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Titien Yusnita, Febri Palupi Muslikhah, Machyudin Agung Harahap
El-Mujtama: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 117-126; https://doi.org/10.47467/elmujtama.v2i2.778

The problem of waste is always an interesting thing that never runs out to find a solution. One of them is plastic packaging waste that is widely used by the community and cannot be decomposed again by nature. In line with the SDGs issue, Indonesia is the second largest country that disposes of plastic waste in the world after China. This is very dangerous for the natural beauty of Indonesia's vast seas, and destroys a very diverse ecosystem. Existing plastic waste that comes from household waste, it can be used easily and cheaply into Ecobrick. Ecobrick is a term for the result of managing plastic waste into a brick that can be used as useful items such as chairs or tables. This plastic waste management training activity was carried out for housewives in Cibitung Tengah Village, Bogor Regency to find out the use of plastic waste that can be recycled to be used as useful goods. In addition, to provide awareness of the importance of sorting household waste in order to help preserve nature. Keywords: ecobricks, management, household, plastic waste
Efrita Norman, Abdul Husenudin, Enah Pahlawati
El-Mujtama: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 45-53; https://doi.org/10.47467/elmujtama.v2i2.538

Today's society has used social media to shop to meet their daily needs, besides that most people use social media for business, namely a means of promoting their business. This online buying and selling system is certainly very easy for consumers to make buying and selling transactions. Community service activities are carried out using problem-solving methods with a method of delivering socialization, consolidation, as well as identification of sales turnover and choosing the right business traffic for each business. Based on the dedication that has been carried out, it can be concluded that the service activities have run smoothly and the traders have obtained added value in the form of knowledge from the IAI-N Laa Roiba Bogor service team. Furthermore, this activity is expected to be able to improve the ability of traders in increasing visitors to their online stores. The suggestions that can be recommended are the need for further assistance to traders regarding how to take advantage of social media in increasing sales. Furthermore, it is still necessary to provide training that is able to trigger the enthusiasm of traders to increase additional income in addition to being able to survive during the pandemic as well as to improve family welfare.
Mey Habibah Dalimunthe, Rifka Fachrina2, Suhairi Suhairi
El-Mujtama: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 54-63; https://doi.org/10.47467/elmujtama.v2i2.494

The purpose of this article is to find out what and how much influence communication and organizational culture have on employee performance. In the business world, there are many opinions that say that communication has a significant effect on the development of the company, because in a company there is definitely a need for communication between employees and company owners or in other words between subordinates and superiors as well as what is called organizational culture. This is no less important than communication, where we can see that the impact is very large on the development or progress of a company. In addition, performance is also a set of measures of how well a job can be done when compared to the assessment standards that have been set and adjusted based on the results of the conclusions above, we can see that there is a significant communication effect or impact on the performance of employees.
Titien Yusnita, Susri Adeni, Miftahul Anwar
El-Mujtama: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 127-134; https://doi.org/10.47467/elmujtama.v2i2.779

The child marriage rate is quite high above 40% during the 2019 period in Bogor Regency. This community service aims to educate school-age children to have an awareness that education is important for their future. Children should be given sufficient knowledge about the impact of child marriage which does not guarantee a better future for them. The impact of child marriage is the threat to reproductive health due to giving birth at a young age. The method of implementing the service is face-to-face, giving directions, counseling and simulations to school-age children who are vulnerable to child marriage and asking questions and exploring their opinions about child marriage and education so that it is expected that self-awareness will arise on the importance of education and delaying marriage at a young age. The results of this service activity show that school-age children are able to understand the material presented by the speaker and know that education is important for their future. This can be seen from the questions submitted by the participants and the presence of community leaders who support the importance of education. Keywords: Child, School-age Children, Child Marriage, Self Awareness
Zaqqi Ubaidillah
El-Mujtama: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 135-150; https://doi.org/10.47467/elmujtama.v2i2.784

DM clients will continue to carry out daily activities like normal people in general, including driving activities. The most trips made by DM patients are to work, fill spare time, recreation and health services. However, there are dangers that can cause accidental diabetic clients, including blood glucose disorders, decreased visual acuity and neuropathy. The risk of accidents for diabetic clients is high. The purpose of this service is that this activity is expected to be able to increase understanding for diabetic clients and prevent the risk of accidents for DM clients. The sampling technique in this service uses purposive sampling. Diabetic clients who participate in this service generally experience problems in driving. The perceived disturbances include frequent fatigue, visual disturbances, decreased response, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. It is necessary to have periodic checks in collaboration with the puskesmas regarding this matter. Thus, diabetic clients who are still actively driving are prevented from having accidents.
Aminudin Aminudin, Dedi Junaedi
El-Mujtama: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 92-107; https://doi.org/10.47467/elmujtama.v2i2.541

