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, Adi Nurmahdi
Journal of Business and Management Studies, Volume 3, pp 19-30; doi:10.32996/jbms.2021.3.2.3

This research study highlights the role of purchase decisions in mediating price and brand image towards the customer satisfaction for Ebara pump. The population of this research is Ebara customers. The sample is taken using the purposive sampling method, consisting of 135 respondents. The research used a quantitative analysis approach. The data analysis methods using partial modelling with partial least squares determine how much independent variables affect the dependent variables. Research shows that the model influence on purchasing decisions is moderate and on customer satisfaction is strong, predictive capabilities are excellent, and the model performance between a structural model and a measuring model is fit. The hypothetical tests result in conclusions that there is a variable effect of brand image on purchase decisions, and the price perception affects the purchase decision. The brand image and price perception affect the customer's satisfaction. Indirectly, brand image and price affect customer satisfaction through purchase decisions.
, Bambang Mulyana, Sri Marti Pramudena
Journal of Business and Management Studies, Volume 3, pp 43-54; doi:10.32996/jbms.2021.3.2.5

Mutual funds are said to perform very well if they can provide a higher rate of return and minimize risk. This study aims to find out if the performance of stock mutual funds has a better performance than the market as a comparison (JCI) using sharpe and jensen methods and to find out if there is a difference in the rating of stock mutual fund performance measurement results between sharpe method and Jensen method.The analysis results using Sharpe method and Jensen method show that 30 mutual funds have a good performance where the performance value of stock mutual funds from sharpe and jensen method is above the average market value (JCI). The result of Sharpe method in 2017 shows that the best performing stock mutual fund is Batavia Stock Fund Optimal Stock Fund. In 2018 and 2019, the best performance was the Sucorivest Maxi Fund, while the result of Jensen's method in 2017, the best performing stock mutual fund was the Sucorivest Maxi Fund. In 2018, it showed the best performance, namely Trim Kapital Equity Fund. The Bahana Trailblazer Fund occupied the highest performance value in 2019. However, each equity fund will experience a change in its rating every year. For the best mutual funds in this research year.
, Zulfitri
Journal of Business and Management Studies, Volume 3, pp 31-42; doi:10.32996/jbms.2021.3.2.4

This research study analyses and determines the role of purchasing decisions mediating product quality, price perception, and brand image on Kopi Harapan Jiwa's customer satisfaction. The population in this study were customers of Kopi Janji Jiwa 135 respondents. The use of samples with purposive sampling technique and target customers who have bought or consumed Kopi Janji Jiwa. Stages in data analysis with a structural equation model on partial least squares to see the effect of exogenous variables on endogenous variables. The structural model is known to moderate purchasing decisions, while customer satisfaction has a strong influence. The predictive capability is large, and the model performance between the structural and measurement models is in a good category. According to hypothesis testing, it was found that product quality and price perception did not significantly affect purchasing decisions, but the brand image had a significant influence on purchasing decisions. Product quality and price perception were found to significantly affect customer satisfaction while purchasing decisions were found to have no significant effect. The brand image was found not to have a significant effect on customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, purchasing decisions found a significant influence. In purchasing decisions, there is a significant influence on customer satisfaction.
, Ivy Galanta
Journal of Business and Management Studies, Volume 3, pp 12-18; doi:10.32996/jbms.2021.3.2.2

