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Nahla Boutouria, Salah Ben Hamad, Imed Medhioub
Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume 1, pp 1-11;

Asset pricing theory based on rationality was widely criticized in literature. Indeed, the non-inclusion of investor behavior and assuming market efficiency led to the weaknesses of option valuation through the traditional Black and Scholes model (1973). In this paper we examine the effect of the inclusion of investor behavior in the option pricing model. We test whether the Black and Scholes model in presence of sentiment behavior can lead to an improvement of the calculation of call price. Using daily data of 30 listed companies of France in the CAC40 index for the period June 18, 2009 to May 09, 2018, results showed that the introduction of sentiment effect in the Black and Scholes model provides better estimates of the call price than that obtained by the standard Black-Scholes model. In fact, we obtain an average gain of about 44% in terms of relative change in mean square error between both methods.
Michael B. Bibon
Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume 1, pp 17-33;

For many years, folk medicine has been the resort of many less privileged families who do not have access to modern health care facilities. A parasantigwar is a term coined to a folk healer in Cagraray island, Philippines, a native version of a doctor trained in traditional manner providing indigenous medicinal help in the locale. This study aimed to ground the lived experiences of these parasantigwar on their acquisition of folk healing skills. Phenomenology approach was conducted by immersion and interview to 8 identified parasantigwar through referral sampling technique. Result revealed that (1) apprenticeship to a folk healer in the family and (2) life setbacks of families were grounds which opted the parasantigwar to resort into traditional healing through cultural transmission and motivation by needs deficiency. This resulted to the parasantigwar’s acquisition of practices through (1) passed knowledge and (2) aggregated learned skill. It was concluded that family plays an important role in the assimilation of the folk healing skill where this immediate environment is responsible for the transmission of the observed culture and development of motivation to suffice needs. Further studies need to be conducted to understand healing practices especially to the surrounding islands showing similarity in origins of folk healing practice.
Hirdinis M.
Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume 1, pp 1-16;

This study is intended to analyze the effect of herding behavior and overconfidence in encouraging investment decision-making by investors on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the Jakarta area. The population of this research is investors who invest in investment instruments listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the Jakarta area with an unknown population, and the number of samples in this study is 100 investors. Data analysis in this study used an alternative method of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with Wrap PLS 5.0 data processing tools. The findings of this study is herding has a positive and significant effect on investment decisions by investors in the Jakarta area. Overconfidence has a positive and significant effect on investment decisions by investors in the Jakarta area. This means that the increasing herding and overconfidence of investors can drive the investor’s decisions making in the Jakarta area.
Yiglet Mebrat
Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume 1, pp 34-57;

According to the WHO daily report, the world lost 4.3 million peoples and more than 203 million of the people were infected by the epidemic till August 10, 2021. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARSCoV-2) is a respiratory disease and it is a systemic infection with cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, neurological, and hematological manifestations, leading to death. Many biomarkers reflecting the main pathophysiological characteristics of the disease have been associated with the risk of developing severe disease. Biochemical changes like leukocytosis, neutrophilia, lymphopenia, cytokine storm, decreased albumin, increase in ALT, total bilirubin, LDH, and procalcitonin levels are significant predictors of ICU admitted COVID-19 patients. So, monitoring of biochemical parameters in COVID-19 patients is critical for assessing disease severity and progression as well as monitoring therapeutic intervention.
Edet Okon Umoh, Enewan Udofia Iwok
Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume 1, pp 1-45;

This study was conducted to assess prevalence of occupational hazards and illnesses among mental health Nurses in Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Calabar, Cross River State. Three research questions were raised and one hypothesis formulated to direct the course of the study. The study adopted cross-sectional descriptive survey design to study 87 mental health nurses who were selected from the Hospital using stratified random sampling technique. Instrument for data collection was a self-structured questionnaire designed in consonance with the study’s objectives. The validity of the instrument was ensured and high reliability coefficient was obtained for the respective variables of the study. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics while hypothesis was tested using Chi-square statistics significant at 0.05. Findings of the study revealed that excessive workload, assaults and violence were the major hazards nurses were exposed to, while occupational illnesses including body pains, stress/psychosocial problems, and back pain were reported among the nurses. Nurses were found to exhibit good practice of prevention of occupational hazard, and there was a statistically significant relationship between years of work experience and practice of prevention of occupational hazard among Nurses in the Hospital. Prominent factors found associated with occupational hazard were; insufficient safety gadgets and equipment in the Hospital, long working hours, lack of adequate safety training, excessive workload, and inadequate staff strength in the Hospital. Based on these findings, it was recommended that government should embark on recruitment of more Nurses to reduce work load and enhance compliance to infection control practices in the Hospital.
Francis Hull Adams, Jacob Issaka, Barbara Amoako Kissi
Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume 1, pp 46-64;

