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Pohanyar Nasratullah Nasrat, Pohanyar Hejratullah Mobashir
Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 69-74; https://doi.org/10.47175/rielsj.v3i1.410

Pashto has always attracted the attention of scholars from the language of the eastern group of Aryan language throughout history. This will be a special structure of Pashto language so scholars have given different views on this language and its speakers. There may be some quotations in this commentary. self –research has also been done that confirms the authenticity of the language in the opinion of most researchers and writhers. The descriptive and analytical method used in this research. To address the issue the goal is to get those ideas out first which has been given by foreign scholars on Pashto language not only local scholars but also many western writhers have done research on Pashto language and gave his views on it. Which in turn is appreciated. Because it paved the way for the introduction of Pashto language and its origin and roots and he introduced the language to the world outside the region.
Surniati Chalid, Halida Hanim, Yudhistira Anggraini, Halimul Bahri, Ulfa Annida Damanik
Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 101-111; https://doi.org/10.47175/rielsj.v3i1.413

In online learning, lecturers need to modify/develop learning media so that students dont experience difficulties in understanding the learning material. The purpose of this study are: (1) To know how is media development flipbook maker based e-magazine on the pattern drafting of home clothing (2) To know the effectiveness flipbook maker based e-magazine media on the pattern drafting of home clothing. The development model used in this research is the ADDIE. the development procedure (1) Analysis, namely identifying products that are in accordance with the goals of students. (2) Design are, includes designing the initial product and the pattern drafting home clothing. (3) Development, e-magazine media based on Flip book maker will be developed by research hers according to a predetermined design. (4) Implementation (5) Evaluation is carried cut in the form of evaluation formative.
Yosef Demon
Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 112-127; https://doi.org/10.47175/rielsj.v3i1.414

Every language has differences and similarities in its linguistic systems. This is based on the assumption that the languages used by humans around the world come from one common ancestor. However, there are phenomena which are peculiar to each language. Morphophonemic alternation is a universal phenomenon. This means that all languages have this phenomenon. However, there are interesting peculiarities, for example, the morphophonemic alternations in agglutinative languages differ from isolating languages, tonal languages and inflecting languages. Lamaholot language is is not agglutinative, nor is it anlative (?) nor is it tonal. As a language characterized by neither agglutination, isolation nor tone, Lamaholot language has interesting morphophonemic phenomena to study. There is an elision or elimination of sounds, there is the addition or insertion of sounds, there is the preservation of sounds and certain sounds that are altered due to the addition of other sounds. This uniqueness occurs because Lamaholot Language does not have verb affixes as a strategy for morphophonemic change.
Yasmeen B AlMujaibel, Yasser A. Gomaa
Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 1-19; https://doi.org/10.47175/rielsj.v3i1.401

The study at hands is a cross-cultural exploration of request strategies in Kuwaiti Arabic and British English dialects. A mixed method approach of a qualitative and quantitative analysis was used (i.e., a Discourse Completion Test (DCT) and semi-structured interviews). Data was collected from a total of five hundred participants, two hundred and fifty from each group. Sixty participants were chosen for the semi-structured interviews. The analysis of the collected data was based upon Brown and Levinson's (1987) social variables (e.g., power, distance, and ranking). Also, the data was analyzed following Blum-Kulka and Olshtain's (1984) Cross-Cultural Speech Act Realization Project (CCSARP). The results of the study revealed that Kuwaiti Arabic and British English participants used the conventional indirect level in the form of query preparatory in most situations. Furthermore, power as a social variable affected Kuwaiti Arabic and British English participants’ flow of a request in conversations. Participants used direct request strategies when the power of the speaker was high. As for the semi-structured interviews, the results indicated that there is a sociocultural norm between the Kuwaiti society and the British society, which affected their use of requests.
Mastura S. Abdulkarim, Datu Ben M. Maon, Romnie A. Quiray, Faiza M. Abdul Latip
Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 44-49; https://doi.org/10.47175/rielsj.v3i1.403

This study focused on the effect of reciprocal peer tutoring strategy in teaching rational algebraic expressions to the mathematics performance of the Guindulungan National High School students. There forty (40) Grade 8 students who were randomly selected as the subjects of the study. A Quasi-experimental research design was employed in this study. Pre-test and post-test questionnaire on rational algebraic expressions was used as the main instrument of the study. Quantitative analysis on both pre-test and post-test scores of the students were made using this method. The simple frequency and percentage counts were used to analyze the students’ performance before and after the reciprocal peer tutoring strategy was introduced. t-test was utilized to determine the significant difference between the students’ performance in mathematics before and after the reciprocal peer tutoring strategy. This test was set at 5% level of significance. The minimum t-value of 1.665 was used to determine the significance of the test. The results revealed that there is a significant increase in the students’ mathematics performance in learning rational algebraic expressions using reciprocal peer tutoring strategy. This means that reciprocal peer tutoring strategy is effective in increasing students’ mathematics performance.
Azizah Husda, Lisna Kristina Eka Pandiangan, Friska Naomi Sirait, Nopita Kristina Panjaitan
Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 75-84; https://doi.org/10.47175/rielsj.v3i1.390

