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Ega Firsty Ayu Pratiwi, Retno Devita, Okta Andrica Putra
Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Volume 4, pp 355-361; https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis.v4i2.529

Kitchen spices are substances that generally come from flavorful plants that are added to dishes for the purpose of flavoring food. Seasonings serve to give food a better taste. With so many types of spices, storage in the warehouse is needed a place that fits the types of spices. So that the supply is not confused to store kitchen spices and if needed is not confused anymore. The supplier will send spices according to consumer demand. In this way, if the spices are used up, Delphi will automatically instruct the speakers and cameras to monitor the supply to enter the spices. What has been determined by consumer demand is how many spices are needed and a data base to collect data. RFID as taking customer data by using an ID card to enter the kitchen spice storage warehouse. Loadcell as measuring the weight of the weigher.
Zulfikri Zulfikri
Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Volume 4, pp 341-348; https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis.v4i2.523

Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 1 Meranti Islands is one of the schools that has implemented Teacher Performance Assessment (PKG) to ensure the quality of learning and promotion of teachers. The lack of use of Information Technology (IT) in supporting the PKG data processing process causes the assessment process to be complicated with inaccurate results. The use of programming languages ​​that are connected to the database will certainly speed up and simplify the PKG data processing process. The final result of this research is the design of the PKG information system at MAN 1 Kepulauan Meranti using the Visual Basic 6.0 programming language and SQL Server 2005 database. By using the PKG information system, the PKG value calculation process becomes faster and more precise, the value recap process and creation PKG reports also become more practical.
Adri Adri Adri, Yeni Melia
Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Volume 4, pp 276-284; https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis.v4i1.456

Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk pengembangan model Knowledge Management (KM) dengan aspek Knowledge Creation (KC) dalam konteks Digital Nomadism (DNs) terhadap Gig Economy (GE). KM dengan kategori Discovery (Tacit, Explicit, Embedded and Source), Organization (type, organizing, function, specify), and Sharing (concept, mechanism, benefit, growth). DNs dengan dimensi Personal (personal knowledge management, lifestyle), Social (media cultural production, market practice, community practice), and Technology (platform infrastructure, nomadic infrastructure). GE dengan kriteria Employers (micro-entrepreneurship), Gig Workers (digital nomad), and Digital Platform (digital intermediated). Aspek KC menggunakan SECI model: Socialization (creating tacit asset from tacit asset), Externalization (creating explicit asset from tacit asset), Combination (creating explicit asset from explicit asset), and Internalization (creating tacit asset form explicit asset). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa model yang dibangun mampu menghasilkan model KM adaptif. Hal ini dengan implikasi pada DNs dalam sharing, collaborating, and learning melalui KM yang me-revolusi cara baru bekerja dan berinteraksi dalam aktifitas GE (living, working, and organizing).
Yasser Yazid Mohammad, Agus Sidiq Purnomo
Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Volume 4, pp 312-323; https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis.v4i2.503

In this study, the author aims to design a decision support system using the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method to find recommendations for leather bags. In this study there are four criteria used by the author, namely price, authenticity or level of authenticity of leather, bag dimensions in inches, gender or gender. The existence of a Decision Support System (SPK) is expected to help make it easier for prospective consumers to choose bags according to their wishes. 57 Based on the data used, as many as 54 data or worth 92.98% are appropriate, and the remaining three data or worth 7.02% are not appropriate.
Adhamdi Tria Putra Abza
Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Volume 4, pp 349-354; https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis.v4i2.524

PT. PLN (Persero) Rayon Selatpanjang is a PLTD unit of a state-owned electricity company that was built to meet electricity needs in the Selatpanjang area. The system that is running in the monitoring section when inputting customer status requires the operator to retype the status of the customer who is replacing the KWH meter. In this study the author provides a solution in the form of a monitoring application for KWH meter replacement which is designed to manage customer status data using the Delphi 7.0 and SQL Server 2005 programming languages, then by using the monitoring application for KWH meter replacement, managing customer status data in the BCP field at PT. PLN (Persero) Rayon Selatpanjang will be safer and faster.
Muhammad Jufri, Deosa Putra Caniago
Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Volume 4, pp 333-340; https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis.v4i2.510

