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Endah Dwi Lestari, Annisaa Fitrah Umara, Siti Asriah Immawati
Jurnal Ilmiah Keperawatan Indonesia [JIKI], Volume 4, pp 1-10; doi:10.31000/jiki.v4i1.2734

Background: Tuberculosis is a direct infectious disease caused by TB germs (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis). The entry of Tuberculosis bacteria will infect the lower respiratory tract which can result in productive coughing and coughing up blood. Some nursing interventions to overcome the problem of airway cleaning ineffectiveness include effective coughing exercises. Objective: This study aims to determine the effect of effective cough on sputum removal in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Research Methods: The study design used was Quasi Experimental Pre-test and Post-test. The population of 15 respondents included all pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Balaraja Hospital. A sample of 10 respondents was taken using Non Probability sampling. Independent variables are effective cough and dependent variable sputum expenditure Analysis of data with the Wilcoxon Match Pair Test with a significant level of a≤ 0.05. Research Results: The results showed that the majority of respondents were unable to excrete sputum before being trained in effective cough of 4 respondents (40.0%), respondents who had moderate sputum expenditure as much as 6 respondents and respondents could excrete large amounts of sputum after being trained for effective coughing by 6 respondents (60.0% ), respondents who issued a lot of medium sputum were 4 respondents (40.0%) and the results of the Wilcoxon Match Pair Test were 0.04 which meant
Siti Latipah, Dewi Prabawati, Wilhelmus Hary Susilo
Jurnal Ilmiah Keperawatan Indonesia [JIKI], Volume 4, pp 26-40; doi:10.31000/jiki.v4i1.2819

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a group of symptoms that arise due to damage to the human immune system due to infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). People with HIV will cause stigma in society so that psychosocial problems will arise, one of which is depression. Treatment of depressed patients can be done by non-pharmacological therapy, one of which is Mindfulness-Based Intervention. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Intervention: Open Heart Prayer Against Changes in Depression Levels in HIV / AIDS Patients at RSUD X Tangerang Regency. The research method was a quasy experiment with non-equivalent control group pre- posttest design on 117 samples divided by the control group with 29 samples and the intervention group for 88 samples. Open Heart Prayer Therapy is given 2 times a day for 6 weeks. The independent variables were age, gender, education level, length of diagnosis, stigma and family support. Statistical tests used Wilcoxon, Mann Whitney, and Ordinal Logistic Regression. The results showed that there was a difference in the mean level of depression after being given Mindfulness Based Intervention: Prayer to Open Heart in the intervention and control groups with a significance level of 0.000
Eriyono Budi Wijoyo, Mustikasari Mustikasari
Jurnal Ilmiah Keperawatan Indonesia [JIKI], Volume 4, pp 63-72; doi:10.31000/jiki.v4i1.2881

Introduction: care for mental patients needs to be continuous and collaboration between health workers and the client's family is needed. This collaboration can be done by carrying out one of the complementary training activities to extend the recurrence time and prepare the client to return to the community. Objective: to find out schizophrenia nursing care in a hospital. Method: The process of writing this scientific article uses a case study approach with a descriptive method drawn from the life and personal experience of the author. To collect data in the form of articles, the author uses several databases, namely Science Direct and Google Search. The author also uses several search keywords such as "Psychiatric Disorder", "Perception Disorder", "Delusion", "Therapy Complementer", using the boolean "AND". In addition to using keywords, the author also uses inclusion and exclusion criteria starting from articles published 2010-2020, using Indonesian and English as well as fulltext articles with reliable sources. From the search above, thousands of articles were obtained and the authors analyzed and raised the title "Nursing Care for Schizophrenic Clients (Delusions) in Hospital Service Management: Case Studies". Results and Discussion: Clients in cases showing chronic schizophrenia with prominent symptoms are delusions. Clients with delusions can be done training or complementary therapy for the process of preparation for returning home and returning to the community. Conclusions and Recommendations: The nursing process in psychiatric patients especially chronic schizophrenia must be continuous and continuous. This severe mental disorder is chronic and there will be a recurrence so there is a need for cooperation between the nurse and the client's family for the implementation of therapy. Therapies such as music therapy, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, animal therapy, cinema therapy, yoga and social skill training. Further research is needed related to the effects of complementary therapy associated with schizophrenia. Keywords: Nursing Care, Schizophrenia, service management, delusions
Inggriane Puspita Dewi, Nurohmah Suwandi, Fikri Rizki Fadlurrahman
Jurnal Ilmiah Keperawatan Indonesia [JIKI], Volume 4, pp 73-87; doi:10.31000/jiki.v4i1.2925

