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Tetiana V. Grynko, Olha Yehorova
European Journal of Management Issues, Volume 28, pp 135-142; doi:10.15421/192013

Purpose – to investigate the problems of implementing a strategic planning system in industrial enterprises. Design/Method/Research approach. A theoretical approach based on the generalization of available research, analysis, and comparison to identify obstacles to the strategic planning implementation in industrial enterprises Findings. It is substantiated that the strategy development and strategic planning system implementation are necessary conditions for a modern industrial enterprise's functioning due to the dynamism and instability of the economic environment. One of the most important factors influencing the economic entity's efficiency is the awareness of the need to implement a strategic planning system because it allows the company to achieve dynamic development and strengthen its market position. It is argued that among the problems that affect the strategic planning implementation in industrial enterprises, external factors of influence, internal factors of the organization, and factors related to the enterprise owner's motives. Theoretical implications. The research's theoretical significance is to change the research focus in strategic planning from external factors to the enterprise owner's motives research. Practical implications. Owners and top managers can use the research to prevent problems with the enterprise's strategic planning implementation. Originality/Value. The paper's originality is because, for the first time, the relationship between the dynamics and problems of strategic planning system implementation in industrial enterprises is considered by the personal motives of the enterprises' owners. Research limitations/Future research. Further research forecasts further analyze the relationship between external and internal factors influencing strategic planning system implementation problems in industrial enterprises. Paper type – theoretical.
Fuat Man
European Journal of Management Issues, Volume 28, pp 162-169; doi:10.15421/192016

Purpose – to analyze the situation of age discrimination at work and to give some reflections from job ads in the case of Turkey. Design/Method/Approach of the research. This study presents a limited depiction of age discrimination occurring in Turkey by analyzing job ads. Findings. One of the most critical demographic issues for the entire world, especially for the advanced world, is aging. It is essential as it necessitates some critical regulations that have economic and social consequences. During this aging trend, job seekers over a certain age in labor markets face age discrimination. Although many countries, both developed and developing, have some legal regulations against age discrimination, it remains a crucial form of discrimination. Where we can easily see this kind of discrimination is job ads. This study examined more than fifteen hundred job ads posted by İŞKUR, state-affiliated Employment Agency of Turkey, for the cities of Marmara Region of Turkey were examined. Nearly 20% of all job ads is indicating some statement for age limit. Research limitations/Future Research. Although just the age value indicated by employers in the ads itself does not mean an absolute age discrimination rate, 20 % is a vital implication for that kind of discrimination, and also, this figure implies the need for detailed further studies. Paper type – empirical.
Marcin Kesy, Dariusz Pawliszczy
European Journal of Management Issues, Volume 28, pp 143-150; doi:10.15421/192014

Purpose – to demonstrate the links between social exclusion and the higher costs of treating customers depending on this social sector, unlike other customers who are neither unemployed nor live in poverty. Design/Method/Approach of the research. In the external study, a survey method was used, supplemented with a method of observation at the study site. The authors of the publication carried out research using the qualitative method, formalized interview with medical staff. This research was done in University Hospital in Wroclaw in 2018. Findings. Any health organization must create good relations inside the organization and mostly from outside. One of them is a patient that the author calls a "customer" as every person spends money on health organization leading to the proper hospital functioning. Decision-makers within the system continuously must make choices and seek alternative ways to measure illness costs. One of the factors that harm the optimization of the health services' scale is the social exclusion phenomenon, which is significantly affecting society. Socially isolated people's problems are deprivation, as a lack of access to the necessary level of high-quality, safe, and effective medical services, and cultural competence to provide such medical services. The ex-post analysis conclusions show that relationships between the analyzed areas and the social exclusion phenomenon have a medium and even large dependency and demonstrate cause-effect relationships. Management of customers with the disfunction of medical personnel social requires using other means of communication and building relationships on facts. The communication model between medical personnel and the customer should be founded on a moderate paternalistic model, which is based on facts and documents. The result will be a reduction in service time, which will affect consultation time, financial savings, and an increase in medical personnel efficiency. Originality/Value. In the research of socially isolated people's health problems, three aspects was distinguished: health problems caused by social isolation, health problems that cause social exclusion, and health conditions that are difficult to treat due to social isolation. Paper type – empirical.
Olga Benenson
European Journal of Management Issues, Volume 28, pp 127-134; doi:10.15421/192012

