volume 3, pp 07-12;

In the digital world, the demand for data security during communication has increased. Hash functions are one of the cryptographic algorithms that provide data security in terms of data authenticity and integrity. Nowadays, most online applications require user authentication. These authentications are done on the server-side, which he must manage. As the number of applications increases, building a one-way function will be faster for calculating a hash value for small data such as passwords. In this paper, we will present a sequential cryptographic algorithm and its parallel implementation. We performed security analyses, executed comparisons for different amounts of data, and provided steps for further developing this algorithm. With the construction of this one-way function, we have provided the calculation of hash value in a shorter time for data in small quantities, which speeds up the authentication process on the server and thus speeds up the online services provided by the respective applications. A comparison was made between sequential implementation, parallel implementation on the CPU, and parallel implementation on the GPU using CUDA (Computer Unified Device Architecture) platform.
Shablu Deb Nath, Mohammad Shahadat Hossain, Imtiaz Akber Chowdhury, Sabiha Tasneem, Mehedi Hasan,
Journal of Computer Science and Technology Studies, Volume 3, pp 01-06;

Environment is the key factor in the greenhouse system. To provide monitoring and controlling facility inside the greenhouse, IoT based system is more flexible and suitable solution. To maintain the proper environment inside the green- house, we have designed the system with heating, cooling and water supply facility by integrating the system with heater, cooling fan and water pump. The temperature, humidity and the soil moisture inside the greenhouse continuously monitored and controlled over online platform.
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