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Pandji Sukmana
International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, Volume 3, pp 1-10;

This study aimed to determine how much influence the determination of the APBD with Regional Head Regulations and the allocation partially and jointly on the realization of capital expenditures in the APBD in the Province of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta for the 2015 Fiscal Year.The research method uses a survey with a quantitative approach that is correlational. The sampling technique is Simple Random Sampling; namely, taking sample members from the population is done randomly without showing the existing strata. The number of samples in this study was 89 respondents.Based on the results of the research that has been carried out, it can be concluded that: a) Multiple Regression Analysis obtained a positive value, namely the variable of determining APBD (X1) of 0.457 and variable of allocation of capital expenditure (X2) obtained a value of 0.463. The results of the Multiple Correlation Analysis between the Variables of determining APBD (X1) and Variables of allocation of capital expenditures (X2) of 0.690. Thus, it can be said that the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable is strong. b) The results of hypothesis testing both partially and simultaneously, the variables of determining APBD with local government regulation (X1) and allocation of capital expenditures (X2) affect the variable of capital expenditure absorption (Y), so that Ha is confirmed, Ho is rejected. c) From the coefficient of determination test results, the result is 0.476. Thus the independent variable can explain the dependent variable by 47.6% to the dependent variable, while the rest is not examined in this study.
Hala Wasef Hattab, Omar Abdelsalam Fahmy
International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, Volume 3, pp 8-15;

Due to the rise in the number of entrepreneurship education programs that are believed to have an impact beyond creating entrepreneurial knowledge and the multiple attempts to understand the entrepreneurial identity and how it is constructed, the current research aims at investigating the relationship between entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial self-identity construction for university level-students, hence utilized two measures, the first one asked students whether they define him or herself in an entrepreneurial role or not (Hoang and Gimeno, 2015) and the second one was concerned about the social identity and measured it using the “Identity-scale” developed by Sieger et al. (2016).A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to a sample of 550 students, whereas 280 received formal entrepreneurship education and 270 did not. Results showed that entrepreneurship education had a direct impact on the construction of entrepreneurial identities of university students. However, the impact was of a very low level not exceeding 3.1%, implying the existence of other non-entrepreneurship education-related factors that might contribute to entrepreneurial identity construction to a higher extent.
Pham Van Tuan, Nguyen Minh Ha, Bui Duy Hiep, Nguyen Quang Huy, Tran Thi Ngoc Mai, Pham Mai Phuong
International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, Volume 3, pp 16-24;

In recent times, the Vietnamese e-commerce market is in a period of strong development, in addition, to the sharp increase in people’s demands to join e-commerce platforms after the epidemic. The research group started with an overview study, then research hypotheses and models were proposed. After conducting preliminary qualitative and quantitative research to adjust the appropriate scales, the research group created a questionnaire and collected data in online forms with a sample size of 350. Next, the data was entered into the software for SEM analysis. The results of the study indicate that the quality of the e-commerce platform has an indirect impact on the purchase intention through the positive impact on the trust and the negative impact on the perceived risk. Attitudes towards information, trust, perceived risk, and perceived usefulness have direct influences on purchase intention. Attitude towards information, trust, and perceived usefulness have positive effects on purchase intention, while perceived risk harms purchase intention. In addition, purchase intention is relatively strongly influenced by trust and perceived usefulness. Perceived risk and attitude towards information have little influence on purchase intention. Finally, the research team proposes some solutions for businesses to increase the purchase intention of consumers through e-commerce platforms.  
Le Huong Hoa, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Bui Thi Thu, Dinh Tran Ngoc Hien
International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, Volume 3, pp 1-7;

Publishing fake information have at least three bad effects on the community: creating disinformation, anxiety, and disorder in society.Still using qualitative analytical methods with synthesis and inductive methods, the authors will address 2 cases of Vietnam magazines: thanhnien. vn and, vietnamnet. vn,,, (online newspapers) and recently with their issue of publishing fake news online, which increasing as a problem in recent years 2015-2020. In this paper, we also use the European approach and laws on exploring the issue of publishing and delivering false information via the internet and social media. Last but not least, the views and ideologies of V.I Lenin and Ho Chi Minh on journalism and journalists are mentioned for educating the young generation.
Burhan Doğan, Burak Saykal
International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, Volume 3, pp 8-25;

Twin deficit hypothesis; It emerges when budget deficits and current account deficits are observed simultaneously. Exchange rate fluctuations have an impact on both cost inflation and consumer inflation through production costs due to Turkey's import substitution mode of production. In this study, the relationship between the twin deficit hypothesis and consumer inflation was analyzed using VAR analysis and Granger causality tests using quarterly data between the periods 2010: Q1 and 2019: Q4. According to the results obtained; while the twin deficit hypothesis was not supported in Turkey in the period discussed, it was observed that the budget deficit and current account deficit increased inflation.
Luigi Bonaventura, Margherita Lazzara
International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, Volume 3, pp 1-7;