Цель работы – установить особенности проявления социально-экономической циклической закономерности «Цикл президентских выборов» на фондовом рынке США в современных условиях и разработпть рекомендации по практическому применению этой закономерности при осуществлении инвестиционной деятельности. Дизайн/Метод/План исследования. Статистическая обработка данных о значениях промышленного индекса Доу-Джонса за период с 1887 по 2020 гг. Результаты исследования. Исследование показало, что закономерности по величине среднего прироста индекса Доу-Джонса в разные года цикла Президентских виборов в условиях современной экономики отличаются от закономерностей, существовавших до 1993 года. В настоящее время практический интерес может представлять только год, предшествующий выборам президента США, когда средний прирост индекса в 2-4 раза превышает прирост в другие годы цикла. Известный ранее тезис о том, что при правящей Демократической партии фондовый рынок США растет быстрее, подтверждается и в условиях современной экономики. Тем не менее, с каждым годом разница между приростами рынка при различных партиях сглаживается. В рамках «Цикла президентских выборов» существует стойкая закономерность, заключающаяся в том, что индекс Доу-Джонса вырастает от своего минимального значения в «промежуточный» год до максимального значения следующего, предвыборного года. При этом, в последние десятилетия величина процента прироста имеет тенденцию к уменьшению, и если раньше, с 1914 по 2011 гг. его среднее значение составляло 47-48,6 %, то в период с 1993 по 2020 гг. процент прироста уменьшился до 36,7 %. Практическое значение исследования. Практическое применение результатов исследования даст возможность повысить точность прогнозирования преобладающих тенденций на международных фондовых рынках и, соответственно, повысить эффективность инвестирования. Оригинальность/Ценность/Научная новизна исследования. настоящее исследование расширяет знания об особенностях проявления и использования циклической закономерности «Цикл президентских выборов», предлагает обновленную модель его использования при прогнозировании преобладающей тенденции на фондовом рынке США. Результаты исследования могут быть интересны специалистам, работающим в сфере инвестирования на международных финансовых рынках. Ограничение исследования/Перспективы дальнейших исследований. Результаты исследований, приведенные в настоящей статье, создают основу для проведения аналогичных исследований для европейских и азиатских финансовых рынков, а также выявления и исследования других циклических закономерностей на международных финансовых рынках с целью разработки прикладных механизмов инвестирования, способствующих повышению эффективности инвестирования. Тип статьи – эмпирический.
Andrey Kolosov, Sergey Kucherenko
European Journal of Management Issues, Volume 28, pp 151-161; doi:10.15421/192015

The research aims to identify weaknesses and advise the Ukrainian Government's managerial concept in economic stabilization during the crisis. There were applied system's methods and functional analysis and control systems' synthesis. It was established that the country has no institute for monitoring and developing a strategy for macroeconomic regulation during the crisis, the Government's inability to compensate for the lack of conceptual substantiation for its decisions, most of which are not timely brought to the final economic entities that negatively perceive the Government's regulatory decisions, suspending from their implementation and even resorting to resistance. Significant deficiencies in the Government's regulatory activities during the crisis were identified, which demands its improvement based on managing economic entities' behavioral concepts in changing environments. Proposals for the selecting behavioral imperative for Ukraine's economy during the crisis and regulatory decisions were developed, considering changes in the management object's stability. The research's theoretical significance is to substantiate the Government's managerial concept during the crisis, and when the possibility of its direct application determines the practical significance. The research's novelty is the behavioral theory's elements application for Government activities. Prospects for further research are related to the substantiation and development of a government's holistic management model during the crisis. The article is theoretical and empirical.
European Journal of Management Issues, Volume 28, pp 92-100; doi:10.15421/192009

