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Ю. В. Мелешко
Экономическая наука сегодня; doi:10.21122/2309-6667-2021-13-61-74

The article is devoted to the study of business models digitalization of the national industrial complex on the example of the Republic of Belarus. Considering the business models digitalization as an integral part of digital transformation, following the production and industrial services digitalization, the author substantiates the need, when choosing new digital technologies introduced into production, to take into account their impact on the transformation of business models. As a promising direction for improving the business models digitalization of the Belarusian industrial complex enterprises, the author highlighted the expansion of the functional use of digital platforms to attract additional resources and competencies of partners, establish direct contacts with consumers, obtain information about the state of the market and quickly exit to international markets. Taking this into account, as well as the potential risks of business models digitalization (risks of cyber attacks, risks of technological dependence, risks of supply shortages, risks of data redundancy, risks of losing critical skills, risks of monopolization, risks of economic security), the author proposed practical recommendations for the development of digitalization of enterprises of the national industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus.
В. В. Фаузер, Т. С. Лыткина, А. В. Смирнов, Г. Н. Фаузер, T. Kuzmitskaya
Экономическая наука сегодня; doi:10.21122/2309-6667-2021-13-23-38

The general dynamics of the Russia population in its northern territories, and the Belarus Republic is presented; the demographic component role in population dynamics and their transformation in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century is shown. Special attention is paid to the effectiveness of migration exchange between the Northern territories and the Russian regions, and the scale of migration losses is shown. It is noted that the Russian North is highly urbanized, surpassing both Russia and the Belarus Republic and most of the countries of the foreign North in this indicator. In terms of the urban locality number, small and medium-sized cities are the leaders, while the majority of the population lives in cities of more than 100 thousand people.
S. Kuregyan
Экономическая наука сегодня; doi:10.21122/2309-6667-2021-13-15-22

The article considers topical issues of economic theory subject. It shows that economic theory subject changes along with changes in the system of social relations and productive forces. Currently economic theory subject also includes the study of digital (electronic) economy with its inherent features.
A. Prasniakova
Экономическая наука сегодня; doi:10.21122/2309-6667-2021-13-93-102

The article reveals the stages of the formation of sectoral approach to assessing the level of industrial technology in accordance with international practice. The differences between the categories «technology intensity» and «innovativeness» are determined in accordance with the recommendations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and regulatory documents of the Republic of Belarus. A comparative assessment is carried out and a much lower intensity of R&D in the manufacturing industry of our country is shown in comparison with international data, which necessitates the intensification of scientific research in the framework of the innovation process. Identified promising types of economic activities that produce products new to the domestic and world markets. Innovative projects for the creation of new industries based on technologies of the V and VI techno-logical modes are presented. The directions and instruments of state innovation policy for 2021–2025 in the field of creating new and accelerating the development of existing high-tech sectors of the economy are proposed.
В. В. Богатырева, М. Ю. Бобрик, T. Serhiyevich
Экономическая наука сегодня; doi:10.21122/2309-6667-2021-13-6-14

The article is devoted to the study of the evolution of labor relations in the Republic of Belarus. It was revealed that the dynamics of labor relations in the Republic of Belarus corresponds to global trends, ensuring the transition of our country to a new quality of economic growth. It is concluded that the positive effects for the national economy will be the higher, the more it is possible to introduce digital technologies and robotic systems in the real sector of the economy, as well as in the presence of an effective state system for reducing the level of structural unemployment generated by the further development of the digital economy.
Zhao Houcheng, B. A. Zhalezka, V. A. Siniauskaya
Экономическая наука сегодня; doi:10.21122/2309-6667-2021-13-126-131

In this paper different aspects of used car market development in China are analyzed. Influence of epidemic on the Chinese used car market is considered. SWOT-analysis of the Chinese used car market is made. Weaknesses and threats of Chinese used car market functioning are identified, strengths and opportunities of this market are revealed: strong policy support; market scale will enlarge; remarkable concentration increase; brand used car important role; trading service platform establishment. The market features indicated that Chinese used car market is making the shift to one of the dominant positions in Chinese auto industry.
M. Stashevskaya
Экономическая наука сегодня; doi:10.21122//2309-6667-2021-13-132-139

The article contains a study of existing views on the economic content of big data. From among the views, within which the authors define big data, the descriptive-model, utility-digital and complex-technological approaches are formulated. Against the back- ground of the large-scale spread of digital technologies (machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, etc.), functioning thanks to big data, the study of their economic essence is becoming especially relevant. As a result, it was found that the basis of economic activity in the digital economy is big data. The definition of big data as a resource of the digital economy is proposed.
C. Ю. Солодовников
Экономическая наука сегодня; doi:10.21122/2309-6667-2021-13-119-125

The article reveals the factors that determine the need to expand the Belarusian-Romanian technological cooperation in the context of the new industrialization of the two countries, namely: the change in the dynamics of foreign trade under the influence of the growing domestic demand of developing countries; reducing the share of intermediate goods and services in international trade; the growing impact of new and emerging technologies on world trade; the need for a new industrialization within the social paradigm Industry 4.0; an unprecedented degree of concentration in several countries of the most important raw materials required for the modern stage of industrialization; an unprecedented rise in global social inequality.
D. Mukha
Экономическая наука сегодня; doi:10.21122/2309-6667-2021-13-75-84

The article is devoted to the study of the phenomenon of Industry 4.0, the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the key aspects of the companies’ economic activity, including multinational corporations. It was revealed how Industry 4.0 affects the placement and organization of global value chains. It was established that Industry 4.0 technologies contribute to the transformation of existing and the emergence of new (digital) business models, thanks to which companies can achieve a significant reduction in their own costs, gain additional income and enter international markets. It shows how Industry 4.0 can influence investment decisions, change the global flows and directions of foreign direct investment. As a result of the research, conclusions are drawn about the role of Industry 4.0 in the transformation of the business environment, industries, markets, and economy as a whole.
A. Pastukhov
Экономическая наука сегодня; doi:10.21122/2309-6667-2021-13-85-92

The article is devoted to the modernization of industrial complexes in the context of sustainable development. It presents the national and regional aspects of industrial based on eco-innovation and industrial symbiosis as the ensuring the regional and national economic security, and also a list of organizational and technological measures for the formation of databases and knowledge in the field of eco-technologies and resource conservation.
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