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Ubedullah Amjad Ali, Atif Aziz
Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 10, pp 514–526-514–526;

It is crucial to develop an understanding of the factors of customer purchase intention. It is also imperative to study these factors in the context of online purchasing. The reason its dissemination among consumers. Therefore, the present study developed a theoretical model and test by exploring the attributes of website experience such as information quality, security and service, and website credibility and its effect on online purchase intention in the presence of perceived risk as a moderator. The study opted quantitative method through survey application. PLS methodology was adopted to evaluate the measurement and structural model. The study adds knowledge to the literature through the support of empirical shreds of evidence in the context of Pakistan’s retail sector. The indication of findings points out the meaningful association among constructs that maximize the profitability of the online retail service sector if addressed carefully and may also create greater competition for online retailers. The study also showcases Implications, limitations, and future recommendations that were also canvassed at the end of the paper.
Amani Sharif, Ghulam Murtaza
Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 10, pp 720–729-720–729;

For the past five hundred years, Native Americans have been subjected to bloodshed, violence, and dislocation at the hands of the Euro-American colonisers. The trauma experienced by Native Americans over the years has been passed on to succeeding generations, leading them to resort to drug abuse, violence, isolation, and suicide. They have resisted the onslaught of their culture and civilization by reclaiming their traditions and ceremonies. There There by Tommy Orange underscores the violent legacy of Euro-American colonization and the subsequent endeavours by Native Americans to defy absence and erasure and ensure their visibility and presence. Orange depicts the ways historical trauma impacts the lives of Native Americans and demonstrates various strategies of survivance they have adopted in the face of this trauma. The theoretical framework of the study is based on the theory of historical trauma by Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart and the theory of survivance by Gerald Vizenor. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart defines historical trauma as the collective emotional wounding that spans generations and leads to anger, suicidal tendencies, and depression. Anishinaabe theorist Gerald Vizenor describes survivance as active survival in which modern-day Native Americans adapt to contemporary times while still adhering to their traditions and customs. The findings of the textual analysis of this research demonstrate Native American anguish and suffering as a result of centuries of colonization and their efforts to safeguard communal survival. The paper encapsulates the historical trauma experienced by modern-day Native Americans residing in urban locales and underscores their endeavors to preserve their culture despite obstacles.
Farhat Nasim, Hakim Ali, Muhammad Latif Javed, Rabia Bahoo
Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 10, pp 702–710-702–710;

Teaching competence refers to the knowledge, skills, attitude, and professional qualities needed to carry out a teacher's duties at the required level. This study's primary objective was to examine how teachers at different school levels were judged to be in terms of perceived teaching competencies. The researcher applied a quantitative survey approach in order to assess the competence of the teachers working in the public schools in the Multan district. A sample of 1009 teachers representing gender and school location was selected using a stratified sampling method. A questionnaire based on Passi and Lalitha's (1994) format was developed to obtain data. Both descriptive statistics (frequency, mean, and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (t-test and ANOVA) were used to analyze the data. The results demonstrated that gender had a significant impact on how competent teachers were evaluated to be. The results showed that teachers' perceived teaching competencies differed significantly depending on their teaching experience and teacher designation. Finally, this study's recommendations were presented for the enhancement and development of teachers’ performance
Munir Ahmad, Muhammad Javad Iqbal Khan, Zahra Shahid
Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 10, pp 711–719-711–719;

De-radicalization refers to a situation in which a person not only gets radicalized but also follows a route of rhetoric that leads to violent extremism. De-radicalization is the only disease emerging from the turmoil of terrorism. Pakistan is at a crossroads, where religious extremism is thriving every day and the scourge of terrorism is engulfing Pakistan. De-radicalization in the course of counter-terrorism is used as a soft approach without violating the basic ethics of human liberties. Radicalization, intolerance, sectarianism, Islamic militancy, and terrorism are not only spreading quickly over the globe, but they are also negatively impacting Pakistan's social security, religious peace, economics, good governance, democratic reform, and system of education. The study aimed to highlight the gaps and challenges faced by Pakistan during identify its nature and extent methodological investigation at the local level is accomplished This is a quantitative study to investigate the challenges and strategies for de-radicalization. To gather data primary and secondary sources were used. Pakistan needs to formulate its own, home-based strategies and paths to counter radicalization. Radicalization, administration, extremism, governance, Islamic insurgency, intolerance, violence, and identification are all addressed in this study. The key underlying causes of insurgency and radicalization have been identified, which will aid in the fight against Islamic militancy, radicalism, extremism, and intolerance in Pakistan. The study's findings and recommendations will be used to combat extremism and Islamic insurgency in Pakistan. This work will assist Think Tank experts, scholars, educators, and legislators, who will use the results and suggestions for broader objectives.
Misbah Rehman, Rabia Hanif, Maria Rafique, Ayesha Malik
Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 10, pp 651–657-651–657;

This research reflects the special role of VET on the different levels of Anxiety Depression and Stress. The population selected for the study was women living in the village of Mureed Khan. By using the purposive sampling technique 120 women were selected from the population. The sample was divided into two groups i.e., targeted, and non-targeted groups. Women with age 14 to 25 years old were selected to become part of the study. SPSS-22 software was used for testing of hypothesis. Pre-test and post-test differences in study variables show that VET is an effective intervention and caused significant changes in the participants.
Zubair Tanveer, Waheed Ahmad, Nabila Asghar, Hafeez Ur Rehman
Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 10, pp 658–668-658–668;