Employee engagement and positive institutional outcomes are assumed to be linked in various fashions. Engaged employees play a key role in achieving organizational success and competitive advantage. Research shows that engaged employees are willing to work the extra mile, work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company, thereby driving innovation and moving the organization forward. This study aimed to assess employee engagement in a tertiary Christian Institution in Mlang, North Coatabato, regarding organizational motivation and discretion. It also aimed to determine the respondents' perception of the three identified employee engagement determinants: human resource management practices, psychological empowerment, and organizational culture. Moreover, it sought to determine the relationship between HRM practices, psychological empowerment, and organizational culture to employee engagement and finally, which among the three indicators significantly influence employee engagement. This quantitative study used descriptive correlation and 70 full-time personnel of the institution answered the adopted survey questionnaire derived from different authors. Results revealed that the respondents’ perceptions of the HRM practices, the organizational culture, and employee engagement were high. Apparently, all of the variables of HRM practices have significant relationships to employee engagement, whereas, in the psychological empowerment, only the impact was found to have a significant relationship to employee engagement. In terms of organizational culture, only achieving goals and cultural strength was found to significantly affect employee engagement. Lastly, findings revealed that only the performance evaluation, impact and cultural strength were found to be the significant determinants of employee engagement among the variables. The quality of employee engagement has the potential to increase employee productivity, work quality and retention significantly.
Dian Erdiansyah, Erna S Imaningsih
Journal of Business and Management Studies, Volume 3, pp 01-11; doi:10.32996/jbms.2021.3.2.1

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of product quality, promotion, and perceived value on customer loyalty with customer satisfaction as an intervening variable. The population of this research is Grab Food customers. The population in this study were Grab Food customers. The sample was taken by purposive sampling method with the criteria being Grab Food customers or had used it 3 times, and the samples analyzed were 125 respondents. The research method used is causal research to prove the theory with quantitative analysis approach with data analysis method using Structural Equation Model - Partial Least Square. The model test results show that the effect on customer satisfaction is strong and on customer loyalty is moderate, the predictive capability of the theory is large, and the relationship between the structural model and the measurement model is fit. The results of hypothesis testing conclude that product quality, promotion and perceived value variables affect customer satisfaction. The product quality and promotions do not affect customer loyalty either directly or through customer satisfaction. Perceived value directly affects customer loyalty but does not affect customer loyalty through customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction does not directly affect customer loyalty.
, Hadi Salah Abdurrahman Atiat
Journal of Business and Management Studies, Volume 3, pp 58-65; doi:10.32996/jbms.2021.3.1.6

The current study aims to identify the influence of marketing communications tools to achieve customer's satisfaction towards mobile phone service provider companies in Jordan by activating the marketing communications tools to achieve customer's satisfaction and identify the extent of its effectiveness on the mobile phone companies. In this study, the researcher used the descriptive and analytical approach method to describe the phenomenon in question, which evaluates the role of marketing communications tools to achieve customer's satisfaction concerning the mobile phone service providers' companies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. However, the study population represents all the companies of mobile phone service providers in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which reached the end of 2019; (3) companies, namely, Zain Jordan Telecommunication Company, Orange Jordan Telecommunication Group, and Umniah Telecommunication Company. Taking into account the limited number of telecommunications companies in Jordan, notably, all telecommunications companies were taken by a comprehensive survey. Accordingly, the study sample represented two categories. The sampling and analysis unit included customers of mobile phone service providers’ companies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Meanwhile, the researcher has distributed (600) questionnaire on the study sample individuals who are customers of mobile phone service providers’ companies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The study results showed a significant impact of the marketing communication tools on Jordanian mobile phone service provider companies’ customer satisfaction, from customers’ point of view.
Ezekiel Tom Ebitu, Samuel Etuk, Joy Ekoi Ofem, Patricia Akwaya Olom
Journal of Business and Management Studies, Volume 3, pp 38-46; doi:10.32996/jbms.2021.3.1.4

The research examined packaging attributes and consumer patronage of cosmetics in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State. It was conducted to determine how packaging attributes influenced consumer patronage of cosmetic products in Calabar Metropolis. The study specifically explored the effect of brand name, packaging information and design of packaging wrapper on consumer patronage of cosmetics in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State. Cross sectional survey research design was adopted and primary data were collected from 139 cosmetic consumers in Calabar Metropolis using structured questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed using multiple linear regression in the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS 23). The findings revealed that brand name, packaging information and design of packaging wrapper had a significant effect on consumer patronage of cosmetics in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State. Hence, it was concluded that packaging attributes had a significant effect on consumer patronage of cosmetics in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State. Therefore, the following recommendations were made: manufacturers of cosmetics in Calabar should strive to build strong brand names for their products by maintaining the highest level of product quality in order to enhance consumer patronage; adequate product information should be displayed on the packaging of cosmetics in order to enable consumers make informed purchase decisions; , and manufacturers of cosmetics in Calabar should consistently ensure that attractive designs are displayed on the packaging of their products in order to entice consumers to patronize.
, Sem Mbimbi Pascal
Journal of Business and Management Studies, Volume 3, pp 01-10; doi:10.32996/jbms.2021.3.1.1

