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Nokya Suripto Putri
Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 13, pp 1-10;

Indonesia is one of the countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has a negative impact on economic, educational, socio-cultural, and other aspects. When viewed from a financial aspect, this pandemic has made efforts to shift trade from trading directly or face-to-face to online or commonly referred to as e-commerce, which is now an online business. This research method is quantitative and qualitative. Researchers used a purposive sampling technique to get respondents aged 15 to 25 who worked as online businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. Then, the data analysis that the researchers did was descriptive statistical analysis. This study indicates that the most driving factor for young people aged 15 to 25 to do online business is to follow the current trends (37%). In addition, the inhibiting factor that many young people experience when running online businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic is a large number of competitors (37%). The number of competitors is related to the difficult economic situation during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the results of this study also show that 60% of respondents choose that online business has no impact on academics because respondents say that doing business online provides positive energy. So, high school students, college students, and the general public (aged 18-25 years) can continue to develop online businesses even though they are during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Ariella Christ Maharani
Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 13, pp 11-20;

Technology that is overgrowing makes the audience increasingly spoiled with the existing features, including social media, which is a part of today's technological advances. Many platforms offer features that make users even more interested in sharing their excellent routines on these platforms. However, excessive use of social media and poor use harms users. One of the problems that result from overuse and poor use is the increasing incidence of depression. Individuals who experience depression tend to feel insufficient, and a feeling of wanting to end their life arises. Hence, it is necessary to know the causes and solutions to reduce the impact of excessive use of social media. This research method is quantitative. Researchers shared questionnaires to 101 respondents who were social media users aged at least 15 years. The results of this study indicate that most respondents tend to experience mood changes when using social media. That can occur because of jealousy when seeing content on their social media. Therefore, social media users must control their use of social media, for example, by being optimistic, doing fun activities, and increasing their religiosity.
Fransisca Benedicta Avira Citra Paramita
Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 13, pp 33-45;

Whether humans drive technology or technology capable of moving human life systems is still a debate and a contradiction in the thinking of some humans. Technological progress in Indonesia itself cannot be denied. What is feared is that the diversity of cultures and languages in Indonesia is threatened with extinction. One of the cultures that used to be felt in Indonesia was the culture of finding a mate. In ancient times, searching for a mate used traditional methods or more thick and trusting through elements of the surrounding culture and customs. However, with the development of technology began to erode the custom of finding a mate, which was replaced by technology's role. In this study, researchers focused on how technology replaces the role of culture, customs, and religion in finding someone's mate using social media applications. The theory used is to use determinism technology theory, which tries to prove that technology is starting to replace humans' role. This study took interviews with eight female informants from different ethnicities, religions, and ages. This study indicates that human trust in technology is now greater than the culture or customs that are still held firmly by the Indonesian people.
Putra Aditya Lapalelo
Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 13, pp 46-61;

The virtual subscribe button feature on the YouTube platform, which is only the smallest technological element in cyberspace, has turned into a technology capable of dominating interactions in cyberspace and the real world. This growing influence cannot be separated from the subscribe button's function, which is increasingly changing, not just running a function to subscribe to the YouTube channel. Technically, this key determinism has turned into something very social to become a means of moving community groups to influence the economy, politics, social and culture. That can be seen from the results of observations of eight informants who are YouTube users. The eight informants acknowledged the subscribe button's existence, which has influenced social and economic interactions on social media in the last decade. Although several informants also pointed out that humans' role is still visible in the development of the subscriber button as one of the most crucial features in social media, YouTube, and the internet as a whole.
Anisa Dyah Berlianti
Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 13, pp 21-32;

The stereotype that emerges from some classic fairy tales is a princess who has a beautiful face and an angelic heart, a prince on a white horse who is handsome and charming, and a happy ending forever. These three sweet things are generally always the main menu served in bedtime fairy tales, including the classic fairy tales Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. Besides sounding beautiful, the plot and characterization presented in the classic fairy tale represent a woman through feminine standards packaged through stereotypes. This research uses qualitative research methods and narrative analysis. The research results found details of the seven functional characters of the characters in the fairy tale. It can then be seen that various stereotypical representations aimed at women in the three tales, ranging from the obsession with natural beauty, misconceptions about the meaning of ambition, and marriage, are the solution for all the problems of a woman.
Anna Yohanna
Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 12, pp 34-48;

