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Amr Mahmoud Abdeldaim Mohamed
Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices, Volume 3, pp 67-76; doi:10.32996/jweep.2021.3.2.6

Learning EFL vocabulary is a difficult task so that teachers try as much as possible to facilitate it for their learners. One of the best strategies that can be used is educational games strategy. The goal of this research is to check the effectiveness of using the educational games strategy in enhancing English vocabulary acquisition and retention at the First stage of basic education pupils. The study adopted the quasi-experimental pre-post test control / experimental group design. The study sample consisted of 40 pupils in sixth elementary grade and was equally divided into two groups: an experimental group and a control one. Students of the experimental group learnt vocabulary through the educational game strategy, while students in the control group received regular instruction. Tools of the study included a pre-post vocabulary achievement test and a text course for grade six named Get Ready 6. The students submitted to a pre-post vocabulary achievement test and the results indicates that there is a statistically significant difference between the mean scores of the experimental group and the control group in the pre/ post-test of English vocabulary achievement in favor of the experimental group.
Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices, Volume 3, pp 36-57; doi:10.32996/jweep.2021.3.2.4

This study aimed to describe and understand the lived experiences of Out-of-Field teachers as they teach subjects outside their field of expertise. This qualitative study employed a phenomenological method where ten (10) General Education Tertiary teachers from Davao Oriental, Philippines, were taken as participants. The participants are teaching General Education subjects outside their field of expertise. Data were gathered through in-depth interviews and focus group discussions. It is found out in this study that teachers who are not experts in the subjects they are teaching experienced difficulties and challenges. As to the teachers’ experiences with Out-of-Field teaching, five (5) major themes emerged: challenging, difficulty in adjusting to the academic content of the subject, difficulty in addressing students’ queries, difficulty in establishing authority, and difficulty in employing appropriate teaching approaches. Along these problems are the ways of coping despite their occurrence, such as careful planning of the subject content, employment of varied teaching approaches and strategies, engaging with professional development, peer mentoring, and evaluation/monitoring of learners’ development. Moreover, the following are the suggestions of the participants to Out-of-Field teachers: continuing professional development, consultation to experts, hiring of qualified teachers, and assigning of relevant subjects to teachers. Furthermore, it is suggested that future researchers may also conduct a study about the underlying causes of Out-of-Field teaching and what could be the possible solutions to this problem.
Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices, Volume 3, pp 21-35; doi:10.32996/jweep.2021.3.2.3

The aims of this study were to determine the perceptions of school climate, teachers’ commitment and school performance held by principals, teachers and parents and the relationship among these variables. Thirty elementary schools of the third congressional district of Bohol consisting of 200 teachers, 30 principals and 60 parents who were randomly sampled took part in the study. The teachers and parents completed two survey instruments: Organizational Health Inventory for elementary schools (OHI-E) from Hoy and Tarter to examine school climate and Organizational Commitment Questionnaire (OCQ)from Celep to test teachers’ commitment, while the principals were made to answer an additional questionnaire that solicits data regarding the school performance. With the school as the unit of analysis, the OHI-E outlined and measured five elements related to school climate (teacher affiliation, institutional integrity, collegial leadership, resource influence and academic influence). Those five were the independent variables used for the study. The dependent variables were the teachers’ commitment with regard to the commitment to school, teaching profession, pupils and work group; and school performance measured by graduation, retention, promotion, participation, repetition, failure, drop-out rates and the National Achievement Test Result. Data were analyzed using frequency count and simple percentage calculation. Weighted mean score was used to assess the level of school climate, teachers’ commitment and school performance. Furthermore, parametric test like Pearson Product-Moment Correlation (rxy) was used to determine the degree of relationship between school climate and the teachers’ commitment; while Spearman Rank Correlation (rs) was used to determine the relationship of school climate and school performance. Results indicated that school climate is related to teachers’ commitment and school performance. These findings have significant implications for the implementation of change in schools, motivation, productivity, well-being, and learner achievement.
Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices, Volume 2, pp 1-9; doi:10.32996/jweep.2020.2.4.1

The focal point of this research is to gauge the relationship between the reading comprehension level, problem-solving skills and academic performance of Grades 6 pupils of all the elementary schools in Carmen West District, Division of Bohol, Philippines. Specifically, this study sought to determine the academic performance of the elementary pupils in terms of four key subjects, namely: English, Science, Mathematics and other subjects such as Filipino, HEKASI, EPP and MAPEH. Further, this study presented also the profile of the pupils’ reading comprehension based on the following levels: Literal, Interpretative, Critical-Analysis and Application and their problem-solving skills’ profile. Pearson Moment Product Correlation Coefficient was employed to determine the correlation between the level of reading comprehension and the two identified variables, namely: academic performance and problem-solving skills of the respondents. To prove the validity and reliability of the obtained Pearson r, it was checked against the Table of Critical Values of the Pearson r at .05 level of significance. On the reading comprehension level and academic performance, results unfolded that there is a significant correlation between reading comprehension and academic performance and this finding implies that the reading comprehension is a contributory factor to improve pupils’ academic performance. Moreover, on the reading comprehension level and problem-solving skills, the result indicates that there is a significant correlation between reading comprehension and problem-solving skills. This study concludes that reading comprehension is a contributory factor to the improvement of pupils’ academic performance and problem-solving performance. The researcher recommends that school administrators look into the possibilities of providing more supplementary materials in the form of books and other reading materials so that pupils can use it for further learning and to organize seminars and workshops, special trainings in order to fully equip the teachers with more knowledge and skills in teaching reading strategies. Teachers may organize functional educational programs, remedial classes and enrichment activities to improve pupils’ comprehension skills through systematic comprehension instruction.
Morve Roshan, Kadri Nashrin
Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices, Volume 2, pp 10-16; doi:10.32996/jweep.2020.2.4.2

