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I Putu Agus Eka Pratama
Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Volume 2, pp 56-66; https://doi.org/10.25008/bcsee.v2i2.1145

The development of computer network technology in the form of Software Defined Networking (SDN), provides many facilities for users to be able to develop network control applications, which can separate the data plane function from the control plane. The existence of this separation on routers and switches makes it easy for developers to centrally develop software and devices according to what is needed by users. However, there were obstacles to implementing SDN on IP networks in a short time. For this reason, it is necessary to implement SDN in stages by adding SDN to the existing IP network in the form of SDN IP, so that SDN can be connected and exchange routing information autonomously. This study focuses on the design and implementation of SDN IP using the Open Network Operating System (ONOS) on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). The results show that the design and implementation of SDN IP based on ONOS and BGP can be done well, where SDN can connect and exchange routing information with the Autonomous System (AS) native BGP-based network. Key word(s): Autonomous System (AS) Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Open Network Operating System (ONOS) Software-Defined Networking (SDN) SDN IP
Tirsa Ninia Lina, Matheus Supriyanto Rumetna
Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Volume 2, pp 74-83; https://doi.org/10.25008/bcsee.v2i2.1146

Sudoku is a game that sharpens the brain and is very well known. But the problem faced in this condition is how we can find a solution for the completion of this game. Problems with the Sudoku game can be solved by using the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some of the algorithms that can be used are the Breadth First Search (BFS) and Depth Limited Search (DLS) algorithms. The purpose of this research is to find a solution for Sudoku and make a comparative analysis of the search results of the two algorithms. The results obtained are application design in the form of a simulation of the completion of the Sudoku game problem with two algorithms. And it has been proven from the two algorithms that DLS is more efficient and faster than BFS. While BFS itself has advantages, in terms of a more structured and systematic search system that is able to find all possible numbers in each box. In this case, if a Sudoku question has more than one answer, then BFS will find it.
Kharisma Ramadhan, Lutfi Hinda Mukti, M. Raghib Alashbahanni Mahfudz, Muhammad Dafa Dezan Rezaputra, M. Taufiqul Hafizh
Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Volume 2, pp 67-73; https://doi.org/10.25008/bcsee.v2i2.1131

Humans are living things that have 60 trillion cells to build the body, each cell of the human body contains 70% more water. Humans need water that is suitable for consumption. Water that is fit for consumption is water that has been processed or without processing that has met the requirements and can be drunk immediately. Various factors can cause water quality to decline, one of which is a water container in the form of gallons of water. From the results of a survey of students, 69.2% of students stated that drinking water on campus was not adequate. Meanwhile, 16.9% stated that it was not suitable and 13.8% of the other students stated that drinking water was suitable for consumption. So that the control system is modified on the existing devices so that they can work more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, the research data was taken using quantitative data analysis techniques with descriptive statistics and the calculation of the average relative error. In the resulting data, the relative error value of the working time variable is 0.51% and 17.2% of the variable delay. And the relative variable error value is 18.3%. For the level of particle content in water in gallon 1 an average of 54 mg / L with an average temperature of 27.44 ° C and in gallon 2 of 52.6 mg / L with an average temperature of 28 ° C.
Tula Espinoza-Cordero, Katherin Ortiz-Cotrina, Carlos Carranza-Llanos, Juan Carlos Cotrina-Aliaga
Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Volume 2, pp 9-16; https://doi.org/10.25008/bcsee.v2i1.1144

In the present, where we live a pandemic because of Covid-19, it presents a challenge and change in the way we live for all, in which a different way of being able to receive health care must be created. in this research aimed to implement the electronic medical records system to improve patient care, such research is descriptive-explanatory in which a population of 67 patients from a health center is sampled. In conclusion, the implementation of the Electronic Medical Records System improved patient administrative care at the Health Center.
Rachmat Rachmat, Suhartono Suhartono
Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Volume 1, pp 80-86; https://doi.org/10.25008/bcsee.v1i2.8

The quality health service is one of the basic necessities of any person or customer. To predict the number of goods can be done in a way predicted. The comparison method of Single Exponential Smoothing and Holt's method is used to predict the accuracy of inpatient services will be back for the coming period. Single Exponential Smoothing the forecasting methods used for data stationary or data is relatively stable. Holt's method is used to test for a trend or data that has a tendency to increase or decrease in the long term. The outcome of this study is the Single Exponential Smoothing method is more precise than Holt's method because of the history of hospitalized patients who do not experience an increase or no trend. In addition, the percentage of error (the difference between the actual data with the forecast value) and Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) to calculate the forecast error obtained from the Single Exponential Smoothing method is smaller compared to Holt's method.
I Putu Agus Eka Pratama
Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Volume 1, pp 63-72; https://doi.org/10.25008/bcsee.v1i2.7