Nowadays, students cannot be separated from social media. Every student can have many accounts of social media. Social media itself is one of the students' primary needs, but social media has a significant impact. The purpose of this study is that researchers want to see the positive and negative impacts of social media on the social interactions of its users. Researchers used a qualitative type with a purposive method. Researchers conducted interviews with fourteen students of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Airlangga. This study indicates that students' social media has positive and negative impacts on students' social interactions with their environment. One of the positive effects of social media is that students get the latest information more easily. Meanwhile, one of the negative impacts is that students become addicted to using social media to not interact with their environment. So, social media positively and negatively influences student interactions at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Airlangga.
Rosa Apriliyanti
Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 12, pp 73-84;

The presence of the internet today makes it easy for users to carry out communication activities without limitation of distance and time. Even instant messaging such as WhatsApp, which has the primary function as a medium for communication, can be a mediator for self-existence and cannot be separated from its users to share daily activities through the WhatsApp Status feature. The purpose of this study was to analyze the Status feature on Instant Messaging WhatsApp as a mediator to show self-existence without distance and time limits based on media ecology theory. The method in this study is a qualitative method with purposive data collection techniques. Researchers also conducted interviews with seven informants who were students and workers. This study's results indicate that the presence of this feature affects various actions, perceptions, and communication experiences in society. Ecological media has the perspective that electronic media has radically changed society. In essence, society is very dependent on technology that uses media, and that the social order of a society is based on its ability to deal with these technologies. Media, in general, act directly to form and organize culture. Apart from that, ecological media also has assumptions about how technology affects society, include the distinction between hot and cold media.
Tri Juniati Andayani, Zainal Abidin Achmad
Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 12, pp 62-72;

The information society uses the means of information technology with high intensity in everyday life. Facebook groups provide function as an information society. One of the unique groups is “Parenting with Rumah Keluarga Risman” as the research subject. This qualitative research uses the virtual ethnography method to observe both real field and virtual field. As observer-participants, researchers conducted virtual inquiries and in-depth interviews with informants of the research subject. The members of the “Parenting with Rumah Keluarga Risman” Facebook group represent their selves whether as a real community and a virtual community. This community often holds meetings in a public space of a city. The intensity of this virtual community is more intensive when having shared problems. The group provides many useful information about parenting, such as avoiding pornographic content for children, book discussions, and social agenda. The communication intimacy among members exceeds the real community. The contents of the communication discussing knowledge parenting in Islamic perspective. The results showed this Facebook group is a concrete form of the concept of determination of technology and information society.
Khefti Al Mawalia
Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 12, pp 49-61;

Online games have been very popular nowadays, more than games played by children and teenagers 30 years ago. This study aims to explore technological developments that people are interested in, namely the phenomenon of the emergence of the online game Mobile Legend. Mobile Legend has succeeded in making Indonesians interested because of its avatar, message feature, and buying and selling of online characters in one application. The evolution of online games from PC to Smartphone makes it easier for gamers to play games anywhere and anytime. Not infrequently, they can spend up to 6 hours a day looking for internet network access. Researchers use determinism theory to answer this phenomenon. The method in this study uses a qualitative type with a virtual ethnographic method. In addition, this research collects data on using virtual tracing to record and documenting virtual activities, and interviews with seven informants of Mobile Legends' players. This research shows that when a person plays games, he can become more apathetic and minimize interaction and communication with the social environment around him. Technology like Mobile Legend has eroded the socio-cultural side and communication sensitivity of an individual in society. All users also become more active and narcissistic in creating multiple identities that exist in the virtual world. So this research shows that online games in creating virtual reality have both positive and negative impacts on the players.
Ani Fathurohmah, Djoko Adi Prasetyo
Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 12, pp 85-95;

Leuit is a grain bin and has a function to store the community’s rice grains of Suka Puyuh Village. This research aims to describe the preservation effort of Leuit in Suka Puyuh Village. Leuit has been preserved through family trait, Leuit reactivation program, and exploiting ruwat lembur tradition as the mechanism. The villagers’ attempts to preserve the Leuit intrigued the researcher to conduct further research concerning the existence of the Leuit in Suka Puyuh Village. This research is an ethnographic research along with employing a descriptive method and qualitative approach. Further, the technique of data collection uses observation methods and depth interviews. The obtained data are analyzed using Wilbert E. Moore’s Social Change theory. The results of this study indicate that Leuit in Kampung Suka Puyu’s community life has undergone a shift because of the change of social structure. Development of the agricultural system from simple to a more advanced and varied level has an impact on the shift of farming system to gardening system.
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