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K. E. Thorp, James A. Thorp, Elise M. Thorp, Fntp Bs
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 3, pp 118-158;

In this third part we examine the path not taken: a handful of cheap, widely available, home-based therapies—ozone preconditioning, hydroxychloroquine, and light/vitamin treatment—which, had they been implemented early in the pandemic could have reduced morbidity and mortality by 80% or more.
Tiffany Parotto, James A. Thorp, Brian Hooker, Paul J. Mills, Jill Newman, Leonard Murphy, Warren Geick, Dan McDyer, Raphael B. Stricker, Sue Peters, et al.
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 3, pp 107-117;

The purpose of this study is to report on the unprecedented rise in decidual cast shedding (DCS) that occurred in 2021. DCS is historically a rare gynecological event, with less than 40 cases reported in the medical literature over the last 109 years. Previous journal articles on DCS were usually case studies; population prevalence data is non-existent.
K. E. Thorp, James A. Thorp
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 3, pp 74-106;

In the second part of our trilogy, we begin by examining social policies sponsored by the science community and enacted by policy-makers to curtail the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic. Containment /mitigation strategies such as lockdowns came at great social and economic costs and yet failed to meaningfully impact the spread and evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Evidence suggests the social fallout alone from such strategies exceeded the morbid sequelae of the pandemic itself. We then examine the logic driving the one and only strategy advanced by the science community, i.e., vaccination, to neutralize SARS-CoV-2 and induce herd immunity. Evidence overwhelmingly points in but one direction: the mRNA vaccines were an unqualified failure. They neither halted viral spread nor conferred herd immunity and, in their wake, spawned a laundry list of disabling side effects. We point to a 40-fold increase in adverse event reports compared to trivalent influenza vaccines in the years preceding the pandemic. Medical science must now confront the possibility of yet another mass casualty event which, in all likelihood, will surpass any of the pharmacologically-induced disasters of the 20th century.
Zaibun Nisa, Queen’S Hospital Consultant Histopathologist, Soha El Shiekh, Royal Free Hospital Consultant Histopathologist
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 3, pp 70-73;

Estrogen receptor (ER) positive tumours are more common than ER negative tumours and tend to have a better prognosis. These tumours respond well to endocrine therapy as compared to ER negative tumours, thus avoiding the harmful effects of chemotherapy. Moreover, since ER positive tumours are associated with slow tumour growth and low histology grade, it increases the overall survival.
James A. Thorp, Thomas Renz, Christiane Northrup, Charles Lively, Peter Breggin, Richard Bartlett, Freemont Jd, Ob/gyn Md, Psychiatry Md
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 3, pp 46-69;

The purpose of this study is: first, to review disciplinary threats made to healthcare professionals by their governing bodies in the US; and second, to review medical literature for complications related to the COVID-19 vaccines and data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), particularly those related to pregnant women and women of reproductive age. The authors also aim to bring attention to the populace, healthcare workers, and healthcare administrators that illegal and unconstitutional gag orders have been placed on all healthcare workers in the US, and to alert everyone that no healthcare worker can be trusted since they are under a gag order which renders informed consent null and void. It is our intent to put governing bodies of healthcare workers on notice that they will be held accountable and lay legal groundwork for possible Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) violations, collusion, and fraud. These potential criminal acts, exposed in a court of law, can pierce legal immunity of Big Pharma and others, and pierce any perceived immunity given to hospitals and organizations via the CARES ACT.
K. E. Thorp, James A. Thorp
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 3, pp 15-45;

Two years into the pandemic, with the number of deaths over five million globally and vaccine-resistant variants continuing to multiply, scientists are in the midst of the most dangerous and ill-conceived experiment in the history of medicine. Pinning their hopes on the success of new mRNA-based vaccines that stretch all conventional notions of a vaccine, and which were hastily released without adequate efficacy and safety trials, they seek to take the wind out of the sails of a full-blown pandemic without fully understanding either the means by which individuals develop resistance to the coronavirus or by which herd immunity is attained.
Fatima Ibrahim Abdulsalam,
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 3, pp 01-14;

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) surveys precede an awareness or intervention program, it addresses a felt need in a population in which that need exists. In an endemic region of cutaneous leishmaniasis disease occurrence, public enlightenment on its preventive and control measures is highly important. Ilam province of Iran is a provincial border town transited annually by pilgrims was reported to have the most cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis ranking highest since 2010 yet no report on KAP survey has been previously conducted.
K. E. Thorp, James A. Thorp
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 21-47;

Fundamental to the aether concept is seamless unity, a dynamic continuum of cause and effect, mediated by the opposing conjoined force fields that form the basis of action-at-a-distance and simultaneity. All action and reaction, from the macrocosmic level downward into the subatomic domain, is mediated through interactions between the aether-derived forces of magnetism and dielectricity which, in the end, give rise to space and matter.
K. E. Thorp, James A. Thorp
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 01-20;

In this article, we examine dynamics of the three primary aether modalities in the water-body: first, the magnetic, which takes origin in the cardiovascular system; secondly, the radiant, related to ambient light-fall upon the body from the outside or that generated internally, and flows as organized currents in interstitial water; and the dielectric, which predominates in the intracellular fluid spaces, mediated by ion currents, and is involved in the generation and maintenance of cell structure and molecular energy metabolism.
, Judith D. Bakam, Hassan I. Musa, Idris U. Hambali, Ismaila Shittu, Clement A. Meseko, Dorcas A. Gado, Tony M. Joannis
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 31-39;

Covid-19 pandemic has hit many countries and put the majority of the public health system to test globally. Mandatory use of facemask was among policies set by the government to contain the spread of the novel disease. But citizens’ attitudes and compliance with these policies are important in controlling the pandemic. We assessed gender-based compliance to Covid-19 protocol (use of face mask) in Jos South, Plateau State, Nigeria.
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