One of the standards that must be met by sharia hospitals is to provide comprehensive Islamic spiritual services, by all hospital staff, including in nursing services. Determination of Islamic spiritual nursing diagnosis in sharia hospital services is the main thing that must be known by nurses. This study aims to analyze the level of knowledge of nurses in determining the diagnosis of Islamic spiritual nursing care in a Sharia hospital in Bandung, through a correlational research method with a cross sectional approach. The sampling technique used was simple random sampling, a total of 50 adult inpatient nurses who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The results showed that the average value obtained by nurses after filling out a questionnaire about determining spiritual nursing diagnoses was 44.16, the level of knowledge of nurses in determining spiritual nursing diagnoses in sharia hospitals was a sufficient category (42%), but on average they were not able to differentiate (C3) definitions between spiritual nursing diagnoses (≥50%). Spiritual care education and training have a close relationship with the knowledge level of nurses, with a significant value
Niken Setyaningrum, Deviayana Usmawati
Jurnal Ilmiah Keperawatan Indonesia [JIKI], Volume 4, pp 41-50; doi:10.31000/jiki.v4i1.2840

Background: Bantul regency.is one of the areas in which there is the danger of earthquakes and tsunamis. To minimize the impact disasters need to have knowledge on communities including elementary school students who are part of communities that are vulnerable to disasters. Objective: The purpose of this study was to understand the effects of earthquake and tsunami education on elementary school emergency planning Jigudan Pandak Bantul Yogyakarta. Research Methods: Quantitative precision using pre experimental methods. Approach used in one group pretest-posttest design. The population of this study was 46 students in 5 of grade of 10-12 years old. Sample taking used the total sample. The instrument used is a questionnaire. The statistical test for Wilcoxon. Emergency planning research before they gave education to earthquake and tsunami disasters total 15 responders (32.6%) ready, 22 reponders (47.8%) almost ready, 9 responders (19.6%) less ready. Research Results: Emergency planning after giving them earthquake and tsunami aducation total 35 responders (76.1%) completely ready, 11 responders (23.9%) ready. Statistical test using the Wilcoxon score (P: 0,00) was smaller than or equal to degrees of prospering α: 0.05 (p : 0,000 < 0,05 ). Conclusion: There was a significant impact on the readiness of emergency planning students before and after being given the education of earthquake and tsunami disasters. Keywords: Education Disaster Earthquake, Emergency Planning, Tsunami
Anggun - Sulistiyani, Meida Laely Ramdani
Jurnal Ilmiah Keperawatan Indonesia [JIKI], Volume 4, pp 11-25; doi:10.31000/jiki.v4i1.2826

Background: Choking deserves attention because it often happens to children. The inappropriate handling of choking becomes a vigilance. Caution and handling of choking become crucial even to cadres of Posyandu (the centre for pre- and post-natal health care and information for women and for children under five) in Karangsari Village. Thus, providing them with health education is necessary.Objective: To identify the influence of health education about handling choking on children through booklet media on the knowledge level of Posyandu cadres in Karangsari Village.Research Methods: This is a quantitative research using pre-experimental design with one group pre-test and post-test design approach. The research sample was taken through a total sampling technique. There were 30 cadres fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The research instrument consists of pre and post-test questionnaire, which was modified and had been tested for its validity and reliability.Research Result: The research result indicates that the knowledge average value obtained by the 30 respondents before being given health education is 61.50 and after being given health education is 88.00. The result of bivariate analysis using t-test sample paired test shows the p-value of 0.0001.Conclusion: There is an influence of health education about handling choking on children through booklet media on the knowledge level of Posyandu cadres in Karangsari Village.
Lilis Komariah, Azizah Al Ashri Nainar, Cut Funny Sepdiana
Jurnal Ilmiah Keperawatan Indonesia [JIKI], Volume 4, pp 51-62; doi:10.31000/jiki.v4i1.2851

