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Sunitha N., Pradip Paul, Monika A., Sravya D., Sagar P., Jaswanth V., Lalitha Y., Manohar S.
The project was considered to validate and develop an accurate, simple and precise, UV-Visible spectrophotometric, Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and Fourier transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) method for the estimation of Metformin present in extract of Bougainvillea California Gold flowers by using distilled water as solvent at a wavelength of 232 nm. The linearity of the metformin is 10-50 μg/ml with y = 0.0011x - 0.0006 as the regression equation r2 value was 0.9977. Recovery values for Metformin present in Bougainvillea California Gold flowers extract powder is found to 98.45% - 99.16%. The RSD % of intraday precision and intraday precision is 16.67 % and 61.53% respectively. LOQ and LOD values are 0.26 μg/ml and 0.0.08μg/mL respectively. The robustness %RSD values method was 64.38 – 64.66. Rf value of the extract was found to be 0.586 with 60:40 (methanol and water) in TLC. IR interpretation of both bougainvillea California gold flowers extract and Meformin were found to be similar. So the method was simple, precise, exact and economical. This method could be applicable for quantitative determination of the metformin in Bougainvillea California gold flowers extract.
Mahmud Younis
Introduction: Diabetes mellitus is not just a disease, it dramatically affects people's lives, both physically and psychologically. It is like a permanent guest, never leaving its owner. It is promising to know that, it was detected that GABA can stimulate and multiply beta cells in islets of langerhans through activation of PI3K/Akt pathway and can also convert alpha cells to beta cells with long term use. Materials and Methods: 100 patients of type 1 diabetes followed in a private clinic for 1 year. They is on multiple insulin injections in the form of lantus and actrapid. Results: The results show a statistically significant difference in hba1c in patients before and after 6 months of treatment with GABA. Conclusion: GABA is considered as the best choice for adding to insulin for patients with type 1 diabetes decreasing insulin dose, decreasing incidence of diabetes complications.
Udai Pratap Singh, Anubha Gupta, Rajeev Kumar, Abhinav Kumar Srivastava
Ring chromosomes are formed due to rejoining or breaking in either one or both the chromosome arms. Any chromosome can form such structure and thus a specific ring chromosome will have an altogether distinct size and inherited content. Of intrigue are ring chromosomes 14 and X that have a remarkable relationship with epilepsy and seizure beginning in early years of life. Phenotypic characteristics associated with ring chromosomes are very much disparate and this may be due to any deletion caused by ring arrangement. Other reason may be the imbalances occurred due to ring instability. Extreme deficiency of development without major deformity is a very usual observation in the carrier of the ring chromosomes. Such phenotypic expressions are termed as "ring disorder" and they are strictly related with mitotic instability and ring behavior and does not dependent on the chromosome engaged. In case of ring chromosomes, it is not possible to exactly correlate genotype-phenotype because all the determining factors mostly variegate depending on the magnitude of deletion during ring development. Also, ring instability and the level of mosaicism add extra degree of pleomorphism. In spite of the fact that ring chromosomes generally emerge as de-novo events, filial transmission of rings from carrier to progeny is portrayed and pre-birth diagnosis for any pregnancies should be appraised.
Septiani Mangiwa
The Itchy leaf [Laportea decumana (Roxb.) Wedd] is a plant that is widely used as traditional medicine by Papuans as a pain reliever. The purpose of this study was to determine the total level of alkaloids in itchy leaf extract and to test the cytotoxic activity using the BSLT method. The research series began with the extraction stage with the maceration method using 96% ethanol, which tested the alkaloid level. The test was carried out using the gravimetric method and the cytotoxic test using the alkaloid level test results using the BSLT method on shrimp larvae (Artemia salina L). The results showed that itchy leaf extract contained a total alkaloid level of 6.46%. Cytotoxic testing using the BSLT method showed an LC50 of 54.33 ppm and was found to be toxic.
M Sri Ramachandra, P. Veeresh Babu
Coronaviruses are important disease causing animal pathogen and recently with the mutations has resulted into the infection in humans. Beta type of corona virus a subgenus cause severe acute respiratory syndrome. Older patients with comorbid conditions including pulmonary disease, cardiac disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and hypertension have been associated with fatality. More than 2.06 million cases have been reported in 212 countries/regions, resulting in more than 137,108 fatalities across the world. The COVID-19 infection is characterized by respiratory symptoms like cough, pneumonia symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, high fever etc. At present there is no treatment or drug available for the disease and its changing structure and infection symptoms is posing a challenge for pharmaceutical and biomedical industry. The present review article highlights the on-going researches on pathogenesis, clinical characteristics of COVID 19.
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