Purpose – to assess the tourism industry development and its impact on Ukraine’s economy, to identify a set of problems hindering the significant development of the tourism industry, and to justify ways to increase competitiveness in the world market. Design/Method/Approach of the research. System approach, synthesis, analysis and comparison to assess the tourism development dynamics in Ukraine, correlation and regression analysis to determine the impact level of increasing the number of hotels and tourist-recreational enterprises on GDP growth in Ukraine, logical generalization to identify a set of problems holding back the significant development of local tourism and ways justification of increasing its competitiveness on the world market. Findings. This article presents the results of assessing the tourism dynamics, particularly the tourist flows, the number of resorts, the number of tourists served by tour operators and travel agents. The authors substantiated the ways of increasing the local tourism sector's competitiveness. Practical implications. The work results can make the basis for the development of fundamental and scientific-applied provisions contributing to the significant system formation of increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine's tourism industry by state and local authorities, establishing cooperation among market participants and forming optimal logistics flows, developing business models to optimize the flows of health and recreational facilities. Originality/Value. The research value is that its applied scientific provisions can be implemented in the strategy of economic development of local tourism in analytical and mathematical justifications of the relationship between economic growth and tourism development, which ultimately increases Ukraine regions’ competitiveness for sustainable development of the country’s economy. Research limitations/Future research. Future research should focus on identifying mechanisms to improve the procedure for increasing tourism enterprises' competitiveness and improving provided service quality. Paper type –empirical.
European Journal of Management Issues, Volume 28, pp 72-80; doi:10.15421/192007

Purpose – to identify trends in Ukraine's tourism enterprises' external environment to increase their competitiveness and stability in the relevant industry market. Design/Method/Approach of the research. Theoretical generalization, method of abstraction, expert assessments, PEST-analysis, factor analysis, graphical method. Findings. The research studies the changes in the external environment of tourist enterprises during the pandemic crisis. The critical factors of such enterprises' external environment are revealed based on considering their importance and the influence direction on the competitiveness of tourist business units. The paper covers the most significant negative and positive trends of changes in Ukraine's tourist enterprises' external environment. The authors provided recommendations for strategic planning of tourist business units' competitiveness. Practical implications. The research results allow identifying areas for increasing the competitiveness of national tourism enterprises and effectively adapting to the external environment's transformations during the crisis in the globalized social and economic space. Originality/Value. Based on the expert assessment, the authors proposed an expanded factors list of the external environment of national tourism enterprises, which, in contrast to the existing ones, consider the crisis's negative consequences. PEST-analysis clusters of environmental factors allowed to identify with a significant positive or negative impact on the competitiveness of tourism enterprises. Research limitations/Future research. The research results provide a basis for further study of the external macro- and micro-environment of tourism enterprises at the local, regional, and national levels. And for element-by-element SWOT-analysis of tourism enterprises during the pandemic crisis. Paper type – theoretical.
Tetyana S. Dronova, Yana Y. Trygub
European Journal of Management Issues, Volume 28, pp 81-91; doi:10.15421/192008

Purpose – to study website’s work and content of the travel agency on the example of the "Laspi" travel agency, identify its technical properties and offer methods to increase the web-resource leading position in the Yandex and Google search engines by performing SEO-analysis. Design/Method/Research approach. Internet resources SEO-analysis. Findings.The travel product promotion directly depends on the travel market participants' advertising tools' effectiveness, mainly travel agents. It is determined that one of the new technologies that increase the advertising effectiveness, in particular via the travel agencies’ web resources, is SEO-technology. The authors Identified technical shortcomings of its operation, mainly related to search queries statistics, the subject site visits, the semantic core operation, the site improvement, the site increasing citation, and the number of persistent references in the network. It is proved that updating site development, changing its environment, analyzing user behavior, namely the Og Properties micro markup, updating HTML tags, analytical programs placing, iframe objects selection, and other activities, increase the content uniqueness. As a result, search engines scanned the site, and the search results took first place for the positions essential for the web resource. Originality/Value. The leading positions increasing mechanism application, website operation optimization allow search engines to bring it to the TOP of the most popular travel sites. Theoretical implications. To optimize the web resource operation, a mechanism for improving its leading position is proposed that includes three steps: the general website characteristics of marketing, SEO-analysis, recommendations provision. Practical implications. The research is practical in improving the site’s technical operation and increasing its leading position in Yandex and Google search engines. Research limitations/Future research. Further research aims at the site further analysis after making the proposed changes to its operation. Paper type – empirical.
Vyacheslav Slyvenko, Oleksii Slyvenko
European Journal of Management Issues, Volume 28, pp 110-120; doi:10.15421/192011

