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Malreddy Nikitha Rajvir Singh
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 7, pp 48-51;

Yogurt, often known as yoghurt, is one of the most popular fermented dairy products in the world, with a wide range of health advantages in addition to basic nutrition. In general, yogurt is a nutrient-dense food because of its nutritional profile, and it is a high-calcium source that supplies considerable amounts of calcium in bio-available form. Furthermore, it contains milk proteins with a higher biological value as well as nearly all of the essential amino acids required for optimal health. Yogurt is a probiotic carrier food that may transfer large numbers of probiotic bacteria into the body, providing unique health benefits if consumed. These are commonly referred to as "bio-yogurts." Yogurt is also said to help with lactose tolerance, immunological boosting, and the prevention of gastrointestinal problems. Consumer demand for yogurt and yogurt-related products has surged as a result of these well-known health benefits, and it has become the fastest-growing dairy category in the world. Yogurts are currently available in a variety of styles and variations, each with its own fat content, flavor profile, and texture, making them suited for a variety of meal settings and plates as a snack, dessert, sweet or savory dish.
Manoj Dandamudi And P Dhanusha K V Sandeep
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 7, pp 55-60;

Medical image diagnosis by machine decrease the doctor load and increases the efficiency of treatment as well. Many of diagnosis process depends on chemical data and some are depend on digital images. This work focus on brain tumor medical image diagnosis by segmenting the tumor region in the image. For tumor detection neural network was trained by the model. Selected features extract from the image by fish schooling genetic algorithm for training of neural network It was obtained that fish schooling based genetic feature selection has increases the detection accuracy of trained model. Experiment was done on real dataset and results compared with existing techniques of tumor detection from MRI images.
Adeeb Uddin Ahmad Vikas Verma And Shweta Singh Saurabh Kumar
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 7, pp 8-16;

For welfare of environment, world needs to use more and more renewable energy system not only at the level of industrial but also for domestic load system. Due to much installation cost involving in a solar PV cell/panel based system there is a need of better mechanisms to get maximum utilization and benefits from the system with reliable operation, especially in the case of microgeneration power plant to full fill the minimum desired requirements of domestic appliances to achieved reliable operation. Mostly available PV based inverter system having problem of low output voltage generation and THD producing issue, which needs to a requirements of extra circuit to the control THD and boost up the level of output voltage. In this paper, solar PV based closed loop SEPIC converter by PWM technique to maintain a step up constant dc output voltage with no polarity reversal, low ripple in output and minimizing the requirement of additional filter circuit and fed to single phase inverter. This paper has been focused for the overall single phase PV based SEPIC inverter system implementation, performances and simulated on MATLAB/SPS software to provide low losses, 2% minimum THD and reliable operation in compare with single phase PV based Cuk inverter is used for DC-AC conversion system to compatible with domestic load appliances.
Hrishikesh Gokhale Chirag Satapathy
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 7, pp 61-67;

COVID-19 is a global pandemic infecting human life. There are many patients who have recovered from this deadly virus and need to be monitored constantly even when they are at home. IoT plays a vital role in health systems that help to monitor patient’s health conditions. These healthcare frameworks consist of smart sensors to keep a track of patient’s vitals on a real-time basis. These systems will help bridge gaps between the patients and doctors during the pandemic situation. In order to make our system competitive against the already existing devices, we prepared a comprehensive review where we extensively studied other products and compared them to find what's best for the patients.
P. Murugesan P. Damotharan And R. Punniyamoorthy M. Saravanakumar
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 7, pp 23-33;

In the present study, the phytoplankton diversity and distribution was studied in relation seasonal variation of environmental parameters in the Uppanar estuary. Samples were seasonally collected (i.e., pre-monsoon: July-2018 and summer: June-2019) from six stations. A total of 62 phytoplankton species belonging to three classes, 20 orders, 26 families and 36 genera were and among the three phytoplankton taxa, diatoms topped the list with 41 species followed by Dinoflagellates (17 species) and blue green algae (4 species). The maximum number of phytoplankton species (36) and diversity value (H’) 3.976 was recorded in the stations near river mouth (UE-6) during summer and minimum species number (21) and maximum species richness (d) 6.923 was recorded in stations close to industrialr zone (UE-1) during monsoon. The maximum species evenness (J') 0.928 was recorded at stations near river mouth (UE-6). BIO-ENV (Biota-Environmental matching) and CCA results confirmed that the environmental parameters such as Dissolved oxygen, Turbidity, Salinity, Water pH, Chlorophyll, Silicate, TN and TP as best match (ρω = 0.968) in determining phytoplankton distributions. The results of present study helps to develop an understanding on the phytoplankton distribution based on physico-chemical parameters, which will form a reliable tool in bio-monitoring studies.
M.S. Wankhade And M.N. Bokhad
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 7, pp 17-22;