La République démocratique du Congo en général et la ville de Lubumbashi en particulier enregistrent une croissance démographique rapide accompagnée d’énormes défis socio-économiques. Alors que le chômage ainsi que les inégalités sociales sont largement documentés, cette situation touche malheureusement plus des femmes malgré leurs niveaux d’étude universitaire. À Lubumbashi, l’enquête conduite dans les entreprises publiques et privées renseigne que seulement 9% des femmes universitaires y travaillent dans l’administration malgré le nombre important de femmes diplômées ces dernières années. L’objectif de cette étude était d’identifier les facteurs d’insertion professionnelle ainsi que des défis à relever pour capitaliser, au profit du pays, les compétences des femmes universitaires pour une croissance plus inclusive. Les données utilisées dans le cadre de cette étude proviennent d’une enquête conduite à Lubumbashi auprès de 384 femmes diplômées d’universités choisies de manière aléatoire en 2019. Les résultats indiquent 76% de femmes interrogées ont obtenu leurs licences mais celles qui ont fait leurs études dans des filières spécialisées (par exemple : médecine, accouchement) et des filières techniques (par exemple : géologie, chimie) se sont vite insérées dans le monde professionnel. En outre, la matrice de corrélation montre que la position du mari dans une entreprise et sa rémunération, le statut des parents, la connaissance de la langue anglaise ainsi que de l’informatique sont des éléments supplémentaires positivement corrélées à l’insertion professionnelle des femmes diplômées à Lubumbashi. Ces résultats nous motivent d’inviter et d’encourager les filles à s’inscrire dans les filières techniques et apprendre l’outil informatique et l’anglais pour augmenter les chances de trouver de l’emploi. Cette étude constitue aussi une source d’informations fiables pour le pouvoir public qui cherche à améliorer les conditions d’accès des femmes au marché du travail.
Kiran Kachela, Suman Lodh,
Journal of Business and Management Studies, Volume 3, pp 47-57; doi:10.32996/jbms.2021.3.1.5

In this research, we examined some of the key concerns faced by businesses from various industries which are associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. To extend the existing research, we also evaluate perspectives on sustainable recovery solutions proposed by the business. This market research, supported by academic research, is intended to support businesses and the Government in tapering their approach to achieving sustainable economic recovery. A total of 16 different industries participated in our research project and the findings of our research provide an evidence-based perspective on how businesses are responding to the pandemic and planning for the post-COVID era. This evidence document outlines recommendations on potential support packages and areas of focus for the Government to consider, based on recent survey data, lessons learnt from the past, professional experience and respected academic models.
, Giovanni Marocchi, Suman Lodh, Alessandro Corradini
Journal of Business and Management Studies, Volume 2, pp 1-15; doi:10.32996/jbms.2020.2.1.1

To restrict the adverse impact of Green House Gas there is a need of rapid action for transformation of the current situation to achieve the targets mentioned by the United Nations Programme. The coronavirus crisis generated additional challenges but also generated a provision for companies to develop a sustainable model in the recovery period by incorporating the non-financial aspect of green environment in their business model. In this paper, we identify some of the main problems of the existing projects related to Green House Gas control and propose the Dragon Value System with a potentiality of overcoming the drawbacks of the existing models. We find a comprehensive environmental management model that will be opportunity driven, based on certain financial assets associated with wide spectrum of stakeholders and applicable by company of any size. The findings of the paper will contribute to the academic literature related to environmental management and SDG 7. The proposed model will assist the investors to identify a comprehensive model to invest and could generate new public-private partnership to apply highly beneficial and comprehensive environmental management model.
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