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Zhenlin Yuan
Education Reform and Development, Volume 3, pp 29-32;

During the Tang, Ming, and Qing Dynasties, the external communication of traditional Chinese plastic arts achieved good results and had positive impact on the culture and economy of countries all over the world. For instance, the plastic arts of Han and Tang Dynasties had positive impact on the cultural circle of East Asia, while those of Ming and Qing Dynasties influenced the European artistic style. However, with time, there are various problems in the dissemination of traditional Chinese plastic arts. Foreign countries have a one-sided cognition and tend to misinterpret traditional Chinese plastic arts. Therefore, this paper analyzes from the perspective of the external communication effect and strategy of traditional Chinese plastic arts.
Liying Liu
Education Reform and Development, Volume 3, pp 19-22;

“Manslaughter” is a crime film released in mainland China on December 13, 2019. Once released, the film has attracted much attention from the audience, surpassing many works released during the same period. The setting of the film and the use of screen language are the magic weapons for the success of the film by gaining favor from the public. This film will be elaborated on based on the field of semiotics.
Qingyan Meng
Education Reform and Development, Volume 3, pp 65-69;

The college English pragmatic teaching approach, which seeks to foster students' English for all-round growth, is constantly developing with the ongoing development and improvement of education in China. As a result, during the implementation of college English pragmatic teaching, teachers realized their educational responsibility and implemented the mixed teaching style in a reasonable manner [1]. English pragmatic teaching content has grown in depth, enhancing students' perceptions of learning and allowing them to participate more fully in knowledge acquisition. Furthermore, it creates a solid basis for college students' follow-up English level exams, allowing them to steadily develop their English thinking abilities. This study focuses on the mixed-methods reform of college English pragmatic teaching. The author puts forward reasonable suggestions combined with his own teaching experience.
Zhenliang Yan
Education Reform and Development, Volume 3, pp 48-52;

The countryside is the fundamental unit of society, the base for innovative social government, and an important cornerstone for the party's ruling foundation. Based on this, this article proposes some ideas and exploration on increasing the governance capacity of rural grass-roots cadres in order to satisfy the demands of constructing a socialist modern nation.
Qinyi Li
Education Reform and Development, Volume 3, pp 33-37;

The emergence of carriers such as “micro video,” “micro channel,” and “micro film,” as well as the development of network information technology, have profoundly changed the social operation mode, learning and thinking methods, and interpersonal communication methods, posing new challenges to the Communist Youth League’s ideological guidance in the school in terms of content and form. The Communist Youth League’s ideological guidance at the school should be practical and realistic, and it should keep up with the times. Improve the Communist Youth League’s ideological guidance efficacy in the micro era.
Suili Wang
Education Reform and Development, Volume 3, pp 61-64;

With the rapid development and advancement of internet technology, “Internet Plus Education” has become a trend of basic education reform. It provides a new direction and thinking for English teaching in higher vocational nursing specialty. In teaching practice, higher vocational English teachers should be in line with the development trend of information education, use internet technology as teaching aids, assume the online and offline hybrid teaching mode, as well as further improve their learning initiative and enthusiasm while enriching the forms of teaching, so as to lay a good foundation for improving their comprehensive ability and professional quality. In regard to this, by analyzing the connotation of online and offline hybrid teaching, this paper explores the application strategies of hybrid teaching in English for nursing in higher vocational colleges in hope to provide some references for teachers.
Liying Liu
Education Reform and Development, Volume 3, pp 70-73;

With the advancement of science and technology, photography has evolved from heavy technology to light equipment, allowing it to become more accessible to the general public. Therefore, the documentary may be separated from professional media organizations and transformed into a personal action. As a result, independent documentaries started to emerge. This is based on the bottom of society and focuses on the viewpoint of young people, who can actually reconstruct society. “Four Springs” is regarded as one of China’s most outstanding works in the field of independent documentary.
Lei Zhang, Kang Ye
Education Reform and Development, Volume 3, pp 9-13;

In the era of self-media, information dissemination which is based on independent provision and sharing by ordinary people is characterized by personalization, popularization, immediacy and autonomy, causing a great impact on politics, economy, society and other aspects. In the self-media environment, everyone may become the receiver, creator and sender of media information, which has an important impact on the value formation of college students. College students should have high media literacy, be able to distinguish right from wrong, distinguish true from false, and spread positive energy. Improving media literacy education through a variety of ways is an important way to cultivate talents with morality, high quality, innovative thinking and ability. It helps college students improve themselves better and faster.
Siqi Zhang
Education Reform and Development, Volume 3, pp 14-18;

In the context of big data, ideological and political education in colleges and universities has become particularly important. Teachers should actively introduce new ideas and methods of ideological and political education, so as to stimulate students’ interest in ideological and political learning as well as develop their ideological and political level [1]. In view of this, this study explores the construction of college network ideological and political education platform under the background of big data and proposes several strategies for reference.
Han Zhao
Education Reform and Development, Volume 3, pp 38-42;

Background: Since 2014, the American Academy of Family Physicians has proposed that medical residents should gain more understanding about LGBT so that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) patients can gain access to healthcare without bias. In order to fulfil this, appropriate educational content on LGBT is required. Methods: Ovid, PubMed, and Website of Science have been searched for literatures published in last 8 years, from 2013 to 2021. Literatures on the attitude of medical students before and after their experience of curricula with LGBT content were included, whereas those that focused on addressing the gap of LGBT content in the curricula, the bias towards LGBT medical students, and the effect of LGBT curriculum on the knowledge aspect were excluded. Results: Ninety-three articles were found, among which only six literatures were included in this review. It has been found that after LGBT education, students are more prepared and their attitude towards LGBT patients when providing healthcare is more positive. Some studies have also pointed out that medical students would change their opinion in treating LGBT patients. Conclusion: This review shows that there is evidence of the influence of LGBT education on medical students’ attitude toward LGBT patients although a wide gap still exists in this field.
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