This community service activity aims to identify micro, small and medium enterprises in WK Audio System Cileungsi Bogor. The method used is a field study and qualitative analysis of the operation of a family business. Based on the results of the analysis of the WK Audio Sound System business, it can be concluded: (1) the internal factors that become the main strengths of the WK audio sound system are a well-managed family business, having employees who are closely related and understand each other's sound system; (2) external factors that become the main opportunity for WK Audio Sound System, namely consumers of sound system equipment that continue to increase so that the potential to get more customers, while the main threat of WK Audio Sound System is the emergence of competitors that cause competition.
Dede Mustomi, Asep Dony Suhendra, Khoirul Ulum, Maria Lapriska Dian Ela Revita
El-Mujtama: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 108-116; https://doi.org/10.47467/elmujtama.v2i2.636

Financial reports for an organization are very fundamental. This is a form of transparency for the finances of an organization, especially for non-profit organizations such as the Child Social Welfare Institution (LKSA Nurul Iman) which is a community service partner this time. We from the Business Administration Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Bina Sarana Informatika University held a community service with the main theme being a Workshop on Making Basic Financial Reports for Non-Profit Organizations for Students of the Child Welfare Institution (LKSA Nurul Iman). The main problem why we raised this theme is because LKSA Nurul Iman touches more on programs that are religious in nature, even though the challenges ahead are more difficult and global so that teenagers who are currently studying must be given general knowledge, one of which is understanding financial reporting. Departing from these problems, we provide a solution in the form of a financial report preparation workshop, where we will describe the steps for making financial reports that are easily understood by their age. The method we use in community service this time is in the form of a workshop by providing examples of how to make basic financial reports and immediately put them into practice so that participants can absorb the material provided. The implementation of community service this time is still online using the Zoom application. The use of the Zoom application is due to the pandemic that has not ended and is still PPKM level 2. The output achieved in this community service is in the form of a Press Release which will be published in online media. Hopefully this activity will have a positive impact where the skills gained can be used in the future for the benefit of the Foundation and become provisions when they apply for jobs or establish an organization.
Salwa Aini Febrianti, Dedi Junaedi
El-Mujtama: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 74-91; https://doi.org/10.47467/elmujtama.v2i2.542

The Community Empowerment Program is a form of student service for the community. This year the PPM implementation is different from the previous year due to the impact of Covid-19. This year's PPM aims to provide opportunities for students how students can participate in building public awareness for the prevention of Covid-19 transmission and provide public understanding to enter the New Normal while still complying with the Covid-19 health protocol and the provisions of life behavior during the New Normal. For two months, PPM activities carried out included: population data collection, counseling about the dangers of Covid-19, socializing the importance of maintaining cleanliness and health during the pandemic, distributing masks and providing information on the importance of wearing masks, as well as interviews about the impact of Covid-19 on the economy of the community. trader.
Muhamad Fitrah Arjuna, Dedi Junaedi
El-Mujtama: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 64-73; https://doi.org/10.47467/elmujtama.v2i2.493

Micro, small and medium enterprises or MSMEs refer to the types of small businesses that have a net worth of at most Rp. 200 million, excluding land and buildings where the business is located. MSMEs have proven to be resilient and able to withstand the economic crisis and monetary crisis in Indonesia. This paper aims to analyze UD Nata de Coco Citarasa in Bogor. The method used is descriptive qualitative analysis with a case study approach, observation and interviews. The result is . which is named the image of the taste of nata de coco, with the results of my interview with the owner that UD Nata de Coco is managed with a very simple management. Starting from the production process to marketing, and the production process is still using manually, there are no modern machines. Only use the tools in the kitchen in the production process. Marketing of their products is still not widespread, only by selling to small shophouses, and using word of mouth information, not using a separate website such as online sales. As a home-based business, financial management is still modest, not yet systematically following accounting standards. The financial reports are still integrated with the family finances.
Farah Chalida Hanoum, Ria Kusumaningrum
El-Mujtama: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 9-20; https://doi.org/10.47467/elmujtama.v2i1.469

The term integrated manufacturing is currently vogue and yet because of its poor definitation it is a concept which is difficult to apply. A strategic levell view of integrated manufacturing can provide a framework and some tools will be useful to the operating manager in thinking about integration. Meanwhile another way explaining the TQM revolution is to say that it focusses attention once new sense of time and relationship. Doing job right the first time requires investing resources in understanding system and enabling people to improve processes continually. TQM asks to focus an increasing quality of what is produced. The result of this different sense of time is usually a larger qualy and better quality. The new same of time goes hand in hand wuth a rethinking most important in organizations first and fore most, the relationship with employees must be rethought. Employees, according to TQM want responsibility, want to learn and improve and to demonstrate self-mastery and achievement. This is a far cry from treating employees as than who need to be helped and motivated to produce quality goods and services.
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