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Ravenskya Hana Hardiyantie, Lazuardy Rahendra P
Vortex, Volume 2, pp 71-173;

Aluminum and composite materials are the types of materials that are used to construct structures on aircraft airframes. It is not uncommon for both types of materials to be used together with the joining method. In the process of connecting between two types of material in the aircraft structure, it is mostly carried out by the riveting method. This process is carried out by making a hole in the two materials according to the rivet diameter and then the hole diameter is then filled with rivets and the riveting process is carried out. The process uses rivets so that it will relatively increase the weight of the structure because there is additional rivet material. In this study, the objectives are to determine the mechanical strength of the joint between the composite and aluminum sheet metal using the mechanical clinching and riveting processes. The method used is an experimental method, namely by making test specimens with composite and aluminum, solid rivet type fasteners and punches to determine the connection of the riveting, the drilling process is carried out with a hole diameter of 3.5 mm, for the clinching method with variations in the diameter of the punch 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm. , and 4.5 mm. Then the tensile test, macro photo test were carried out. The results obtained from this research are that the maximum load increase in the specimen tested by clinching is because the damage length (gap) value is obtained at the joint boundary between the rivet and the test material.
Muhammad Fachnoor Latuconsina, Istyawan Priyahapsara
Vortex, Volume 2, pp 181-188;

The development of composite fibers has developed very much, and to reduce the environmental impact, composite fibers use natural fiber alternatives. The development of composite fibers has developed very much, and to reduce the environmental impact, composite fibers use natural fiber alternatives. One of the natural fibers that are commonly used is natural fiber from pineapple leaves, where natural fiber from ananas leaves is still very minimal in its commercial use and is only considered as waste
Fajar Harry Kurniawan
Vortex, Volume 2, pp 27-128;

Perhitungan weight and balance sebuah pesawat yang dilakukan secara akurat sesuai standar yang ditetapkan oleh IATA (International Air Transport Association) merupakan prioritas utama terhadap keamanan pesawat dan keselamatan penumpang serta pesawat itu sendiri selama melakukan penerbangan. Oleh karena itu seorang Flight Operation Officer (FOO) harus terlebih dahulu mengetahui dan menyiapkan kondisi pesawat tersebut, antara lain berat maximum yang mampu diangkat oleh pesawat dan keakuratanya terhadap Center Of Gravity (CG) pada pesawat tersebut. Pesawat dalam keadaan tidak seimbang sangat berbahaya, karena dapat menjadi tidak stabil dalam proses manuver lepas landas.. Kondisi ini benar-benar dialami oleh penerbangan teramat singkat maskapai Air Midwest nomor penerbangan 5481 penerbangan berjadwal dari Charllote Douglas International Airport, Charllote, North Carolina ke Greenville Spartanburg International Airport, Greer, South Carolina. Kejadian yang terjadi pada tanggal 8 Januari 2003 tersebut, di awali ketika pesawat ini baru saja lepas landas dan masih berada diketinggian yang sangat rendah, ketika pesawat melakukan pergerakan arah heading (hidung pesawat) yang terus mendongak ke atas tanpa dapat dikendalikan. Peringatan stall pesawat berbunyi terus tanpa dapat di atasi. Tindakan itu disebut sebagai Loss of Picth Control During Take-off. Terhitung, 35 detik setelah waktu lepas landas, tanpa dapat dikendalikan lagi, pesawat itu menukik dan jatuh di atas bangunan hanggar. Setelah badan penyelidik kecelakaan nasional Amerika (NTSB) bersama otoritas penerbangan federal (FAA), melakukan penyelidikan atas jatuhnya pesawat tersebut, ditemukanlah faktor utama penyebabnya, yaitu hilangnya kendali pitch pesawat saat lepas landas.
Fajar Khanif Rahmawati, Humaid Iswahyu Hafizh Rakha
Vortex, Volume 2, pp 93-101;

Burning Hours is the one of policy in scheduling aircraft maintenance. With the burning hours the operator could performed aircraft maintenance before the due time. Burning Hours is indeed beneficial for flight operators to maintain the stability of the safety of the aircraft operation. Using the quantitative analysis method with the sample data’s from two aircraft, found that the burning hours affects to Burning Hours Cost loss for every aircraft meintenance activity. The value of Burning Hours Cost Loss and Potential Lost per Day needs to be considered by operators in scheduling maintenance activities, because it is possible that Burning Hours cannot be avoided in aircraft operation. Based on the data processing, the value of burning hours cost lost is not more than limit of potential lost per day. However it should also be considered if burning hours applied continuously will increase maintenance cost. Therefore, between maintenance planning department and the operation department should keep good coordination to minimize the burning hours cost loss. Keywords: Planning, Maintenance, Burning Hours
Via Choirul Seftiyana
Vortex, Volume 2, pp 57-162;