The ear is the five senses and is the external organ that most often interacts with external objects, the most common disturbance in the ear organs is an infection in the ear called otitis, otitis is an inflammation that causes an infection in the ear. Otitis itself has many types such as external, media, internal and others. with research using an Expert System, utilizing the Forward Chaining and Certainty Factor methods, it is hoped that it can help patients to be able to consult the system, as appropriate to consult an ENT-KL specialist, with an accuracy of up to 94%.
Wahyu Ningsih, Budiman Budiman, Izzatul Umami
Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Volume 4, pp 446-454; https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis.v4i2.570

Scholarships are grants in the form of financial assistance given to individuals that aim to be used for the continuation of the education achieved. With this scholarship program, it is hoped that it can help students who have problems in financing. The selection of scholarship recipients at SMK YPM 14 Sumobito still experiences problems in decision making, because the assessment process is not always decided based on definite considerations but the policy of the decision makers who ultimately determine the scholarship recipients. This is because there is no method that can predict prospective scholarship recipients. Eligibility of prospective scholarship recipients is determined by applying the Naïve Bayes method. This method was chosen because it was able to study the previous case data used as test data. After testing with the Naïve Bayes algorithm using the Rapidmaner tool, the results were 90.48% accuracy, 96.88% precision, 83.33% recall each. So that it can be said as a good key to apply for prospective scholarship recipients.Keywords: (scholarship assistance, Data Mining, Naïve Bayes).
Eko Sulistyono Sulistyono
Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Volume 4, pp 293-299; https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis.v4i2.497

In this research discusses the problem of distributing goods from a depot to several customer locations to minimize travel costs. The problem is solved by using the Vehicle Routing Problem method. The data used in this research is secondary data with 10 customers and one depot. The aim of this research is to form a model from the data that has been obtained and determine the optimal travel route based on the model that has been formed. The first step is to form the objective function of the problem, then form the constraints that may occur. After the model is formed, a solution to the problem is sought. The total cost of the trip is obtained by multiplying the cost of the trip per kilometer by the total distance traveled.
Ahmad Ramadhan, Supatman Supatman
Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Volume 4, pp 256-267; https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis.v4i1.484

Subjective decision making can lead to errors in supplier selection. In the selection of suppliers, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) Department has difficulty in choosing suppliers, because many suppliers have submitted offers of cooperation. Therefore, we need a supplier selection decision support system so that the OEM department can determine the appropriate supplier in purchasing products, services and materials. This decision support system uses the SAW (Simple Additive Weighting) method where this method is used to overcome existing problems, because there are many alternatives and criteria that must be considered in supplier selection such as legality, quality management, production capacity, production quality and innovation. From the tests carried out by comparison through Microsoft Excel and the web-based SAW program at PT Avo Innovation Technology using 13 data suppliers to test system performance. It was concluded from the test that the percentage of system performance was 100%, so that this system could be implemented in the company.
Pandu Pratama Putra, Dafwen Toresa, Yogi Ersan Fadrial, Puspita Sari, Rometdo Muzawi, Sularno Sularno, Nori Sahrun
Jurnal Teknologi Dan Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Volume 4, pp 285-293; https://doi.org/10.47233/jteksis.v4i1.457

Sidomulyo Village is a village located in the Lyric sub-district, Indragiri Hulu district, Riau Province. According to data obtained by researchers, there were 35 Regency Covid-19 BLT recipients and 51 Provincial Covid-19 BLT recipients. Then there were 95 recipients of BLT DD (Village Fund). In Sidomulyo Village, the recipients of direct cash assistance were only through data collection. This Decision Support System for Determination of Assistance uses the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method. The purpose of designing and making a Decision Support System for Determining Direct Cash Assistance is to assist Sidomulyo Village in receiving assistance. In the system that supports direct cash assistance, there are several criteria and alternatives used to determine direct cash assistance. The criteria used are: Occupation, Age, Number of Dependents, Income and Expenditures. While the alternative is all the people listed in the data recipients of direct cash assistance in the village of Sidomulyo. The results of this study are in the form of Determination of Direct Cash Assistance which helps Sidomulyo Village in determining.
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