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I Wayan Wahyu Adiatmika, Umar Nain
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, Volume 3, pp 17-31;

This study is intended to collect data and then analyze it to obtain results that can provide an overview of community empowerment in waste management through the waste bank program, describe what factors are inhibiting and supporting factors, as well as the efforts made in overcoming these factors. The theoretical basis used in this research is the theory of community empowerment by (Mardikanto & Soebito, 2018). The four aspects in this theory include human development, business development, environmental development, and institutional development. The research design used in this study is a qualitative research using descriptive methods. Data collection techniques used three ways, namely, interviews, observation, and documentation. The data that has been collected is analyzed starting from data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. This research was conducted in Tabanan Regency. From the results of this study, it can be concluded that community empowerment in waste management through waste banks in Tabanan Regency has been implemented. However, there are still obstacles in implementing the program. Therefore, researchers provide suggestions to further intensify education to the community, continue to build good relations with vendors, and continue to pay attention to the condition of waste management facilities and infrastructure.
Sarah Sambiran, Florence D. J. Lengkong, Joorie M. Ruru
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, Volume 3, pp 51-59;

The implementation of restrictions on community activities as a government program that is implemented nationally in suppressing the spread of Covid 19. Restrictions are carried out on work, school, worship activities and social interaction with the community. This study uses a qualitative design in understanding the effectiveness of the program through the achievement of objectives. Data were obtained by conducting direct interviews and using google forms, making direct observations in community activities. Data collection is also done by means of a narrative review of journals and other related documents. The data collected is then compiled, analyzed, and presented to get a systematic picture so that research results and conclusions can be obtained on the object of the problem being studied. The research findings are that the effectiveness of achieving program objectives by implementing restrictions on community activities is carried out by work units that have personnel with educational and knowledge backgrounds who understand the program's objectives, can coordinate vertically and horizontally with other work units, and are able to implement collaborative governance.
Abdulrahman Zuhair Abdlzahra, Jagdish Joshi
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, Volume 3, pp 1-6;

The topical study of English language adaptation in cross-cultural political discourse is the focus of this essay. It draws attention to the current methods for studying political discourse and emphasizes its features and purposes. The qualities of this idea are developed from the standpoint of the linguacultural paradigm, which has language at its core. Discourse serves as a "live language," applied or "in the process of application" (Van Dijk, 1993), whereas language itself can continue to exist even if it is unclaimed or unapplied. The English language's dynamic nature as an adaptive and self-adjusting system, which responds to the modification of the linguacultural space, social and informational environment in accordance with the communicative needs of society, in particular the need to express the foreign linguacultural lexicon, determines the research mechanism for this work. English is preferred above other languages in contemporary intercultural communication because it is a "lingua franca" for describing contacts. Consequently, the English language must be modified for use. The instability of the political situation, which is reflected in the political world's image and is fixed in the linguistic picture of the world and in contacting languages, is the cause of the political lexicon's ability to transfer.
Mustafa Hasan Ahtif, Nilotpala Gandhi
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, Volume 3, pp 7-16;

The goal is to look at how language helps people from different cultures get along. Language is an important part of how people interact with each other because it is the most basic way to share ideas and information. Language is a reflection of culture, so when people from more than one culture live together, how they use language is more important and complicated. The is also going to be one of the goals that is reviewed How the use of different languages creates barriers in cross-cultural communities and how these barriers affect the bonds that are made in cross-cultural communities. In the field of development, the question of what role language plays in communities with many different cultures is becoming more and more important. The world-wide study of both literature and social studies. As Cross-cultural communication brings together the seemingly unrelated fields of cultural anthropology and communication. Its goal is to bridge the gap between these two fields. Cross-cultural communication is based on being able to understand the different ways that people from different cultures interact with each other. In addition, it is supposed to come up with some recommendations that can help people from different cultures communicate better with each other. As a society's cultural practices and linguistic patterns shape the way people think, act, and communicate with the outside world, they also shape the way people think, act, and communicate with each other.
Saprudin Saprudin, Muh. Akmal Ibrahim, Badu Ahmad, Muhammad Yunus
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, Volume 3, pp 43-50;

The purpose of this study is to analyze personality traits and the work of the Provincial Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD) in carrying out the legislative function in Southeast Sulawesi Province. This research uses the method. This research is a qualitative research that aims to analyze a phenomenon, event, social activity, attitudes, perceptions, and thoughts of people both individually and within the scope of the group. This research was carried out in Southeast Sulawesi Province, precisely at the Regional House of Representatives of Southeast Sulawesi Province. The results of the study show that it is related to the personality and behavior of DPRD members in carrying out their legislative functions who behave well in several cases of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. the need for regulations, each article by article can be implemented properly and increase the capacity of the DPRD members of the Southeast Sulawesi Province. From the agenda for the ratification of this regional regulation, it is considered capable of increasing capacity, DPRD members in carrying out their functions and carrying out supervision to make budgeting more responsive. The capacity of DPRD members in carrying out legislative functions in Southeast Sulawesi Province is still not effective, this is due to the educational background and work background of current DPRD members, which incidentally come from businessmen and officials' wives.
Harith Hamad Mhawi Alhshem, Mohammed Ghader
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, Volume 3, pp 33-42;