This study aims to analyze students' interests in towards courses at English Department of Universitas Prima Indonesia in Medan. This qualitative study uses a case study design involving 60 students in the 5th semester of the Academic Year 2018 as participants. Data are obtained through questionnaires and interviews, thus the results showed that students have higher interests in the courses of teaching and education than other variety of courses taught in the English Department. The second interest was found in language skill courses. The reasons were to determine their future goals as teachers as well as the major program decision. Students argued that the majors they chose were following their interests, but some students were still unsure about the majors and interests they had chosen. This study suggests that lecturers should motivate the students to strengthen their competences particularly to identify the students’ interests in teaching or any other goals.
Larice Toko Lumanda
Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 151-159; https://doi.org/10.47175/rielsj.v3i1.416

This article is based on the fact that there is lack of English language laboratory in the institutions of higher education. The research problem is that the students in these institutions have difficulties to develop their listening skills. Since the students in these institutions are taught by non-native speakers of English, they are exposed to a kind of English influenced by the lecturers’ mother tongues or French. As English is taught in the institutions of higher education in Kinshasa as a Foreign Language, the English Language Lab becomes indispensable to develop the students’ listening skills. Therefore, the research question of this paper is “what are the effects of the lack of the English Language Lab on the students’ listening skills?” So the aim of this paper is to investigate into the second-year students’ listening skills so as to find out the effects of the lack of the English Language Lab on the students under study. The hypothesis is that the effects are inabilities to discriminate the English sounds and to grasp the words uttered with high speed. To reach the aim, a listening test was used to collect data and the content analysis was used to analyze them. The results confirmed the hypothesis and the discussion showed that without an English Language Lab, students cannot develop their listening skills.
Wang Wei, Shang Yixin
Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 170-182; https://doi.org/10.47175/rielsj.v3i1.417

This paper sorts out the data in the employment quality report of colleges and universities, and studies the employment structure, employment choice and reasons of graduates under the first round of "double-first-class" construction policy. It is found that the employment quality of "double-first-class" colleges reflects a higher level, and students' sense of social responsibility is more fully cultivated, which guides graduates to work in key areas and fields.
Mohammad Mustafa Safa, Ezatullah Sahand
Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 128-135; https://doi.org/10.47175/rielsj.v3i1.415

Ghani Khan who lived from 1914-1996 is considered as one of the influential poets in Pashto literature who could speak five languages. He was a drawer and politian as well. We can imply from Ghani Khan’s several poems that he has discussed about philosophy. Ghani Khan has a passion to discuss about philosophical conceptions which philosophy talks about such as death, rationality, social values, individual freedom, and other topics. He has shown compromise to some of the Western and Eastern philosophical values hence evident from discussing in his poems. Specifically, there are signs of Western Existentialism and Eastern Sufi Metaphysics in his poetry. However, there is a contradiction in his and those of other philosophical views. Ghani views all those philosophical views according to his own view while different from those of other philosophers. For instance, believers of existentialism view life as sorrow, fright, and Nihilism whereas for Ghani Khan life is itself a joy and what he can do and should do is to spend a pleasant time. He depends everything in the universe on his lord Allah. The most important part of his view is that he considers life as a blessing from the lord thus trying to lessen the human fear from death. Consequently, most of his poetry is for the betterment of humans and establishing good relationships between them.
Nanda Dwi Astri, Tiarmauli Manullang, Malfrida Mariati Simanjuntak, Mita Pratiwi Br Sinaga
Randwick International of Education and Linguistics Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 94-100; https://doi.org/10.47175/rielsj.v3i1.412

This study aims to determine the process of changing short stories into literary works a drama script by means of transfer. The method used in this research is a descriptive qualitative method. Data and data sources needed in research using the literature study method or called library research (library research). A study of the transfer of the short story "Flowers in the Glass" by Dorothea Rosa Herliany into a drama script has changes both in dialogue, characters, and setting to make it more interesting for the reader and easier to perform. The short story "Inner Flowers" Gelas” tells the story of a husband who always demands his wife to be a good wife ideal. Besides, the wife is in a relationship with her ex-lover. Results the study of the transfer of the short story "Bunga Dalam Gelas" into a drama script is the existence of changing the narrative into dialogue form, adding the names of characters and also the background the play script.
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