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Ms. Vaishnavi Dubey, Vikas Khare
While the covid-19 pandemic has impacted the education industry, it has also opened the door to a new approach to education delivery. The traditional classroom-based learning approach has evolved into a technology-based one. In terms of education, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And the teachers have risen to the occasion. They have adapted to a new set of alien tools and resources in an environment that no one could have predicted. Science is a sensible activity that income through the testing of theories by suggests that of experimental work and observations. Virtual lab software creates opportunities for alternative access for science education. It is noted that the teaching-learning process gets better outcomes by the integration of emerging technologies and digital content with all their operations.
Ms. Shivani Rathore, Ms. Pragathi Lokhande
This project online pizza ordering introduces the pizza website. Online pizza ordering provide pizza to customer, it only shows the list of available pizzas in menu in the website which can be controlled by admin account. Users can view and buy the pizza from website the image categorize different types of pizzas available on site. Once customer selects and order the pizza it will go to different phases, The phases are explained in detail below.
Ayush Patel, Ms. Shilpi Khanna, Radhey Shyam
Chat Application provides the communication by exchanging the messages between people. It consists of as a minimum humans that deliver thru a Chat empowered assist or programming. Visit is probably conveyed thru textual content correspondence through the Internet. A Chat utility has essential parts - server and client. A server is a PC application or a device that offers usefulness to special initiatives or gadgets. Clients who want to go to with each other companion with the server.
Ms. Ankita Mahajan, Ms. Preeti Solanki, Ms. Laxmi Sirture, Akshay Dalal
Krishi Mandi website is providing assistance to farmers sell their agriculture products directly to wholesaler and any food processing company, retail stores and institutional buyers. So, that the farmers and retailer can get the better price of agriculture products. The farmer will be able to get the best value for his crops. Farmer can know about government subsidies. Farmer will get information about crop yields and tools. And agri manufacturer/distributor can sell agri machines, agri seed directly to farmers. Farmer as well as manufacturing company will be able to advertise their product through giving product detail, picture, video.
Ms. Pratiksha Tathe, Ms. Pratiksha Pandit, Ms. Roshani Mahajan, Ms. Prabodhini Padme
Our web application provide vegetable seeds and flower plants to the users its only show the list of vegetable seeds and flower plant available in the website. User can view and buy the product from the website user can update his/her profile in website. In the website images of product is view on the screen. Admin can add product, view details to product, view details to users, send mail to user and delete users. Admin is allowed to edit and delete the customer information.
Ms. Aanchal Malviya, Ms. Kirteeka Chouhan, Ms. Mahima Chouksey, Vikas Yadav
A shopping cart that helps the user to order items online. An online shopping cart system show us various items like clothes, grocery, electronic devices and payment option for items chosen by the user. When we have to order products, various shopping applications provide a virtual shopping cart for holding items selected for buying. Successive products picked for buying are kept into the virtual shopping cart until a customer finishes their shopping trip. We can look into the virtual shopping cart at any time.
Ms. Komal Mahajan, Ms. Saifali Choudhary, Raj Verma
Home service system application is a platform where users can book technician for service. A very simple process is carried out to book a electronic service. After login the user can easily submit the service request. The admin can easily monitor the whole system and also manage the technician, user, product and assign work etc. The goal of this application is to maintain the service center and make it possible in a good way and reduce the efforts of the human and it is maintained all the daily works of the service center like product records, issue customer bill and generate sell report and work report etc. which are generally not available in normal service center.
Shlok Jambusariya, Ms. Pragati Yadav, Mit Virani, Ms. Pranali Wagh
The hassle of deciding on a travel destination is often overlooked by travel websites. Travellers, a lot of times, do not have a clear idea of where they want to travel to. We aim on solving this problem by introducing a chat bot system that can recommend travel destinations based on minimal information from the traveller. Another interesting feature of the project is its itinerary generator. The system aims on providing a human-like user experience through the use of a chatbot interface. The interface interacts with the user to retrieve information about the user’s details like travel date, number of children and adults travelling and the budget of travelling. The user’s budget will be the main focus of this application as we want to give the end-user the best travel experience based on their particular budget. The recommender also takes other external factors such as the season, previous traveller experiences and weather into consideration. Incorporating these factors ensure that the most optimal destination is recommended to the user. As per the recommendation, the user can opt to get several itineraries to choose from. The itinerary generator also takes several external factors into consideration when generating an itinerary. The choice of itineraries vary in the choice of places and in activities according to budget and other external factors.
Aditya Jitendra Lodha, Abhay Nanasaheb Thorat, Abhay Janardhan Pawar, Shubham Rajendra Masane, Mahendra B. Gawali
The financial progress of India’s industries is majorly dominated by MSMEs (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises). The traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is becoming steeped in the period. In recent years, the booming advancement in information technology, artificial intelligence, and communication technology has a huge impact on our lives. The advancement in the field of computing has taken a place in the global market. ERPs using Perceptual Computing will be eluding have a wave of innovative applications, perceptual computing uses natural language interfaces. The concept is to have a voice recognition system in the ERPs systems to ease the work load by generating the quotations, invoices, purchase orders, sales report and other kind of business reports as well as updating the catalogues via voice. Traditional ERP has a bit more complicated to use by the higher authorities of the organization due to less user-friendly environment of the ERP, it will be also user friendly and it will be easy to analyze the market on the terms of sales. Similarly, the reports would be generated from the data stored. This would help the non-savvy personnel such as the owner and such kind of higher authority persons to use and understand the ERP system so that the business will be on tracked continuously. This article takes an example of the retail sales industry, using various web technologies for web applications on the ERP system, which can achieve the purpose of the process to enhance the convenience of a higher level of the management team.
Aditya Dhage, Aditya Borikar, Pratyush Joshi, Ujwalla Gawande
We are predominantly aiming at promoting the utilization of EV in countries like India considering their advantages, disadvantages, circumscriptions and opportunities. The system has been developed utilizing the database of HERE mapss which has been practiced and expanded by us utilizing the map engenderer implement. HERE Map Engenderer is a live map editing implement which has more than 45 features across 5 map categories and these categories are roads, bike lanes, walkways, POIs, and addresses. No installation is required to utilize this implement as it is a web-predicated implement that requires a stable internet connection. We have utilized HERE map engenderer implement for three main features: Identifying and marking missing roads: In HERE maps, there are different kinds of road, right through to pedestrian walkways and trails. While marking roads, HERE map engenderer provides a set of sundry roads attributes which avails in providing serviceable information about that road in HERE maps. Places of fascinates: Apart from roads, the HERE map engenderer implement can withal mark and integrate Places of Interest. Places of fascinates are the places which people visit often or the places having some paramountcy. There are more than 100 categories of POIs just in HERE map engenderer implement which provides ease to the developers or editors to integrate places as well as the customers to find and visit places. Point addressing: We can additionally integrate the addresses of houses in the locality, in the city or wherever we get the information about the addresses of places. This is called as point addressing which is withal a feature of HERE map engenderer implement. Our system comprises of amalgamation of these three features in order to develop a system which can facilely find the most proximate charging station or fuel station in the locality.
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