Ethnomedicinal surveys can potentially bring out many different clues for the development of safe, effective and inexpensive indigenous remedies. Present study has been focused on Banjara tribe of Mantha tahesil district Jalana of Maharashtra, India. Banjara tribes in this area have been using number of plants in their traditional medicine. The ethnomedicinal survey brought to light 51 medicinal plants belonging to 32 families distributed in 23 genera used very commonly by this Tribe. The different plant parts like stem, leaves, fruit, flower, bark, root, seed and pod were used by this tribal community. The plants were identified with relevant information and are documented with their botanical name, family, local name, parts used, mode of preparation and uses. Documenting the indigenous knowledge through ethnobotanical studies is important for the conservation and utilization of biological resources and for the wale fare of human being.
Allanki Sanyasi Rao And Kallepelli Srikanth Karthik Kumar Vaigandla
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 7, pp 34-39;

Communications systems concerted over wireless channels depend on the environment. Communications system can be more reliable and efficient by properly analyzing wireless channels. Today's most important features are a high data rate and reliable performance to exploiting viable networks during this new information age. The channel is not time-invariant in wireless communication, so the received signal exhibits amplitude, phase, and angle variations due to multipath fading. Increasing data rates and reducing bandwidth make Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) an important component of wireless communication systems. The OFDM technique uses many carriers very efficiently. With this scheme, interference is robustly reduced, and fading scenarios are easily accommodated. Analyzing digital modulation schemes requires evaluating link performance with fading channels. The paper compares channel performance over varying fading environments using a variety of modulation schemes. We study the BER and SNR properties of the AWGN, Rician fading and Rayleigh fading channels modulated with BPSK, QPSK, and M-ary QAM.
Md.Anwar Syed Simran.K
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 7, pp 1-7;

A high frequency DC-DC converter operating in the MHz range is proposed, which can achieve unbiased load current even while maintaining high performance over a wide range of load voltages. Due to these functions, the provided transformer is suitable for LED driver applications, which require different types of LEDs to operate with controlled current. The proposed transformer satisfies the uncontrolled load current using the LCL-T resonance community and achieves high efficiency using a predetermined switching frequency. The LCL-T resonance transformer also works effectively in controlling its output to the required rating using phase shift control. The overall performance of the LCL-T Echo transducer was evaluated and compared with the LC3L controlled echo transducer. Simulation work is done using the MATLAB / Simulink program.
S.Suryanarayana Raju and Ajay Dilip Kumar Marapatla Dadi Madhu SivaRama Krishna
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 7, pp 40-47;

Data mining is a critical stage in the Knowledge Discovery process acquire from databases (KDD), thus a new approach that’s can joint with online data process of extraction, which serves as data gathering from the global network ( web), and data mining techniques is required.The primary contribution of this study is the proposal of a system for collecting categorical online data on several cloud servers while ensuring data security and integrity for consumers. The algorithms' effectiveness employed inside our technique is illustrated using clustered sections of the data that should be encrypted inside the cloud server combining the three clustering measurements precision, recall, and accuracy. We proposed KeyGen algorithm to maintain data security by using cryptographic concepts with respective ABE (attribute-based encryption) and cypher text policy (cypher text policy) are two types of attribute-based encryption (CP-ABE).
Koti DivyaLaasya and Ramaraju Godasritha Rumila Sitaram Kumar
International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology, Volume 7, pp 52-54;

Adulteration is described as the addition of any substance to food OP in order to alter its natural composition and quality in order to boost its economic worth. Fruit is the fleshy or dry ripening ovary of a flowering plant that carries seed or seeds. As a result, apricots, bananas, grapes, maize grain pods, tomatoes, cucumbers, corns, and almonds (in their shells) are all classified as fruits. In common usage, however, the term refers to ripened ovaries that are tasty and either succulent or pulpy. Dietary fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants are abundant in fruits. Fresh fruits can be kept fresh for longer by refrigerating them or removing oxygen from their storage or packaging. Dehydrated fruits can be made into juices, jams, and jellies
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