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James A. Thorp, K. E. Thorp, Emily K. Lile, John Viglione, Gulf Breeze Consultant
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 1-15; doi:10.46766/thegms.pubheal.21071202

Introduction & Background: In recent months unexpected reports have surfaced claiming the presence of magnetic attraction in the shoulder regions of subjects who had recently received the COVID-19 vaccination. Purpose: To determine if such claims are legitimate or spurious. Methods: A prospective observational study was performed utilizing standard neodymium magnets and non-magnetized paper clips in a rigorously standardized application protocol. Magnets and paper clips were applied over various regions of both deltoid muscles. The attraction score was calculated by adding one point for each pole of the magnet that attached to each arm over the deltoid muscle for a maximum score of 4. Likewise, three sizes of paper clips were tested with a maximum score of 6. The field score was calculated by adding the magnet score to the paper clip score for a maximum score of 10 points
Juan Luis Delgado-Gallegos, Facultad de Medicina Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Aurora de Jesus Garza-Juarez, Zuca G-Buentello, Jose Francisco Islas
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 53-64; doi:10.46766/thegms.nufosci.21062404

Chronic degenerative diseases like obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, fatty liver, have gained high prevalence in the world, due to sedentarism, improper nutritional habits as well as alcohol and tobacco consumption. Studies have shown that regular consumption of breakfast leads to a wide range of benefits, especially for the liver. The liver is a key organ for metabolic homeostasis regulating and governing energy metabolism, mostly providing nutrients for reabsorption. Benefits of a nutrimental quality breakfast seem to help lower body mass index, prevent metabolic diseases, and overall improve quality of life. Unfortunately, these include either high cholesterol or high-sugar foods including cold cuts, bread, eggs, and sugary beverages. Also, much of the population’s work schedule relates to long hours and high-level of stress, therefore malnutrition, and inadequate eating schedules are common.
, Mohammad Saud Khan, Kevin John John, Ajay Kumar Mishra
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 50-52; doi:10.46766/thegms.intmed.21062302

Interest in modulating the immune response beyond glucocorticoids has existed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Recent trials have shown promising results with IL-6 inhibitors such as tocilizumab although similar data on Sarilumab is lacking. In this report, we analyze the current evidence on Sarilumab in hospitalized COVID-19 patients to evaluate its efficacy.
Ahmad Mirza, Imran Gani, Ravi Mallavarapu, Laura Mulloy, Rajan Kapoor, Irfan Saeed
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 46-49; doi:10.46766/

Multi-organ procurement was performed on a 48-year-old donor after the patient was declared brain dead. A standard approach was performed for two dissections of abdominal organs. During the cold phase of dissection, an additional left sided retro-aortic vein was identified. The second vein had separate opening to the inferior vena cava in addition to the normal positioned pre-aortic left renal vein. Both veins were divided close to the origin from the inferior vena cava. During the back table preparation, it was noticed that same volume of preservative fluid was identified to be draining from both veins. Both veins were isolated and anastomosed separately on the 61-year-old recipient. Patient was initiated on anti-platelet therapy and made successful recovery.
Marco Ghezzi, Albignasego (Pd) Poliambulatorio Elysium, Alberto Cescato, Giovanni Bisonni, Edoardo Albertin, Valentina Pecorari, Elio Albertin, Trieste Laboratori Riuniti
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 42-45; doi:10.46766/thegms.virology.21053106

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection is one of the most common sexually transmitted condition in both genders and is responsible for penile, oral, neck and anal cancers in men. However, seminal HPV infection may contribute to the risk of male infertility.
Zhong-Xin Yang Yang,
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 40-41; doi:10.46766/thegms.hepa.21052205

A 78-year-old man presented to our hospital with a 1-year history of abdominal distension and constipation. Except for hypertension, he had no documented medical history. Physical examination was unremarkable. Laboratory examination confirmed no abnormality. Although no clues for abdominal distension were found, esophagogastroduodenoscopy demonstrated a large pedunculated duodenal mass with surface erosions.
James A. Thorp, K. E. Thorp
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 10-39; doi:10.46766/thegms.intmed.21051402

It is said that no discovery is complete until its implications have been fully realized. The identification of a previously unrecognized phenomenon says little of its potential effects. What appears as a stroke of good luck can culminate in disaster; misfortune may harbor unimagined potential. Discovery is a double-edged sword that manifests only over time. Nowhere is this aphorism more applicable than in contemporary medical science.
Saja M Alhabardi, Maha Almoliki, Albatoul Almeshari, Maha Alammari, Riyadh King Abdulaziz Medical City- Central Region
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 8-9; doi:10.46766/thegms.intmed.21051603

Antibiotic drugs are the most frequently prescribed medications among hospitalized patients for life-saving purposes, mainly in immunocompromised patient, like in patient with end stage renal disease on hemodialysis (HD) or those who had documented bacterial infection. Antibiotics disposition and their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics properties are affected in hemodialysis patient which increases the number of antibiotics dosing errors. Several epidemiological studies found that the majority of medication error related to antibiotics occurred during the prescribing phase (30.8%). However, there is missing data about the prevalence of errors in antibiotics dosing in HD patients.
Khadija El Bouhmadi, Myriam Loudghiri, Youssef Oukessou, Sami Rouadi, Redallah Abada, Mohamed Roubal, Mohamed Mahtar
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 1-7; doi:10.46766/thegms.neuro.21051201

Skull base osteomyelitis (SBO), also referred to as malignant otitis externa (MOE) in its typical form, is usually a complication of otitis externa and severe uncommon and life-threatening condition requiring early diagnosis and long-term treatment in order to avoid its neurologic sequelae. We report the case of 69 years old female with a history of uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, who presented refractory and chronic right-sided purulent otorrhea with temporal headaches for 6 months, treated with no improvement by multiple attempts of ambulatory empiric therapy. After the appearance of grade III facial palsy and painful swelling in the right periorbital and zygomatic areas, the patient consulted in our department where a CT scan showed massive cortical and trabecular destruction of the right petrous bone and the mastoid extended to the lateral orbital wall, the zygomatic arch and the greater sphenoid wing realising extensive osteomyelitis of the skull base and the lateral face. The treatment was started immediately based on intravenous broad-spectrum antibiotics. Despite aggressive long-term treatment, the patient passed away, underlying the increased SBO morbidity and mortality secondary to delayed diagnosis.
Ahmad Hormati, Masoudreza Sohrabi
The Gazette of Medical Sciences, Volume 2, pp 55-62; doi:10.46766/thegms.hepa.21041705

COVID-19 is a worldwide public health problem that has attracted much attention due to its clinical and para-clinical findings. In the western Asia, Qom was the first city to report COVID-19 cases on a large scale. We report gastrointestinal (GI) manifestations, as the only primary signs of COVID-19 infection have been reported.
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