This research depicts the significance of Bangladeshi women writing with articulates their identity and struggle for equality. This faded positive change creates a convenient platform for young women as well as changes the world’s stereotypical male point of view. Also, Bangladeshi women writers have focused on the exasperation history, globally women’s condition and marked women’s foregrounded lightly touched their untold history. Furthermore, this article argues that the Bangladeshi diaspora identity crisis as a major issue of the globe. Interestingly, there are many different types of identity such as national identity, ethnic identity, communal identity, gender identity and so on. In these types of identities, we are going to focus on the gender identity which challenges women discrimination. The gender inequality has started from their birth time. We have trapped in a male disoriented dominating the world where we can see disquieting gender inequality in every field and in every country of the world. Remarkably, this research engages to the Bangladeshi Muslim women’s representation as other women. As we can see that very few research works have focused on the positive disoblige aspect and to deny divisive ideas leads our interest to write this paper. It has been seen that today’s long gap of the discrepancy fills a gap to know how women encourage us to talk about our vague memory of women’s dividends contribution and disparity in society and literature.
Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices, Volume 2, pp 50-64; doi:10.32996/jweep.2020.2.4.6

The main thrust of this study was to determine the Instructional Leadership Practices, Teachers’ Satisfaction and the School Performance Indicators and the relationship among these variables. The study was conducted to the thirty secondary schools having full-fledged principals in the Third Congressional District in Bohol. Randomly sampled two hundred eighty five (285) participants comprising 30 principals and the 255 teachers took part in the study. The data were subjected to statistical treatment using the weighted mean to assess the perception of the principals and the teachers about the Instructional Leadership Practices and the teachers’ satisfaction. Pearson Product Moment of Correlation was used to determine the significant relationship between the Instructional Leadership Practices and teachers’ satisfaction. Spearman Rank of Correlation was used to determine the significant relationship between the Instructional Leadership Practices and the school performance indicators. Four of the 10 items of instructional leadership practices were perceived by the principals and teachers as “Always” while 6 of the items were perceived as “Very Often”. Teachers are satisfied in terms of management and very satisfied with their work characteristics and interpersonal relationships. For school performance indicators, most of the respondents obtained a rating of “Outstanding” in terms of retention rate, completion rate, graduation rate, promotion rate, repetition rate, drop-out rate and failure rate. Teachers viewed that the Instructional Leadership Practices is related to teachers’ satisfaction while both the principals and the teachers claimed that it is related to school performance indicators. This study concludes that the principals’ leadership practices can affect teachers’ satisfaction and the school performance indicators. Hence, it is recommended, that DepEd Personnel should utilize the findings of this study and consider the proposed enhancement plan for the improvement of principals instructional leadership practices leading to the improvement of quality of teaching and student learning.
Nilu Akter
Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices, Volume 2, pp 17-30; doi:10.32996/jweep.2020.2.4.3

Voicing alternation is a linguistic terminology which is mainly discussed in phonology and morphology. Although it is a very potential research topic in linguistics, no comprehensive research has been found to investigate this area from Bengali language context. At present, it has been analyzed in different language perspectives. The purpose of the study is to know the phonological features of voicing alternations in the language of Bengali children. Simultaneously, this study actually attempts to assess the capacity of using voicing alternations. This thesis is mainly concerned with the acquisition of voicing alternation which is found in different morpho-phonemic contexts. In order to reveal the nature of voicing alternations of Bengali children, a qualitative research method was applied to collect and analyze the data. The result of this dissertation has been explored by collecting data from the participants through semi structured interview method because it is a highly flexible technique to collect qualitative data. Eighteen Bengali children were interviewed. The most common finding is that the production of voicing alternations even in known words remains difficult until at least 30 months of age in the speech of Bengali children. On the other hand, Bengali-learning children are able to produce voicing alternations earlier who have more MLU than their age. However, results indicated that the tendency of using voicing alternations increases with age. A study on the acquisition of voicing alternations has become an important part of study in the department of Linguistics. So this study may play an important role in this field of linguistics as it focuses on the phonological features of voicing alternations in the language of Bengali children. However, this research can be helpful for the students of Linguistics department. This study also contributes to the knowledge of those who are willing to conduct similar researches in the area.
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