This study examined leadership behaviours and leadership styles of students and tutors of colleges of education in Western and Central Regions of Ghana. Four specific leadership behaviours were discussed. These include: Team work, Discipline and Loyalty, Working relationships and Attitudes to welfare issues. Traditionally known leadership styles such as "Democratic"; "Autocratic" and Laissez faire were discussed in relation to both students and tutors. Percentage views of both students and tutors were taken about the leadership behaviours and leadership styles, then an independent sample T-test of male and female teacher trainees" views about the four thematic leadership behaviours were computed and discussed. The study also revealed that there is a correlation between students" participation in decision-making and their levels. There is also a correlation between Principals" leadership styles and the number of years spent in College. Recommendations made include: Measures should be put in place by College authorities to create democratic, open and transparent administration to ensure that both students and tutors operate without fear of being maligned or discriminated against in the performance of their duties.
Ifediba Emmanvitalis Emeka, Anumege Sebastian Chibunna
Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume 1, pp 1-19;

This study was carried out to examine how relationship marketing servers as a tool for profitability in banking industry in Nigeria. This study investigated ten (10) commercial licensed banks which were chosen at random from different locations in Lagos State: Zenith Bank, First Bank, United Bank for Africa plc, Access Diamond, Sterling Bank, Heritage Bank, Polaris Bank, Wema Bank, Guarantee Trust Bank and First city monumental plc. The study employed primary data collected in ensuring that valuable data were obtained for the data analysis. A total number of one hundred and twenty (120) copies of questionnaire were administered to staff of the selected banks for which (110) were used for analysis. After cleaning and sorting the copies of the accepted questionnaire they were fed into the statistical package for social science (SPSS). The questionnaire was structured in line with the research objectives, questions and hypothesis of the study. The Pearson product moment correlation coefficient was used to confirm formulated hypotheses. The study found that relationship marketing in Nigeria banks improves the bank’s profitability and that the presence of valuable and high-quality products and services enhances the bank profitability. The study concluded that, banks’ most important assets are the customers and as such, they need to be managed in a manner that will ensure that their expectations are met. The study also recommended that the relation managers and other managers, the staffs in the related departments and other stakeholder involved in matters of the bank’s operations continue with the spirit of understanding the requirements of Relationship Marketing, as well as other issues that governs it.
Edet Okon Umoh, Blessing Oduenyi Opue
Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume 1, pp 20-44;

This study was conducted to assess knowledge and attitude of medication among Nurses in Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Calabar. Three (3) research questions were raised and one hypothesis formulated to direct the study. The descriptive cross-sectional survey design was used to study a total of one hundred and two (102) nurses selected from the study area using the stratified random sampling technique. A well developed and structured questionnaire was used for data collection. The questionnaire was duly validated and its reliability ensured. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics of frequency count, simple percentage, mean, weighted mean, and standard deviation. The study hypothesis was tested using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient analysis with its significance level set at 0.05. Findings of the study revealed that majority (73.6%) of the nurses used for the study had adequate knowledge of medication error, and majority (72.6%) had positive attitude towards prevention of medication error in the Hospital. Factors that affect safe medication practices among the nurses include: individual negligence, excessive workload, inadequate staff strength, poor working environment, lack of staff development and training, lack of equipment and supplies, non-regular review of patient’s drugs by doctors, and prescription of under dosage drug by doctors. There is a statistically significant and positive relationship between knowledge and attitude of nurses towards prevention of medication error. Based on these findings, it was recommended that government should employ more qualified nurses to increase the strength of nurses in the Hospital and improve the nurse-patient ratio to avoid excessive workload which is a strong and significant contributing factor to medication error among nurses in the Hospital.
Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume 1, pp 45-52;

The study aims to analyze the influence of Transformational Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Organizational Commitment on the Job Satisfaction. The research object is a sample used as many as 90 employees of PT. Heriromadiali, calculated based on the use of saturated samples. Method of collecting data using survey method, with research instrument is questionnaire. The characteristic analysis method of respondents uses the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and data analysis methods using Partial Least Square (PLS). Research proves that the. Transformational Leadership has a positive and significant to Job Satisfaction. Organizational Culture have positive and significant effect on Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment has a significant and positive effect on Employee Job Satisfaction in Small Medium Enterprise Automotive Services
Nwanjoku Anthony, Zaki Muhammad Zayyanu, Yong Marinus, Ganda Jimmy
Cognizance Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Volume 1, pp 53-66;

In fact, translation is an operation or activity that aims to render the meaning of a message expressed in the source language into the target language in order to achievelinguistic equivalence. However, this presentation tries to prove that despite the consideration of the linguistic elements in a translation activity, translation has much affinity with culture because the meaning of a word is derived from the culture of the community or society that speaks that language. This paper observes that there are a lot of cultural elementsin literary works which normally create problems for the translator if he or she does not possess the cultural baptism in the languages in question. The paper aims at alerting the translator of these problems and to proffer solutions to avoid realizing a translation which is far from the intended message of the writer of the source language.Consequently the paper insists that a good translator should become what he calls a cultural mid-wife.
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