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, , , Rakshitha S, Vinod Kumar S
Indian Journal of Software Engineering and Project Management, Volume 1, pp 1-3;

Amongst the most significant business concerns that airline companies face is the considerable expenses related to airlines being delays caused due to natural events and operations and maintenance flaws, which is an additional expense for the airlines, having caused scheduling and operations problems for end-users, likely to result in a negative revenue and customer displeasure. We used supervised machine learning approaches in this study to develop a two-stage prediction models for forecasting flight on-time performance. This model's initial stage uses binary classification to predict flight delays, while the second phase uses regression to estimate the delay's duration in minutes. The proposed research compares the effectiveness of decision tree classifier to logistic regression. Based on the created model, the outcomes of this simulation disclose projected congestion in airports, considering hour, day, climate, and so on. As a result, there will be less time spent waiting.
Pooja M R, Meghana M, Harshith Bhaskar, Anusha Hulatti, Praful Koppalkar, Bopanna M J
Indian Journal of Software Engineering and Project Management, Volume 1, pp 1-3;

We witness many people who face disabilities like being deaf, dumb, blind etc. They face a lot of challenges and difficulties trying to interact and communicate with others. This paper presents a new technique by providing a virtual solution without making use of any sensors. Histogram Oriented Gradient (HOG) along with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) have been implemented. The user makes use of web camera, which takes input from the user and processes the image of different gestures. The algorithm recognizes the image and identifies the pending voice input. This paper explains two way means of communication between impaired and normal people which implies that the proposed ideology can convert sign language to text and voice.
Indian Journal of Software Engineering and Project Management, Volume 1, pp 1-7;

Increase in population increases the demand for dwelling with a greater comfortness with all amenities. Nowadays people require residential building with fitness center, balconies, laundry room, swimming pool, childcare center, playground, and community room. The demand of people initiated to construct a apartment buildings in major cities. The process of planning and schedule of the activities in the construction of apartment building should be in a logical and systematic manner which is done using Autocad and Primavera P6 software. Finally the web integration is done for scheduling the major resources in the construction work which in hand manage the time period effectively.
Indian Journal of Software Engineering and Project Management, Volume 1, pp 8-12;

A prototype of an automated decision support system for creative universities has been developed, which will allow assessing the achievements particularly talented students and identifying the needs in the learning process in order to help organize the educational process in accordance with identified capabilities. Use of a decision support system based on the Bayesian classifier is suggested which will allow to evaluate factors contributing to the progress in teaching students particular techniques, and in perspective to assess the possible resources that will be required to make changes to the learning. The list of specific performance indicators is given. The system should contribute to the formation of the learning plan, taking into account the capabilities of both a group art workshop as a whole, and special needs of an individual to develop, if necessary an individual approach.
Indian Journal of Software Engineering and Project Management, Volume 1, pp 13-16;

This project will show that how activities that done by the school is important for the new learners. This stored all the activities of school that enhance the development of each child towards their career after Covid impact. Involvement in cocurricular Activities helps student become tougher and avoid mental health issues. There is a lack of such activities which will enhance the knowledge of child with Covid precautions and if parents want to develop their child’s knowledge in technology and also for online activities, So there is not such platform where they can do all this without misusing the technology in unawareness also if parents wants to polish their interest, so that, they can think to make a career in it. So, how can they analyse that whatever the school will be able to do it or not, without visiting each school due to Covid 19. we will mention the facilities, activities, skills and international activities, events, to do using technology, etc. in the project. This project will have own interface/platform for online activities for students so that they could not misuse the technology. There is some online activities (Activities From Home) in Project that can be done while making some social – distance because of Covid. This project can increase efficiency of skill development and career opportunities from their interest in respective activity or skill. Managing the impact of COVID-19 on education systems without losing required knowledge for students via Incredible school activity as well.
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