Consumer over-indebtedness is a growing phenomenon in EU countries. Legislation addressing debt solutions for consumers does not have a long tradition in Italy. In 2012 Italy defined debt settlement procedures to reduce the impact of over-indebtedness. We build a disequilibrium agent-based model (abm), populated by heterogeneous consumers who behave according to boundedly rational behavioral rules. Through abm model, it will be possible to test the effects of this regulatory framework on the credit market, wealth distribution, and savings. In particular, the probability by means the local Tribunal accepts the consumer plan has an important role to balance between the need to provide an appropriate solution for enabling over-indebted individuals to start over with their lives, on one hand, and economic efficiency that debts should be paid.
Mashhud Fashola
International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, Volume 3, pp 1-17;

The paper revealed how Nigeria has remained perpetually underdeveloped by various development indicators. To explain Nigeria’s perpetual underdevelopment, the paper presented a Structural Theory of Development Policy. The theory postulates an interrelationship among four components of any economic system, comprising policy instruments (vector x), external exogenous variables (vector u), target and non-targetendogenous variables (vectors and z), impacting welfare function w(y), as illustrated below: The theory elucidates perpetual underdevelopment by the following obstacles:(i) Perverted articulation of development objectives(ii) Deficient knowledge of the economic system(iii) Excessive vulnerability to external factors(iv) Limited capacity for policy implementation  The resolution of these obstacles was discussed. However, the deficient knowledge of the economic system was considered the critical factor for extensive empirical analysis. A classical illustration is the foreign-exchange excess-demand theory, empirically proven to be a false paradigm, inapplicable to the Nigerian economy characterized by overwhelming dependence on primary commodity exports, price and income inelastic demand for goods and services, double-digit inflation rate, severe political instability, and unbridled corruption fuelling capital flight. Comprehensive econometric analysis for Nigeria negated the foreign exchange excess demand theory in all its ramifications, justifying the need for foreign exchange market regulation.
Kemal Pradana, Bomer Pasaribu, Iwan Kurniawan Subagja
International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, Volume 3, pp 18-269;

This study aims to: 1) analyze the effect of trade unions and company management on the work environment 2) analyze the effect of trade unions and company management on employee welfare, 3) analyze the effect of the work environment on employee welfare, 4) analyze the influence of trade unions and company management on employee welfare. employee welfare through the work environment. The research was conducted at PT Transport Jakarta with a research sample of 95 employees. The sampling technique used was simple random technique. The data analysis method used descriptive analysis and path analysis. The results showed that: 1) there was an influence of trade unions and company management on the work environment, 2) there was an influence of trade unions and company management on employee welfare, 3) there was an influence of the work environment on employee welfare, 4) the work environment did not play a role in improving employee welfare. trade unions and company management on the welfare of employees at PT Transport Jakarta.
Ernestine Gheyoh Ndzi, Anjali Raj Westwood
International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, Volume 2, pp 1-7;

Gender equality is integral to a universities’ strategy and agenda. However, there is a gap when looking through the lens of shared parental leave (SPL) or breastfeeding. This research investigates the causal relationship between SPL, breastfeeding, and workplace support. A survey targeting women working in UK Higher Education Institutions was conducted between February and July 2021, and 49 completed responses were recorded. Women reported knowledge of SPL but not all workplaces were offering SPL, it wasn’t easily accessible and often too complex to understand. Breastfeeding policies and workplace resources were minimal. Lack of breastfeeding support on return to work affected women’s decision to take SPL. Recommendations include the creation of more accessible policies (SPL and breastfeeding), providing examples of parents who have utilized SPL, dissemination of information on SPL and breastfeeding when women announce their pregnancy and on return to work, and adequate resources in the workplace to support breastfeeding mothers.
International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, Volume 2, pp 8-11;

“Digital-first” seems to be a crucial idea of our time. From the practical, economic, and even ecological point of view printed books are not the best solution. But still, this practice exists. This survey aims to answer, why in the digital environment occurs the textual niche. Is it a kind of relic or something which is deeply connected with human reading comprehension and the quality of text experience? To solve this problem will be used case study and cognitive methods. The crucial question for the presented paper is whether printed (codex) books and their reading means a form of distributing texts which will be progressively declining under pressure in the digital revolution (Q1). To answer this question, it is necessary to describe the current situation of traditional printing and also raise the question of printed documents especially printed and codex books have any features which cannot be replaced by online publishing (Q2). In the second question, one should take into account the cultural and subjective context of reading or possessing printed books.
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