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Ati Susanti
Jentre: Journal of Education, Administration, Training and Religion, Volume 3, pp 33-43;

The Halal Product Guarantee Law established by the government in 2014 is the legal basis for halal product guarantees implementation in Indonesia. The law has become the basis of formation of Halal Product Organizing Agency. As a service realization, a Halal Certificate Service Task Force was formed to function on serving regional halal certification. This article aims to analyze the obstacles and challenges of halal certification services in West Java Province. The author uses primary data and descriptive qualitative as method. The results showed that the community had an awareness of halal certificate’s importance. They also understood the obstacles and challenges of service procedures in the Provincial Halal Certificate Service Task Force as necessity of an effective service process. Business actors have a positive perception of time, cost, SOPs and technology usage, which is understood as an important and modern part of achieving fast and easy service. The service elements in form of hospitality, convenience, and response received a fairly high score. The function of consulting services received a good assessment, because it is considered capable of motivating business actors to have a halal certificate, to understand halal certification’s importance, to behave discipline, and to obey the rules as a process of getting recognition over halal products. They are also having better value on halal and thoyib’s understanding
Yayan Mulyana, Dedi Restendi
Jentre: Journal of Education, Administration, Training and Religion, Volume 3, pp 44-52;

Inclusive education for persons with disabilities has a direct impact on human resources readiness. They are ready to work and employed by the professional world. The purpose of this study is to obtain an overview of inclusive education regulation and its application. The method used in collecting data is by using secondary data method. Literature studies are obtained from supporting journals or articles. The results showed that there are already regulations governing inclusive education implementation. At the level of implementing, there are a lot of works to be done.
Ridwan Hermansah
Jentre: Journal of Education, Administration, Training and Religion, Volume 3, pp 12-25;

This study aims to determine the effect of using Android-based application on student activities in learning Islamic Cultural History. This classroom action research method is carried out in two cycles, where each cycle begins with planning, action, observation, and reflection. The data in this study are in form of assessments obtained in their activities and assessments at the end of the cycle. Then, the data is analyzed to obtain an overview of learning effectiveness that has been carried out. There are seven indicators that are measured to determine student activity in the learning process by applying the use of android-based media. The results showed that based on the seven indicators, there was an effect on increasing student learning activities in learning the subject of Islam spread in the archipelago by using an Android-based application. Before the action, only 37.62% students were actively involved in learning. In the first cycle, the average student learning activity increased to 56.19%. In the second cycle, the average student learning activity increased again reaching 76.16%. The conclusion is that the use of android-based media is very instrumental and suitable for increasing student activity in learning Islamic Cultural History at MTs Al-Ma'arif Cilageni, Garut.
Nurhayati Nonong
Jentre: Journal of Education, Administration, Training and Religion, Volume 3, pp 26-32;

The research aim describes an influence of human resource planning over the civil servants’ performance at Jambi City under The Ministry of Religious Affairs. Primary data obtained were taken from questionnaires of 75 civil servants. The data analysis used quantitative descriptive. The data were processed by using SPSS 25 with simple linear regression analysis.The results showed that the magnitude of influence to human resource planning towards employee performance is 0.420 or 42% and statistically significant (significance of 0.000< α = 0.05). Thus, this article concluded that the human resource planning implemented by The Ministry of Religious Affairs at Jambi City had an effect on improving employee performance. 
Marina Setiawati
Jentre: Journal of Education, Administration, Training and Religion, Volume 3, pp 1-11;

This study aims to develop an online learning system for Community of Inquiry (COI) based Classroom Action Research at Jakarta’s Religious Education and Training center (BDK Jakarta). This study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis that has been adapted to the needs and availability of the researcher's time. Learning development refers to the Bates model. Evaluation is executed through expert evaluation and field trials. Furthermore, a test was conducted to obtain data related to increasing the understanding of teacher's concept by analyzing the test and skill’s results. The data obtained from this test indicate that there is a significant increase in understanding the concept. Thus, this inquiry technique community is considered successful in training.
Dedi Restendi
Jentre: Journal of Education, Administration, Training and Religion, Volume 2, pp 55-63;

This study aims to determine the satisfaction level among participants of Distance Training (DT) by using video tutorial services on how to operate a Moodle-based Learning Management System. One of the reasons for the success of participating DT is their technical ability to operate an application platform created by Bandung Religious Education and Training Center (BDK Bandung). The satisfaction of distance training participants is reflecting quality of video tutorial services as an effort to serve participants who have difficulty operating LMS.Analyzing participants’ satisfaction is executed through the dimensions of reliability, tangibility, and responsiveness to video tutorials containing technical explanations for operating a moodle-based LMS. The population of this research is DT’s participants at BDK Bandung year 2021, with a total of 800 participants. The samplestakenare 100 participants. The results show that the training participants were very satisfied with the video tutorial services. They have reliability and are in accordance with participants’ needs and expectations.It can be seen repeatedly, owned and felt by the participants as in the second dimension, tangibility. Regarding the quick response variable, the videos are able to answer complaints from participants who have difficulty operating Moodle-based LMS.
Entin Kartini
Jentre: Journal of Education, Administration, Training and Religion, Volume 2, pp 48-54;