TCP SYN Flood as one kind of Denial of Service (DoS) attack, still popular to flood the server connection, by sending SYN packets to the target. Because of the risk caused by this attack, there is a need for a network security mechanism. In this paper, one of the security mechanisms proposed is using Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) method on Configserver Security and Firewall (CSF). By using SPI method, CSF has capabilities to responsible for separating packets of data, that may be entered with data packets that should not be entered into the server. For example: port to be opened, port closed, and IP Address that may access the server for anywhere. This paper combines both of CSF and SPI method to prevent TCP SYN Flood (DoS) with Proof of Concept (PoC) at the Linux operating system. The security process is done in 3 ways: configuring a maximum connection from an IP Address to a server, securing an incoming SYN packet per second, and counting how many times an IP Address violates the minimum SYN packet rule per second before being blocked by a firewall.
Arnawan Hasibuan, Widyana Verawaty Siregar, Elvy Sahnur Nasution, Rohana Ismail
Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Volume 1, pp 73-79; https://doi.org/10.25008/bcsee.v1i2.1124

Evaluation of energy utilization and identification become energy saving opportunities, as well as recommendations for increasing efficiency, on energy use and use of energy sources in the context of energy conservation This paper aims to describe the audit of electrical energy in the Lido Graha Lhokseumawe Hotel room, by taking samples in different room types and conducting an electrical energy audit on the use of installed lights and air conditioners. The method used in this study is data collection, interviews, observations and direct measurements on the use of lights and AC (Air Conditioning). The data analysis technique used is to determine the estimated value of electricity consumption and how much it will cost for electricity. From the results of calculations and analysis obtained total electricity consumption needs based on the type of room with various types of loads used 855.62 kWh/days with costs that must be spent per day is Rp. 1,190,574.96, 25,668.6 kWh/month with a monthly cost of Rp. 35,087,608.60. Whereas for a year electricity demand is 308,494.8 kWh/year with a cost of Rp. 421,051,305.24.
Syamsyarief Baqaruzi, Surya Tarmizi Kasim
Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Volume 1, pp 54-62; https://doi.org/10.25008/bcsee.v1i2.1123

A transformer is an important device in electrical processes, as we know static electricity that involves magnetically coupled coils to increase or decrease the voltage. In three-phase transformer, there are various winding connections such as delta-delta (?, ?), wye-wye (Y, Y), wye-delta (Y, ?), delta-wye (?, Y), zig-zag (Z, Z), etc. And of the many often used connection are Yy0, Yd11, Dd0, and Dy5. From these various connections, each connection has different efficiency, losses, and voltage regulation. If they are connected with resistive, inductive, or capacitive loads. This paper method has discussed a transformer connection used are Yy0, Dd0, Yd11, and Dy5 in Laboratory Konversi Energi USU to see how the influence of load changes, on voltage regulation Where a state of balance load using are resistive, inductive, capacitive, and RLC combination. The result analysis of the experiment show, the best efficiency is at Dd0 connection, when loaded condition using capacitive is average 97.87%, and the best voltage regulation is obtained at Dy5, when loaded condition using resistive is average 28.35%
Setiyono Setiyono, Bambang Dwinanto
Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Volume 1, pp 42-53; https://doi.org/10.25008/bcsee.v1i2.9

This paper presents how to harmonic disturbance reduce on single phase power system. One of the most popular method is harmonic signal extraction with instantaneous power p q theorm. This algorithm implemented to harmonic cencellation by active power filter circuit be paralled with the non linier load. This filter generates of current compensation that are injected into the grid to improve power quality. This Filter is built by an inverter circuit that consists of a mosfet switch array and capasitor mounted on DC link side. Two types of loads are resitive inductive and resistive capasitive produce of current source wave form that close pure sinusoid. Simulation results show the THD index fell to the level of 2.7% in accordance with IEEE 519 standard rules which states that the harmonics content of the power system may occur below 4%, indicating that the power system can be categorized as having good quality.
Adrian Fathurohman, R. Wahjoe Witjaksono
Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Volume 1, pp 1-11; https://doi.org/10.25008/bcsee.v1i1.2

The Department of Communication and Information (Diskominfo) of the Bandung City Government is an agency that has the responsibility of carrying out several parts of the Regional Government in the field of communication and informatics. Based on the composition of the regional service organization Bandung City Diskominfo has five fields and two UPTs which are part of the Bandung City Diskominfo. Bandung City Diskominfo in implementing work programs has IT as a supporter of business processes in government agencies. Based on the results of research conducted that IT management in Bandung City Government Diskominfo found several clauses that were still unfulfilled in this Diskominfo impact on the management of government information security institutions that can affect the performance of Bandung City Government. Therefore, there is a need for standardization that needs to be implemented as a guide that examines the direction in safeguarding information or assets that are considered sensitive to an organization. With the existence of these problems pushed to design information security recommendations based on ISO 27001: 2013 standards at Diskominfo. Also makes the design of IT information security systems that are focused on the control of Annex Information Security Policies, Human Resource Security, Operational Security, Communication Security and Asset Management so that business IT processes can run in accordance with the objectives of the organization. The results of this study are expected to help in securing IT information at the Bandung Diskominfo City and can also improve the goals of an organization.
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