Agriculture sector is considered most important sector our of primary sectors in any country. The basic needs of human being are to eat, salter and water. For hunger not just human being but all animal on planet is depend on agriculture sector so it is important to know that the growth of agriculture sector in the country. In this study Asian countries have been selected based on area on the earth. The selection of samples is considered as Russian which considered as highest area coverage on Asia after that China, India, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Iran selected for analysis purpose. The time period from 2006 to 2021 considered for the study. the major findings of the study was Russian , Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia saw on an average constant trend of value added towards agriculture of GDP. Chine indicated decreasing trend whereas Iran in saw increasing trend of agriculture value added towards GDP. India is highest contributor of agriculture value added of GDP out of selected countries and Indonesia is on second position.
Siti Rahayu Nurzakiah, Fitryane Lihawa, Hasim Hasim
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, Volume 3, pp 11-22;

Tilamuta Subdistrict which is the capital of Boalemo Regency is directed as a Regional Activity Center (PKW) which has a function as a government center, urban settlement area, education area and trade and service area, but only about 35 percent of the total area of Tilamuta Subdistrict can be maximized as a function. built area. The purpose of this study was to determine the suitability of land for urban settlement areas in Tilamuta District. The analytical technique used is the overlay method using a Geographic Information System (GIS) from slope data, rainfall, morphology, soil type, land use and spatial pattern planning directions in Tilamuta District, which is then scored to determine the classification of land suitability of the area. settlement. The results showed that there were 4 land suitability classifications, namely: suitable (402 ha), quite suitable (4202 ha), less suitable (5223 ha), not suitable 8831 ha.
Ali Ismael Obaid, Kishore Kumar C. K
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, Volume 3, pp 58-63;

The purpose of this study is to understand the role of social and digital media on sport marketing and its effect on football in Iraq. This study employed a quantitative approach, with data collected by a questionnaire. Questionnaire was sent to 200 people, and they were all contacted for responses. Most of the respondents use social media (SM) as their favorite over traditional media, which suggests that the influence of SM in the life of Iraqi people is more than traditional media. Maximum respondent use facebook for their social activities through SM. Almost all respondents like, comment or share the SM posts and active on posting messages, watching the ads on SM. SM also helps respondents to get more information and they feel more connected to the brand sponsoring football clubs. Respondents also inspiring SM campaigns of sponsoring football clubs and purchase the product of that company which is promoted by their favourite player or team or club. Thus, SM and digital media plays an important role in sports marketing strategies in Iraq for major retail brands, as it allows consumers to stay update with the latest products as well as their promotions and allows them to engage in a wide range of football events and even hear from their football sport idols
Ninik Dwi Resky, Mimi Arifin, Shirly Wunas
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, Volume 3, pp 42-57;

A pandemic is one of many types of disasters that must be considered in emergency response planning. Currently the Covid-19 pandemic is sweeping the world, including Indonesia, so there is increasing concern about urban settlements that have high density and vulnerability to Covid-19 because housing is one of the important factors during the pandemic. Based on this, it is deemed necessary to conduct a study on a sustainable urban settlement model that is resilient to pandemics so that it can facilitate and overcome pandemic cases that have or will occur. Resilient housing is a residential area or residence inhabited by people who are ready to face any threat, including Covid-19. The research location is a residential real estate located in the city of Makassar. The research method used is multiple regression, t test and f test. As a result, the most influential factor on the security of housing residents during the pandemic is supervision, while the most influential factor in increasing the transmission of Covid-19 is the vulnerability of socio-economic mix, both of which are the most dominant variables in increasing housing resilience to the pandemic. There are various control strategies with a pandemic resilient sustainable housing model, namely increasing supervision, limiting socio-economic mixing, principles of resilience and sustainability.
William A. Areros, Florence D. J. Lengkong, Very Y. Londa
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Social Sciences Study, Volume 3, pp 64-71;

The tourism sector is currently the leading sector of local governments in an effort to develop their regions. South Minahasa Regency, which is rich in tourism potential, establishes a tourism village policy by taking into account the potential of the village. The tourism village policy is expected in addition to managing tourism objects that are owned through local wisdom as well as in an effort to increase community and regional income. By using a qualitative design, it was found that the implementation of tourism village policies in South Minahasa Regency had not been carried out properly judging from the aspects of policy content, implementing organizations and the policy environment. To be able to make the tourism village policy in South Minahasa Regency well implemented, improvements are needed in the preparation and implementation of tourism infrastructure development programs in the village by the South Minahasa Regency Government, strengthening the potential of rural communities through training in making typical village products to support tourism activities, and involving interest groups. such as tourism actors and the private sector to invest in tourism locations.
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