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Mona Salah Mohammed Fathy, Emad Elsaid Elbeltagi, Asser Elsheikh
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal, Volume 46, pp 31-42;

Site layout is the front-end planning for construction sites, aiming for a safe and productive work environment. The layout planning is a complex optimization problem which involves identifying, sizing, and positioning temporary facilities within the construction site boundaries. The main concern in layout planning is the optimization process, in which designer searches among multiple solutions of locating site facilities and choose the best one. The layout optimization problem has been solved using Mathematical and Heuristic methods. This paper studies the applicability of using Visual Programming, Generative Design as the optimization technique, to search for the optimum site layout. As well as, the paper presents an initial development in site layout planning to serve as a foundation that could be enhanced through more future detailed research. In general, the study describes how to model the site and facilities by forming a simulation model applies the parametric visual programming concept through Dynamo-Revit software. Also, it describes the modeling of different geometric and safety constraints between temporary facilities. Then, discussing how the optimization process takes place through the generative design engine. To validate this new optimization technique and the performance of the developed model, a case study from literature is presented and the results are compared
, Alaa Mohamed El-Eashy, Asmaa Nasr El Din El Badrawy
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal, Volume 46, pp 25-41;

Coastal areas have highly productive economic values for its residents, with huge potentials in fisheries and marine resources. The human factor with social capitals is vital potential in these coastal areas. The inhabitants work on fishing activities, intermediary traders, and other coastal related businesses. However, some of these areas are characterized with unplanned areas, poor livelihood, deteriorated buildings, with no green or public spaces. Moreover, these areas also suffer due to its far locations from cities’ centers and their eliminating from the urban development plans. In general, these problems have transformed them into coastal informal areas. Previous studies proved that there is no common methodology for dealing with coastal informal areas in Egypt. Furthermore, there is a gap between development plans and realities as they only focus on urban upgrading without considering participatory approaches, human factor, or spatial characteristics. Hence, this paper aims to formulate a strategy for achieving urban sustainability in the upgrading of coastal informal areas using a participatory approach. A comparative analysis is carried out for three coastal case studies in Indonesia, Nigeria, and Egypt to evaluate the impacts of urban upgrading using a participatory approach according to the dimensions of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. Finally, the evaluation ends with recommendations for a participatory framework to attain sustainable upgraded coastal informal areas in Egypt. The proposed framework forms of eight drivers for attaining sustainability; economic inclusion, financial sustainability, cultural preservation, spatial inclusion, social and human capital, quality of life, environmental quality, and urban management.
Adel Abdullah Amer, Eid Abdelbaki Gouda, Akram Elmitwally
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal, Volume 46, pp 53-64;

This paper introduces an overview for the benefits of distributed generations (DGs) in many aspects related to reliability of distribution system. Also, introduce the issues developed in protection system regarding the penetration of (DGs) in distribution system. A review is introduced of different scenarios of coordination between the common protection devices such as overcurrent relays, fuses, reclosers in distribution system. Furthermore, a review of protection coordination scenarios that developed to mitigate the DGs penetration that divided into two scenarios, one of them with minimum change in protection system such as disconnect DG from network when fault happen, limits DG output current according to DG terminal voltage, and Optimal DG size and location. The other scenario introduces a modification in protection system component such as obtaining new relay coordination and limiting fault current levels. These scenarios are developed to obtain the protection system secure and reliable as before the penetration of DGs. A comparison between advantages and disadvantages of these scenarios in terms of cost, communication links are introduced. Also, a review of usage of fault current limiter device (FCL) as a practical solution to mitigate DGs penetration impacts in protection system.
Aya N. Elbedwehy, Mohy Eldin Ahmed Abo-Elsoud, Ahmed Elnakib
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal, Volume 46, pp 47-52;

Accurate detection of heart disease requires purely realistic electrocardiogram (ECG) signals. In the process of acquisition and transmission, various noises destroy the clean ECG signal, making diagnosis difficult. Here, we apply a single node Reservoir computing (SNRC) architecture based on a recurrent neural network (RNN) to solve this problem by minimizing typical electromyogram noise (EMG) and power line interference (PLI) that damage the ECG signal. MIT-BIH, the standard online arrhythmia database, is used to collect data and test the quality of the proposed method. To evaluate the SNRC architecture, we use two performance indicators, namely, SNR output improvement (SNRimp) and the Percentage Root mean square Difference (PRD). The proposed SNRC architecture is superior to the latest technology and can achieve higher SNRimp and lower PRD for all types of typical ECG noise under study. These results indicate that the proposed SNRC architecture is expected to efficiently restore the dynamics of ECG signals in vivo
Ahmed Reda Mohamed, Ahmed Hassan, Abd El Zaher Mostafa, Ahmed Abd Elghani
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal, Volume 46, pp 17-30;