The competence of Raudhatul Athfal (RA) teachers in preparing Weekly Learning Implementation Plan (RPPM) and Daily Learning Implementation Plan (RPPH) is still not maximized. Their understanding on RPPM and RPPH’s preparation is still low. The learning has not been structured, detailed, traced based on the latest curriculum development, i.e. revised 2013 RA curriculum. Through executing academic supervision, it is expected that teachers will be able to prepare RPPM and RPPH. The main duties and functions of supervisors include coaching teachers in form of academic supervisionwhich supports learning process implementation. Through academic supervision process, teachers are fostered to be ready preparing RPPM and RPPH in accordance with 2013 curriculum systematics, so that thelearning quality increases. The supervision was carried out in Cibeunying District, Bandung, with a total of 20 (twenty) teachers. Participation activeness in teachers’ training is 87.5% (high) to 97.5% (very high) increased by 8%, cooperation in groups is initially from 90% (high) to 97.5% (very high), 6%increased, and the percentage of courage to create presentation is from 85% (high) to 95% (very high),raised 8%. In thesecond cycle, the teacher's masteryon RPPM and RPPH’sconsisting of opening lesson, learning method/models, and closing lessonn/evaluation has increased. To sum up the research of academic supervision, both teacher competence in RPPM and RPPH’s preparationas well aslearning qualityhave been developed.
Sodikin Sodikin
Jentre: Journal of Education, Administration, Training and Religion, Volume 2, pp 64-71;

The Ministry of Finance establishes The Budget Implementation Performance Indicator (IKPA) to measure the performance of ministries or agencies’ budget management. IKPA also functions as an evaluator monitoring media that can provide an assessment of budget implementation in a work unit (satuan kerja) which has implication for better state financial management. Descriptive statistical methods, Likert scale, and Qualitative methods are used in this study to analyze the planning with budget execution suitability, budget implementation effectiveness, and also constraints faced by work units in Bandung area on the process of measuring performance through IKPA. Based on the data collection and analysis from 28 respondents, it was found that the effectiveness of budget implementation and the planning with budget suitability realization were in good value, yet in line with several obstacles the units faced. The encountered constraints demand the units to require a distinct calendar of work unit activities in one fiscal year which is the basis for determining the plan for withdrawing funds. It has an impact on budget absorption and work unit achievement as well.
Imas Imas, Titim Kurnia
Jentre: Journal of Education, Administration, Training and Religion, Volume 2, pp 42-47;

The research is based on the poor reading ability of Indonesian students. To improve reading skills, it must be developed from elementary school as the foundation for the next level of education. In this regard, the researcher collaborated with colleagues to research early reading ability for the first grade of students at Ciwaruga 1 Elementary School, West Bandung Regency. Research subjects numbered 22 pupils. The method used is descriptive analysis with one shot case study technique. The researchers used several instruments to collect the data of student abilities as well as to examine word and picture cards effectiveness in the learning process of early reading. Based on data, there are several findings that the ability of early reading so far has only reached 45%. In addition, the effectiveness of using illustrated word and picture cards in early reading is 0.349, which exceeds the level of 0.05. Therefore, it can be interpreted that using illustrated cards has a very significant impact for improving early reading ability of students at the first grade.
Djubaidah Djubaidah
Jentre: Journal of Education, Administration, Training and Religion, Volume 2, pp 72-77;

Pengukuran indeks ini merupakan amanat regulasi Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 17 tahun 2020 dan Peraturan BKN Nomor 8 tahun 2019. Secara umum, manfaat Pengukuran Indeks Profesionalitas ASN bagi setiap Kementerian/Lembaga adalah (1) Sebagai area pengembangan diri dalam upaya peningkatan derajat Profesionalitas sebagai Pegawai ASN, (2) Sebagai dasar perumusan dalam rangka pengembangan pegawai ASN secara organisasional, dan (3) sebagai instrumen kontrol sosial agar Pegawai ASN selalu bertindak profesional terutama dalam kaitannya dengan pelayanan public. Berdasarkan hasil pengukuran Indeks profesionalisme ASN Pusdiklat tenaga Administrasi tahun 2020 adalah (86,84) berada dalam level “tinggi”. Indeks tertinggi adalah jabatan fungsional yaitu (92.49), jabatan struktural adalah (87,2) dan yang terendah adalah jabatan pelaksana (80,66) Keywords: Indeks; Profesionalitas; ASN
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