Air traffic controllers are under excessive stress because of their job. This has been linked to aspects of ATC work such as high job demands, time or responsibility pressure, or inadequate equipment. Types of work that require more vigilance, such as air traffic controllers at airports, are closely related to mental jobs that require high concentration. Because there is a negative impact on a company if it gives mental workload too high or too low for its employees, it is necessary to measure it to find out the right mental workload for its employees. This study aims to calculate the mental workload felt by ATC personnel in the APP unit. Measurement of mental workload in this study using the NASA-TLX (National Aeronautics and Space Administration Task Load Index). This method measures 6 (six) dimensions of workload size, namely Mental Demand, Physical Demand, Temporal Demand, Performance, Effort and Frustation Level
Aldrian Nasaifal R
Vortex, Volume 2, pp 17-118;

The large number of Acehnese people who are outside Aceh with various needs, such as doing business, working or studying. The optimal transportation to use to the destination quickly in a short time, namely air transportation. North Aceh Malikussaleh Airport is the second busiest airport in Aceh Province.The analysis in this study used PKP-PK analysis, analysis of the feasibility of Boeing 737-500 aircraft using the FPPM method, and analysis of the load capacity of Boeing 737-500 aircraft.From the calculation results, the Boeing 737-500 aircraft is not suitable to be flown at the Malikussaleh Airport in North Aceh due to the limitations of the PKP-PK category level and the strength of the Malikussleh Airport runway. Therefore, North Aceh Malikussaleh Airport must be upgraded
Fandi Syafri Pratama
Vortex, Volume 2, pp 82-180;

The analysis process using software aims to determine whether an object or material is suitable for use or not before carrying out the manufacturing process. To find out whether the material is strong or not when applied to the aircraft, an analysis is carried out using the ABAQUS CAE 6.14 software. This software will show the stress value that occurs in the sandwich composite structure when it receives the load experienced by the aircraft.
Nurul Ihsan, Denny Dermawan, Lazuardy Rahendra P
Vortex, Volume 2, pp 37-141;

The sensor system is a system that functions to detect signals that come from changes in energy such as electrical energy, physical energy, chemical energy, biological energy, mechanical energy, and so on. The propeller test bench is an propeller performance testing platform prior to propeller installation on an aircraft to ensure engine suitability. The purpose of this design is to test the performance capability of the engine with the right sensor system measurement tool so that it can generate the value of thrust, rpm speed, and the temperature of an engine which will be designed to be used in the learning process to support propulsion practicum activities. The method used in this research is an experimental method of sensor system design. The design of the sensor system consists of a tachometer as a rpm measurement sensor, a thermostat as a sensor to measure the temperature of the propeller spool and temperature of the engine fin, and also a load cell as a sensor to measure the thrust value.The sensor system test results were then validated using the measurement results by the sensor manufacturer. The test was carried out on a wood-type propeller measuring 22 x 8 chords 4,5 cm and 5 cm. Based on the test results, it is known that the chord wood type propeller is 4,5 cm, at the maximum rpm is 7021.7, the resulting thrust value is 6.75. In testing the 5cm chord wood type propeller shows the maximum speed of 6977.5 produces a thrust of 6.95. Validation was carried out on the measurement results of rpm and thrust, the average error factor obtained for 4,5 cm chord wood type propeller was 0.783%, while for 5 cm chord wood type propeller the average error factor obtained was 1.0582%. From the resulting average error, it can be concluded that the measuring instrument for this sensor system has good accuracy
Siti Iin Infitah Hilmiah, Sri Mulyani, Lazuardy Rahendra P
Vortex, Volume 2, pp 50-148;

The engine test bed is a tool used for testing in the development of new aircraft when it is installed into the aircraft to determine the capabilities of each engine. This engine test bed research aims to meet the needs of the learning process in supporting the practicum. By determining the geometry, modeling, material selection, manufacture, and testing of the engine test bed it will be known that the engine performance is good before use. The method used is a practical and analytical method to analyze the data that has been obtained from the test. The object of research used in this study is a dle-55cc engine. based on the results of testing the results of the thrust that compares with the static value of the thrust calculator, the average difference is obtained. From the results of the comparison of errors on the test equipment, the 22×8 propeller (4.5cm chord) obtained an average error of 4.178%. While the propeller 22×8 (chord 5cm) the error generated is 3.719% and from the value of fuel consumption obtained it produces 588,600-20,708 (N/ this shows a good level of decline, so the engine used is more efficient in its use. From the test results, it can be said that the engine test bed has accuracy and can produce good engine performance to be used as a testing and other learning tool.
Surya Apriansyah
Vortex, Volume 2, pp 10-19;

Soekarno Hatta International Airport and Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport are located in the Jabodetabek metropolitan area which is the largest area for air transportation users in Indonesia. Along with the increasing number of users of air transportation modes, a multi-airport system is needed to reduce the burden on one airport. The method used is a qualitative analysis method by comparing existing data with data obtained from research to determine a multi-airport criteria. From the results of data processing, it is concluded that the development of a multi-airport system in the Jabodetabek metropolitan area has several criteria, namely airport distance, accessibility, airport management, airport route services, passenger demand as well as government regulations and policies governing the multi-airport systems.
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