Adolescence is a transition from childhood to adulthood which includes biological, psychological and social changes. During menstruation there will be problems or complaints such as dysmenorrhea. Meanwhile, menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) is a physical disorder that is very prominent in women who are experiencing menstruation in the form of pain in the stomach. This study aims to determine the effect of religious music on the intensity of menstrual pain in class X adolescents at the Daarul Muttaqien II Modern Islamic boarding school, Tangerang. The research design used was a quasy-experiment with a pre and post-test design without control (self-control). Collecting data using the NRS observation sheet and pain measurement that has been tested for validity and reliability. The sample consisted of 35 respondents who were taken by consecutive sampling technique. This study showed that 68.6% of respondents had mild pain, while 31.4% of respondents had no pain. The results of the Wilcoxon statistical test showed that there were significant differences in the level of knowledge before and after religious music therapy with a value of p = 0.001 (p
Endah Sri Rahayu, Nuraini Nuraini
Jurnal Ilmiah Keperawatan Indonesia [JIKI], Volume 3, pp 41-50; doi:10.31000/jiki.v3i1.2073

Stroke is one of the serious health problems in modern life today. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) explained that stroke is the leading cause of death globally. An estimated 17.7 million people die of strokes in 2015 representing 31% of all global deaths. This study aims to determine the effect of Passive Range of Motion (ROM) Exercise on Increasing Muscle Strength in Non-Hemorrhagic Stroke Patients in the Inpatient Room at Rsud Kota Tangerang. Quasi-experimental research design with a sample of 14 people. Univariate and bivariate data analysis using the Wilcoxon test. Samples are measured using Observation Sheets before and after Range Of Motion (ROM) Exercises. This Range Of Motion exercise is carried out for 1 week in 7 days, done 2 times in the morning and afternoon for 15 minutes. Based on the Paired Test, it was found that there was an effect of Passive Range Of Motion (ROM) Exercise on increasing muscle strength in non-hemorrhagic stroke patients with p-value = 0,01
Aghita Nurprihatini, Annisaa Fitrah Umara, Achmad Badawi
Jurnal Ilmiah Keperawatan Indonesia [JIKI], Volume 3, pp 81-90; doi:10.31000/jiki.v3i2.2662

Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a disease who characterized by high or low blood glucose values who caused by the inability pancreas to produce insulin, so self-management behavior is very important either for treatment or DM – Related complication preventions, but some DM patient has low motivation to doing self-management. The purpose of this study to was known the relationship between Motivation and Self-Management in Patient with DM in RSUD Kabupaten Tangerang. Methods: The design of this study used analytic observational with a Cross-Sectional approach. Sample taking technique used consecutive sampling with a total sample as much as 74 respondents. The instrument in this study used Treatment Self-Regulation Questionnaires (TSRQ) and the Diabetes Self-Management Questionnaire (DSMQ). Results: The result showed that low motivation with a bad self-management category has 20 respondents (66.7%), while for high motivation with good self-management category has 28 respondents (63.6%). Conclusion: The result of the statistic Chi-Square test showed that the relationship between Motivation with Self-Management in Patients with DM with scoring. Therefore it should be for health providers especially nurse able to increase the motivation of DM patients to do self-management and able to evaluate how the patient's motivation in applying self-management behavior in their life. Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus, Motivation, Self-Management.
Kartini Kartini, Atnesia Ajeng, Fitri Suaningsih
Jurnal Ilmiah Keperawatan Indonesia [JIKI], Volume 3, pp 18-30; doi:10.31000/jiki.v3i1.1923

Introduction Based on the research of the World Health Organization (WHO) at 2012 in six developing countries, the risk of death from infants aged 9-12 months increased by 40% if not breastfed, whereas infants under 2 months of increase reached 48%. Exclusive breastfeeding can reduce child mortality by 13%. Breast milk production is influenced by the hormone prolactin, while expenditure is influenced by the hormone oxytocin. Massage oxytocin is one solution to overcome the lack of launch production of milk in the whole spine (vertebrae) bone costae to the fifth-sixth and an attempt to stimulate the hormones prolactin and oxytocin after labour.Research Methodology The research uses quasi-experiment and samples taken as many as 30 people postpartum mothers who gave birth in a health center Balaraja, 15 people used as the control group, and 15 people used as the intervention group. The sampling technique in this research used Accidental Sampling.The results of the research there was a significant effect of massage oxytocin to increase milk production P = 0.000, no significant effect of massage oxytocin to increase BB baby P = 0.000, no significant effect of massage oxytocin with frequency BAK baby P = 0.679, there was no significant effect of massage oxytocin-the frequency of bowel baby P = 0.075.The conclusion from this research is there a massage effect of oxytocin on lactation and infant BB and no massaging effect of oxytocin on the frequency of bladder and bowel baby. Her recommendation is expected this research can be useful to add insight and knowledge and can be used as additional information for researchers in the future regarding oxytocin massage and for further research are expected to increase the number of samples to be research
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