Efficient use of energy resources is one of the best solutions for protecting the world's ecosystem and achieving sustainability of economic growth. The present study has investigated the estimated symmetric and asymmetric relationship between energy consumption (EC) and CO2 emission in Pakistan. For empirical testing, ARDL and NARDL approaches are employed from 1976 to 2019. The outcomes of NARDL found that positive and negative shocks in EC substantially increased CO2 emission in the short run. However, in the long run, negative shock significantly decreases CO2 emission, and positive shock insignificantly increases CO2 emission in Pakistan. It is suggested that government should concentrate on clean energy production initiatives to promote the use of renewable energy. Similarly, it is anticipated that environmentally-conscious planning throughout the capital spending stage of manufacturing activities and the proper application of environmental levies will be beneficial in lowering carbon footprints associated with all sectors of the economy.
Ali Raza Fahad, Amani Sharif
Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 10, pp 688–694-688–694;

The study aims at investigating the relationship between the human mind crisis in relation to its immediate environment in Leslie Silko’s Ceremony. Ecological psychology is the study of the psychological origins of the ecological crisis, as well as the interaction between the human mind and the Earth's ecological crisis. An entirely new perspective and research methodologies have been provided by Ecological psychology for post-traumatic psychological healing as well as the proper handling of man-nature relationships. From an ecopsychological perspective, post-traumatic psychological resilience should be guided by ecological psychology theory, starting with ecological psychology regarding post-traumatic resilience, to establish a green eco- psychotherapy system, to attain harmony between nature and man, pay heed to trauma, and continue to grow. In the 1990s, the field of ecological psychology grew in popularity. Ecological psychology has made a positive attempt to investigate the core causes of the problems that human society and psychology have faced. It has a significant value in enforcing environmental consciousness, strengthening environmental learning, and expanding psychological research and application. In Ceremony, Tayo’s character is suffering post-traumatic conditions and environmental disconnection. When he refurbishes his relation with nature he gets healed and his mental peace returns. The study exhibits how significant it is to renew a good relationship between man and nature to bring and maintain joy and peace on Earth.
Eshrat Abbas, Amber Ferdoos
Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 10, pp 613–625-613–625;

Selection of a mate to get married is a quite common cultural practice worldwide and the criteria of spouse selection for women are very so often difficult. For the first time in this qualitative study, the preferences of highly qualified women in spouse selection and the influence of background individualities of spouses from Skardu, Gilgit – Baltistan, Pakistan were testified. A total of 15 unmarried but employed women were designated as respondents and data were obtained through purposive sampling from different institutions of Skardu like hospitals, colleges, and banks. An interview guide was used and the obtained data were evaluated thematically. The obtained results were characterized as the top criteria, important criteria, moderately important, and not important criteria for the choice of spouse. Results displayed that majority of women from the area consider higher education level, personal attributes, educational homogamy, financial stability, parental background, and sociability as top criteria before choosing a future spouse. While physical attractiveness and similar cultural/linguistic backgrounds were not deliberated as important measures to accept any proposal. It is therefore concluded that spouse education and some personal attributes are the top preferences of highly qualified women from the Skardu district of Gilgit - Baltistan Pakistan.
Rabia Maryam, Rabia Khawar
Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 10, pp 546–557-546–557;

The present paper attempted to analyze the existing task-based measures of affective flexibility and to provide a strong database for further development and validation of culturally relevant task-based measures of affective flexibility. The Articles in which affective tasks were developed are included in this review. Only those articles which had been transcribed in English and published in peer-reviewed journals from the year 1995-to 2021, with a sample of youth (15-35 years) were included. Key terms were effective flexibility, emotional flexibility, assessment of affective flexibility, and measures of affective flexibility. A systematic search of multiple computerized databases including Science Direct, Pub Med, Google scholar, and Psyc INFO was accomplished to find out the relevant articles. Both keyword search and citation search was performed for the current review. A total of 116 relevant articles were initially evaluated, 101 of them were excluded due to not meeting the inclusion criteria, and finally, 15 articles were retained. Analysis revealed that utilization, psychometric properties, and measurement accuracy were higher for several databases. Most of the studies have used standardized picture databases as stimulus material using a switching paradigm predominately. Correlation and t-tests were predominately performed for statistical analyses of the data. Strengths, limitations, and implications of the databases for affective flexibility had also been discussed.
Hafiz Ahmad Yar
Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Volume 10, pp 571–579-571–579;

Besides affecting the global socio-political situation, the 9/11 attacks gave rise to newer forms of literary productions with distinct post-9/11 traits. Since most of the post-9/11 literary and political debates have focused on the fight between terror groups presumably based in the Muslim world and the secular west led by the United States of America, the practices of profiling, stereotyping, and counter-stereotyping have been common. We have explored racial profiling and stereotyping in Terrorists by John Updike to understand the novel’s contribution to post-9/11 political propaganda. We provide textual analysis of Terrorists by drawing evidence of profiling along racial, religious, political, cultural, and geographical lines. We conclude that various forms of propaganda including polemical fiction have eroded the inter-communal harmony in the post-9/11 American society. Finally, we recommend measures against the menace of terrorism that may be effective without compromising the civil liberties of citizens.
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