Purpose – to analyze the models of overcoming the crisis of the tourism business in Germany. Design/Method/Approach of the research. The research method is an expert opinion analysis on possible scenarios for the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic crisis development, the consequences for German tourism, and possible models of overcoming the crisis. Findings. The paper analyzes the models of overcoming the crisis in Germany's tourism business during the gradual attenuation of the Covid-19/ Coronavirus pandemic and the beginning of the national borders lento opening. That allowed us to formulate an assumption of possible scenarios while crisis overcoming in the tourism business in Germany. Theoretical and practical implications. The analysis of possible scenarios while overcoming the crisis in the tourism business in Germany phenomena in Germany's tourism industry can be very interesting both for practitioners and for theorists studying the problems of tourism development worldwide. Originality/Value. The article investigates the regional differences of the tourism crisis developed during the Covid-19/ Coronavirus pandemic. Based on a logical analysis of the models for overcoming the tourism business crisis in Germany, the paper analyzed factors that can affect changes in consumer habits and include vital economic aspects of the tourism business restoration. This paper expands researchers’ capabilities in the crisis phenomena analysis in the tourism business and assists in the most accurate and reasonable forecasting for the long-term sustainable development and competitive advantages of tourism enterprises. Paper type – theoretical. Keywords: tourism business; model; crisis; Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic.
European Journal of Management Issues, Volume 28, pp 101-109; doi:10.15421/192010

Мета дослідження - визначити відмінності впровадження моделі франчайзингу туристичними операторами на європейському та українському ринках. Дизайн/Метод/План дослідження. Теоретичний підхід, що ґрунтується на узагальненні, системному й порівняльному аналізі. Застосовані контент-аналіз, статистичний, графічний і табличний методи. Результати дослідження. Охарактеризовано моделі ділового франчайзингу найбільших багатопрофільних туристичних операторів масового туризму в Україні. Визначено загальні умови здійснення туристичної діяльності на принципах ділового франчайзингу для туристичних агенцій. З’ясовано відмінності моделей ділового франчайзингу на європейському й українському ринках. Франчайзинг визначено механізмом мультиплікації бізнесу й кооперації можливостей, спрямованих на активне просування туристичного продукту на цільовий на ринок. Практичне значення дослідження. Практичне значення отриманих результатів дослідження полягає у можливому їх застосуванні туристичними агенціями при прийнятті рішення про приєднання до франчайзингової мережі й туроператорами при вирішенні питань диверсифікації прогнозованих ризиків бізнесу. Оригінальність / цінність / наукова новизна дослідження. Новизною проведеного дослідження є уточнення умов провадження туристичної діяльності на засадах франчайзингу в країнах Європи й, зокрема, в Україні, виділення відмінних рис моделі європейського ділового франчайзингу, які полягають у чітко визначеній вертикально інтегрованій структурі управління, сильному національному маркетинговому менеджменті, корпоративній підтримці ведення бізнесу, довгостроковості франчайзингових угод, результативній системі франчайзі. Перспективи подальших досліджень / обмеження дослідження. Внаслідок економічної кризи в туристичному бізнесі перспективним напрямом подальших досліджень з цієї проблематики є пошук шляхів стабілізації діяльності мережевого бізнесу в туризмі. Викликає інтерес зміна фінансового стану туристичних агентств після отримання або припинення статусу франчайзі. Тип статті - теоретичний.
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