This research aims at developing a transport model helping in conducting demand predicting for a newly proposed corridor, El Fardous axis, connecting East and downtown Cairo. The transport model is first calibrated and validated for existing traffic conditions and then, it is used to predict the future traffic conditions in the study area, as well as an assessment of the impact of planning data changes, including any proposed development. First, a study area was determined; then, a transport model was developed as a tool for the estimating the demand on the corridor at opening and future modeling years. The data available for developing the model are limited. The data consist primarily of traffic counts at selected locations during normal peak periods. Other data, such as socioe-conomic data and origin-destination studies, were not readily available. To overcome such challenges, an alternative approach was developed and applied in developing the transport model. This research proposes an advanced modeling methodology that tries to make best use of available data achieving the target accuracy. Also, it presents an evaluation of the impact of the proposed axis on traffic pattern and on level of service on the road network and the streets within the study area.
, Rofaida Mohy Eldeen El Attar
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal, Volume 46, pp 22-32;

Transcendence gradualness to the highest heavens, guidance, and protection from misguidance are the specific content of the idea of the minaret and its formation which is agreed upon in the symbolism of heritage minarets and the symbolism of contemporary minarets. The lesson is the doctrinal foundations and not the heritage references to which the symbolic features of the minaret are due. In the current era, technological development in the building process has led to the emergence of modern sculptural forms of different formations, but they are unified by the ideological content and compatible with the same content of the symbolism of the heritage minaret, and not as it is mentioned in most scientific research that the contemporary architect designs the minaret inspired by its content from the west architecture and lost the heritage and identity of the minaret, that it is far from the content and this will be proven by presenting the designed minarets that are qualified for the finals of an international competition (2019/2020 AD) as the best contemporary minaret that simulates the current era and the tremendous development in which the two researchers participated in, as the design was qualified for the finals.
Mohamed Abd El-Moniem Mohamed Tantawy, Reda M.K. El-Dewieny
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal, Volume 4, pp 1-15;

This paper presents a comprehensive study into the application of carrier systems to overhead power transmission lines. The use of carrier systems for the purpose of telemetering as well as in protection schemes, is discussed. Different coupling methods are illustrated and a comparison is included.
Mohamed Abd El-Moniem Mohamed Tantawy
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal, Volume 4, pp 61-70;

The paper presents a comprehensive analysis for the affect of forecasted peak load uncertainty on power system reliability . The uncertainty is described by a normal distribution and the forecasted load is represented by its mean and standard deviation . Equations for the loss of load expectation and variance in terms of peak load uncertainty are given. These equations are distinguished by simplicity and low computer time required for computations. Senstivity analysis for the reliability indices due to finite changes in system loading is introduced.
Youssif A. Abed, Mohamed Abd El-Moniem Mohamed Tantawy
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal, Volume 4, pp 71-91;

The paper presents a survey for the methods of generating the electric energy from the solar energy , These methods are devided according to the influence of incident light on the different materials into direct and indirect methods. In the first , the solar energy is converted directly to electricity by means of solar cells , without any byproducts and without any moving parts. The indirect conversion of solar energy into electricity is done through intermediate stage , such as thermal , mechanical and chemical . Each of these methods is discussed in details and comparison between them is done regarding the conversion efficiency.
Hassan Ali Abou-Tabl
MEJ. Mansoura Engineering Journal, Volume 4, pp 42-52;

Stator currents of slip-ring induction motor having chopper control in the rotor circuit, are no more sinusoidal. The analysis of the air-gap resultant field , due to such currents , results in a different expression for the established rotating field. The derived expression is examined in order to study the rotating field behavior under chopper control. In addition to some of the well known behaviours , a new one had been distinguished and proved by constructing the geometrical pattern of the air-gap resultant field. An effective winding factor is introduced to give the effect of nonsinusoidal stator currents on the magnitude of the resultant m.m.f. harmonics.
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